Winter is here to stay and we would hate for the little ones in our lives to be uncomfortable in the cold! I am sharing a few of our favorite toddler winter essentials for your own kids and/or gifts for the mini humans you know and love! CLICK ANY PINK WRITING for links! As always, thank you for following along and do not hesitate to reach out with questions/shares/comments!!!

WIDGEON COAT. You have probably seen and/or heard of these cute and functional heavy fleece winter jacket but more than a few of moms have asked me about Max and Maeve’s coats (blue Widgeon for Max and Pink for Maeve) so felt the need to share the intel for those who are still in the dark. What do I like? The velcro fasteners are a GAME-CHANGER. Putting a coat on my children is an uphill battle, so it is key to be able to pop in the arms, pull the front closed, slap the Velcro together on the shoulder area and BOOM! FINISHED! Snaps and Zippers add more steps than necessary! Additionally, the weight of the jacket is warm and cozy without being a huge puffer that essentially eats a toddler up in bulk. It has a nice oversized HOOD for the stubborn littles who refuse a hat but might not notice a looser, pulled up hood as much. And they are just SO adorable and come in a variety of colors. Fancy moms throw a monogram on the center for the cherry on top touch! They run VERY LARGE – Maeve is 20 months and the 12 months fits her perfectly. You can roll the sleeves and let them grow into it so it lasts for more than a season, but be aware of sizing gap! 

NURSERY SPACE HEATER – If your gut reaction to reading the words “space heater” is DANGER, I get it. I felt the same way. However, this time last year I was keeping myself awake on freezing cold nights wondering if the twins were shivering in their cribs since they couldn’t have blankets (choking hazard). My girlfriend/childrens’ product guru, Marianne, suggested a Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater as she had recently bought one to address the same issues with her littles! Here is the product description from the site: The Tempa is like no other heater – built with the needs of parents and baby in mind. Tempa provides gentle yet effective vortex heat circulation that maintains a comfortable temperature. Effective heat circulation means the heater can be placed anywhere in the room and still keep baby comfortable. Two fan settings – “continuous” provides air constant circulation, while “auto” only runs the fan when actively warming the room. Safety is essential in the nursery, so Tempa has been designed to stay cool to the touch. Tempa has concealed cord management built right into the base with a stretchable cover that keeps the cord out of harm’s way and securely grips to the floor. Its unique tamper resistant controls keep children from turning Tempa on without parents’ knowledge and turns off automatically if tipped over. The smooth exterior features no sharp edges, no pinch points and an extra stable base.

WIRELESS THERMOMETER – Along that same nursery temperature wavelength… DO NOT BELIEVE THE TEMPERATURE THAT A BABY MONITOR DISPLAYS!!! The anxiety ridden text messages my friends and I have sent to each other the first few nights our babies have been in their cribs are almost comical to look back on. In the dead of summer/winter, do not be alarmed if your monitor registers a very warm or very cool temperature – as it is NOT always accurate. I love this little gadget to help give parents an accurate temperature reading in a child’s room. You can mount it near your child’s crib/bed or just place on a changing table/dresser, download the app on your phone (very easy instructions), and then you can check in on the actual temperature in the room without going in to feel it and risk waking a sleeping angel!

HATS – A cute winter hat serves both fashion and function! Last year I snagged these for all three kids at the recommendation of another amazing mama who has the same dynamic (toddler + twins) and had them on her cute kiddos! They held up great and still fit this year. This link takes you to a variety of colors and your choice between the “fur” or “wool” pom pom! Enjoy!


by Kitty Mills

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