I know the faux french pronunciation of Target (“tar-jay”) was originally used as a way to poke fun at the store’s self-proclaimed identity as a step above other big box stores, but it turns out that the fancy spin must have been a self-fulfilling prophecy because almost anyone who can walk out of there spending less than $100 is practically a wizard in my eyes. If you love a solid Target run as much as I do, enjoy this Kit & Kaboodle that is filled with my latest and greatest finds.

Yellow Crewneck Tiered Midi Dress

On Sale for $29

I spotted this on the rack when I ran in to buy a gift for a friend’s daughter’s birthday and threw it in my basket to try on once I got home. The vibrant color is what caught my eye, and as evidenced by previous posts, I am a sucker for a midi dress 🙂 This is a 10/10. Comfortable, cute, versatile, high quality and #pockets. Tons of compliments and I have already worn it twice and lent it to a girlfriend who loved it too!

Toddler Girls’ Aqua Sock Water Shoes


How precious are these?! I hate the thought of those little piggies getting too hot on the pool deck or outside, and here is my answer to that worry. Tempted to order a few sizes up for next summer too!

Toddler Boys’ Blue Sandals


Boy/Girl twin mom coordination on these as the male counterpart of the pink water shoes above. Adjustable for any other moms of wide foot babes!

Black Ruffled One Piece


I bought this last summer and I clearly was not alone because it looks like Target brought it back for round two! This is very flattering and would look good on any body type. Meets my criteria of feeling thick enough to pull you in and make you feel as secure as you can in a bathing suit. I wore it on this gorgeous bride’s bachelorette in West Palm Beach a few months ago 🙂

Pixi Tinted Shea Butter Lip Balm


Another beautiful BFF gave me one of these a few years ago (she is always the first to know about the must have beauty products) and I have become a loyal user ever since. Imagine a Cocoa Butter Chapstick with color. Works great for day, night and everything in-between.

Leopard Print Sleeveless Top


My favorite purchases are those that I can wear for work and for fun and this top fits the bill! Throw on with a blazer, black pixie pants and flats for work and then pair with white jeans and sandals on the weekend. Leopard print lover since ’99.

Lobster Drop Earrings


Summertime statement earrings alert! How much fun are these?! And for less than $15?! Yes, please!

Scalloped Hoop Earrings


These come in tortoise, ivory and blush pink and is it a problem that I want all three?! Lightweight hoops are my go to and IMO you can never have too many pairs of earrings.

Patterned High Waisted Workout Pants


These are currently in my cart and I plan to pull the trigger if/when they go on sale. High waisted is critical and throw in a cute pattern and some pockets and you have my attention.

Coffee Table with X Base

On Sale $150

Another item that is currently residing in my online cart is this coffee table from the Saracina Home line. While I like the sleek, modern style, I LOVE a circular option to avoid the heart palpitations caused by life with a sharp-edged coffee table and clumsy, wild toddler heads bopping around. Its only a matter of time until I decide I can’t handle the stress that is our living room coffee table and pull the trigger on this one! Stay tuned!

And that does it! ANY and ALL feedback is appreciated more than you can imagine, so send it my way! Happy shopping!

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