If you follow me on Instagram, you likely know that I figuratively and literally hopped on the Peloton bandwagon in August. We had been thinking about buying one for a little while for the following reasons: 1. We both enjoy “biking” – Miller is more of an outdoor cyclist (legit has gone on trips with Trek travel to do parts of the Tour de France course and cheer on the professionals competing in the Tour. Also might be the only human I know who DVRs and WATCHES the Tour de France #SNOOZEFEST)… and I am more of a fun music, upbeat spin class attendee. 2. We are busy and Miller travels a good bit, so getting to the gym is not always in the cards. 3. Part of the ALL IN lifestyle is incorporating 60 minutes of cardio a day into your lifestyle, and I was realizing that having a Peloton would help me check that box on tricker days! 4. I am admittedly VERY impressionable and if you have seen the branding and marketing coming from these people… YOU GET IT. Hats off to the branding and marketing teams at Peloton – hook, line and SUNK Kitty Mills.

I did a poll of my virtual friends on Instagram to see what the consensus was re: purchasing a Peloton and the results overwhelming showed that almost everyone who has the bike, LOVES IT. A few people mentioned that they liked it but did not share the same passion/love for a class on the Peloton as they do for an in studio class with an awesome instructor. I also got a few responses where people explained that they don’t have the actual Peloton bike, but they have a subscription on the Peloton Digital App and take the Peloton specific classes on their phone or tablet on a regular spin bike at their house/gym/hotel when traveling — which is a GREAT option. The Peloton app is seriously AWESOME and in my opinion, what keeps users coming back for more. The downside of using the app on a different bike is that the target metrics (resistance, output and cadence (speed)) will not be listed on the screen, but you can easily gauge those things from what the instructor is saying/doing.

SO, the abridged version of my answer when someone asks me if I think the Peloton is worth it is YES!!!! If you are committed to exercising, the Peloton is SUCH a great tool to have within the four walls of your home. It’s a SOLID machine with incredible technology and an empowering community of instructors and users.

And now for the unabridged version for those of you who like hearing all of the details 🙂

You order the bike online and the company reaches out to schedule delivery. The delivery process was seamless. The guys brought it in, put it together in probably 10 minutes, and then set up the large tablet/screen and walked us through setting up our profiles, connecting to the internet, adjusting the bike to the correct settings for our needs, etc. I don’t think it could be more straight-forward or easy!

Once the bike is delivered and set up, the world is your oyster! I think a key misconception a lot of people have is that you have to take a live class so your class times/lengths are limited. This is FAKE NEWS!!! The “On-Demand” library of classes on the Peloton Digital App is OUTRAGEOUSLY AMAZING!!!! It is SUPER user-friendly and gives you all. of. the. FILTERING. OPTIONS. If you too tend to be a relatively demanding human with specific needs and enjoy personalizing everything from your coffee to your dinner at a restaurant, this is for YOU. I LOVE how easy it is for me to be particular about the workout I am looking for… you can filter by…

  1. CLASS LENGTH – 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins and more!
  2. TYPE OF WORKOUT – Peloton Digital is NOT just for spinning! The app offers treadmill workouts, outdoor audio runs, strength, yoga, meditation, stretching, bootcamp, walking and cardio. There is something for EVERYONE.
  3. DIFFICULTY LEVEL – The app allows you to filter your search based on the level of intensity you are looking for! Options here include intervals, low impact, high impact, beginner, professional, heart rate zone, and more.
  4. MUSIC GENRE – This might be my favorite filtering option. Not only can you decide if you want hip hop, pop, rock, electronic, country, etc, but you can see the entire playlist for the class before you decide to take it. Is it Sunday night and you want to get out some pent up Sunday Scary energy? Check out Ally Love’s “Sundays with Love” class that has a positive, spiritual undertone and gets your mind and body right at the same time. Or is it a Tuesday morning at 5 am and you are looking to WAKE UP and get MOVING? Alex Touissant brings the noise with his “Club Bangers” workout. In need of a Wednesday night pick me up? Cody Rigsby has the BEST playlists and perfectly syncs the ride with the beat of the music. He is also hysterical. Which brings me to another filtering option…
  5. INSTRUCTOR – I just counted and there are currently 21 different instructors to choose from. Most users have a few favorites who they take religiously, but others mix it up regularly. These instructors are practically celebrities in the Peloton community and for good reason!! They are inspiring, challenging, helpful… the list goes on and on.

To my earlier point about the live classes, those are an option to! Maybe you find it motivating to take a class in real time and pay close attention to the leaderboard… or you need a hard START TIME to get on the bike and get moving… the live classes are a great option. The instructors also call out users live riding during a milestone ride etc. You can also choose to do a scenic ride and determine how fast/hard you want to push on your own.

The technology that a Peloton offers is another key feature that contributes to why I believe it is worth the investment. Your screen displays three numbers: cadence – the speed that the pedals are moving, resistance – how hard you have to push to move the pedals so think of creating a flat road vs. a steep hill, and output – the combination of the two and overall metric for how hard you are working. The instructor will call out where these numbers should be throughout the workout and the screen will display them once the class is added to the On Demand library (the live rides don’t have them on the screen in real time but you just listen to the instructor). I love the data and the numbers really help you hold yourself accountable to working as hard as the class intends.

What would I change? Can someone please share ways for my over active sweat glands to SLOW THE HECK DOWN!! We all know I am a sweaty human, but I think the combo between being in a basement with little air movement and then the difficulty of the classes, I am soaking-sopping wet with sweat by the end of the workout. Wait… thats the point… BUT I have as much hair on my head as I do sweat in my body and washing and drying and styling it daily is NOT in the cards over here. So, I guess what I am trying to say is expect to SWEAT! 🙂 And then the only other thing – clipping out of the pedals on the bike is super tight. The guys who installed told me that obviously since the bike has not been used, the shoes and pedals are very secure – which is ideal – but makes clipping out a tiny bit challenging. Literally the SMALLEST thing but I am trying to be fully transparent on ALL of my thoughts.

It will not force you to get on it and use it, but if you can commit to that piece, I say GO FOR IT! OF COURSE reach out if you have any questions or follow up curiosities. CHEERS!!!

by Kitty Mills

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