Cooler, more hip fashionistas jumped on this bandwagon many moons ago, but I am officially 6 months into my Rent The Runway Unlimited subscription and can definitely put it in the win column! I am the worst in that I hate to spend more than $40 to $50 dollars on a single item of clothing mainly because I will resist repeating the same thing in a short time span even if it was pricey. ENTER: my RTR Unlimited Subscription to save the day. 

How it works: You pay $179/month for access to four pieces from RTR at a time. They carry all items of clothing in all different degrees of formality – you can rent jeans, formal gowns, winter coats, tops, etc! They also have an amazing variety of jewelry and bags. You can keep each piece for as long as you would like, but you can’t order anything beyond the four pieces until you return at least one of them. Sometimes I return one piece and keep the others, and other times I return all four at once – it just depends! The items come in a dark blue fabric garment bag that has an already printed and paid for return shipping label. When you are ready to send something back, you place the item back into the garment bag, swap in the return label, and drop it off at a UPS shipping site. Once RTR has tracked the pick-up, one of your “slots” opens up and you can order something new. I believe shipping time varies depending on where you live, but for Baltimore the items arrive two days after you order. 

Added this to my shipment for a wedding in Charleston

Examples of How I Use It: 

I used Rent The Runway a few times before I started the Unlimited Plan for formal events because I sadly do not own very many formal dresses and the price tags on those are steep! It has been awesome to be able to order a few different options without the individual price point on a standard rental adding up! 

I also loved it for travel to warmer places during the winter! It was fun to add a few new options to pack for those trips and occasions! 

This dress was one of my fave rentals of all!

One of the biggest payoffs for me was in the form of winter jackets! When I am out showing multiple houses I get in and out of the car several times and am just briefly popping indoors, so I rarely take off my coat. I rented two different high end coats that I wore with a pair of pants and a big pair of earrings and my work wardrobe was complete! No one needed to know that I had on something boring underneath. I definitely received the most compliments and “where is that from?” in regards to the jackets! 

Brides-to-be: This is an awesome option for events that you want to wear something fancy and white to! I have so many white pieces that have been collecting dust after I wore them for that one shower/party. One of my BFFs who is getting married in May also uses RTR Unlimited and has loved it for her engagement season! 

Naturally, not everything that I order looks great on me AND I did have one item come without a belt that was supposed to be included, but that has accounted for probably 4/40 pieces. 

In conclusion, RTR Unlimited is a beautiful service that allows me to keep several high quality pieces in my closet at one time for a fraction of the price you would be paying for retail. Sign up! 

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