While I was pregnant with the twins, my sister started going to a gym that our 😉 her sister in law had become obsessed with and begged her to come try. Shortly thereafter, my sister ALSO became obsessed and was willingly waking up at 5 am to workout (gasp!). I remember thinking that there had to be something in the water at this gym, but at that time, hoisting myself out of bed to pee every hour on the hour (I mean literally winding up and rolling my body up from a horizontal position to a vertical position) during the night was just about as much physical activity that this very pregnant body could handle… so I didn’t think too much into it.

Fast forward to the fall when I had my head on a few degrees straighter and sleep was a bit more consistent in our house and I was ready to attempt to get back on the exercise bandwagon. The girls convinced me to come to a Saturday morning spin class and let’s be perfectly honest – I was terrified. I felt so out of shape and not myself and the excuses seemed so much easier to hide behind than pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. They assured me that this was the place for me to break back onto the scene and spoiler alert: they were right! It’s hard to explain what makes Thomas Moreland Fitness unique, but the way I describe it to outsiders is a place that offers a rigorous, high energy workout in a completely non-judgmental, incredibly supportive environment. Melanie, who owns it, has created something very special. The community TMF provides is the best and the women I have met are total badasses, both inside and outside of the gym… which brings me to the true purpose of this post!!!

One of the lovely ladies I met at the gym, Helen, owns her own clothing boutique called Thomas & Kammar. Her goal is to provide customers with high end boutique pieces at a reasonable price. She ships worldwide and in person in Baltimore by appointment. You can find her Facebook page with inventory here. 

Helen dropped off a box of clothes for me to try and review. She is for SURE in the right industry because all of her selections fit perfectly and were super cute. She loves acting as a personal shopper/stylist and is happy to help give customers ideas and direction.

Here are my favorites and some thoughts on each! Check out T&K’s Facebook page for order info/questions for Helen! Thank you Helen! 

BLACK ROMPER. Softest material – SO comfortable. Perfect for daytime or traveling. AND with the neckline you could definitely dress up with wedges!

TWIST BACK LONG TANK – Super soft, easy and comfortable. I love a longer length and this one gives you that coverage. Could do white jeans or workout pants for errands. This watermelon color is so fun!

LEGGINGS WITH CALF DETAIL. Leggings with calf crisscross detail are amazing. High waist to pull you in and still that 7/8 length. I am 5’7, so these might be full length on someone shorter.

ORANGE STATEMENT EARRINGS – Throw these on for an Orioles game and you are set! Super light weight which is key for me because my earlobes have seen better days. 

WHITE TANK – I kept this one and wore it on Friday night for happy hour with our friends and our kids. The fitted band around the bottom makes it flattering but its loose and forgiving through the body.

ENVELOPE CLUTCH WITH TASSEL – High quality material and feels very durable with plenty of room! Another Os accessory!

FLORAL SHIFT DRESS. This material is ideal for summer. It’s that sturdy but stretchy material. Super flattering. This would be so easy to throw on for work or a graduation party.


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