Just a quick pop in to share… you guessed it… another Amazon win! Before I get to it, I wanted to share two things…

#1. If you like the items I post, it would be INCREDIBLE if you could click on them through my posts and shop them through my site! I need thousands more followers and lots more action on the blog before I can be anywhere close to legit, so any traffic to my site/follows on Instagram will help me get to the next level! THANK YOU SO MUCH! TRULY! I am having so much fun with this project.

#2. AMAZON RETURNS. Listen up!!! Like it or not, we all know that not every roll of the dice we take on an incredibly priced piece of cute (looking) clothing turns out the way we expected! I found the process of printing a label, buying a shipping envelope and taking it to the UPS store to be a thorn in my SIDE. I usually would end up giving the fails (too short, too tight, not my style, etc) to a friend or to Goodwill. WELL MY FRIENDS, the tide has turned and Amazon has stepped UP their return game. Now you grab the item you want to return, waltz into a UPS store, tell the employee you want to return an item to Amazon, pull up the item on your phone, they scan it and take it and you are D O N E. Its so much better.

NOW TO THE GOOD STUFF!!! I ordered this dress in mid-June and it arrived first few days of July (honestly wondering which corner of the world it made its way here from…) BUT it was well worth the wait. I wore it today for the first time and the compliments from my colleagues were flowing! It is all of the things I know and love: comfortable, loose, girly, bright, flowy (not a word), easy and FUN. It comes in a few other patterns, and I am ordering the yellow tonight. I was joking with my boss that you are getting an adorable dress for the price of a Chipotle Burrito Bowl + guac! Order this bad boy now! OH and I wore the white flower studs from my last #kitandkaboodle to complete the look 🙂 Shout out to my professional photog, Alex Miller, for snapping some pics after dinner of Nolan and I living his best life waving to cars LOL!

I have a few fun items arriving soon that I will add and review ASAP! CHEERS!

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