My BFF Katie has always been in the know about the must have beauty items and products. We lived together in our sorority house (Pi Pi ADPi!!!) for two years and she was the resident glam squad. I can’t count the number of times I plopped onto her bed in my towel dress wrap (sooo #college) and closed my eyes as to imply, “I’m ready for you to do my makeup!”. Somehow we are still friends LOL!

Now we (sadly) live 100s of miles away from one another, but she was in DC for work so I went down for a legit SLEEPOVER/throwback to those nights in the Pi House (think: face masks, non-stop chatting, laughing and room service in bed in our robes).

I forced her let me film her talking about one of her newer tricks for refreshing her hair when she is traveling for work. She is the cutest and I wish she lived in Baltimore so I could make this a weekly occurrence!

The video tutorial is on my IGTV (@kittymills) but here are the basic steps…

1. Roll small sections of the hair around the crown of your head up into your rollers.

2. Continue getting ready and doing your thaaaang!

3. Slowly remove.

4. Hit your hair with some texturizing spray and TA-DA!!! Bouncy, voluptuous hair with minimal effort and time!

Enjoy!!! CHEERS!!!

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