Shout out to Samantha Lane for this find – check out her instagram for other amazing finds!!!

Does anyone else feel like there are two speeds for kids pajamas? You can either go for the bargain, cheaper material with a cheesy saying slapped across the front (P.S. totally not judging – these account for 90% of our pajama collection ;)) OR you can break the bank and spend an obscene amount on something pima/organic/grass fed/certified/eco-friendly that feels like a slice of heaven but makes you want to cry looking at the price tag.

The in-between is a very narrow margin, but its a place where I hunt for sleepwear for the little ones. ENTER these precious pajamas that our team’s interior designer sent my way and I immediately ordered in white for Nolan, pink for Maeve and blue for Max. We got them a few months ago so opted for the short sleeve/short set, but they are also available in the long sleeve/pant option! They run a bit bigger than true to size, but I always order pajamas big anyways so that we get more wear out of them and can grow into them!

They are great quality and look WAY more expensive than the less than the $20 you will spend to own them! They have a linen look, but they are 100% cotton (dual cloth gauze), making them soft, breathable and comfy-cozy (as we say in our house!). And they have held up great through multiple laundry cycles. SUCH a good find! I hope you and your little ones love them as much as we do. OH and if anyone can find something similar for women at this great of a price, send my way and I will buy us BOTH a pair 🙂 CHEERS!!!

Link to PJs here for those who are in rush 🙂

by Kitty Mills

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