I’ll take the last Kit and Kaboodle of my May finds and raise you one… a Kit and Kaboodle filled with my friends’ finds! I appreciate the feedback and messages about what you ordered, liked, disliked, want to see, etc more than you know. I LOVED the messages that people sent with other amazing Amazon finds (personal opinion: NOT a coincidence that amazing and Amazon are only two letters apart ;)) and as they came in I decided to throw them together for a FRIEND FINDS Kit & Kaboodles edition. Thank you Megan, Marianne, Meghan and Amy for your contributions – and keep the suggestions/tips/finds coming my way and I promise to share! CHEERS!

Pom Pom Cover Up

Embarrassed (but not enough to refrain from telling you) to say that I realize now that I too own this in the light blue color. Super comfortable and the length is perfect. Meghan wore in Charleston and it looked fab!

Girls Parrot Striped Dress

Mini Boden quality and look for 1/3 of the price.This one comes in a variety of prints – I have my eye on the flamingos and just bought this for a friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday! Megan for the win!

Educated: A Memoir

Get ready for a Kit and Kaboodle Summer Reads Edition – but Megan told me that this one couldn’t wait! I have slacking in the reading for pleasure department because I can barely keep my eyes open at night, but thinking this one might keep my attention.

Grandma’s Secret Stain Remover Spray

Sorry Grandma, but Marianne blew up your spot and the “secret” is out! If you/your children love a Chick-Fil-A dipping sauce as much as we do, keep this on hand for the aftermath. I am the opposite of domesticated so thank you Mar for sharing your laundry wisdom.

Navy Native “Sneakers” 

Someone told me about these last summer (cannot remember who!) but Nolan wore them everyday and I need to get him a new pair in his size. Great hybrid between a Croc/slip on Native and a tennis shoe. The Native slip ons have been giving Nolan (sweaty feet) little blisters but I hate doing socks and tennis shoes in the warm weather. PROBLEM SOLVED with these shoes – breathable, no socks necessary, rubber sole and sturdy for running.

White Kaftan Ethnic Print Cover Up 

Already purchased this one and it will be arriving on Monday (thank God Miller doesn’t read this… I don’t think LOL). Amy texted me the link and said, “Just got this in the mail today from Amazon!! SOOO CUTE. Might want to add it to a future purchase and/or blog post! Amazon shopping is a serious problem!” Our husbands commiserate about the number of packages that pop up but how can they be mad?!?!

Fun Print Bohemian Midi Dress

When two of your girlfriends own and love a dress, its a no brainer. Megan sent my way and I instantly recognized it from my friend Kaitlin’s wardrobe! Easy and comfortable to throw on and can easily be dressed up or kept casual depending on the occasion. Tons of other fun prints to choose from πŸ™‚


Another find that has been recommended by two different friends in the last week! Lumify eyedrops take away the redness in the whites of your eyes, restoring the bright white color. Full disclosure: I have done very little research as to how these work, but a friend told me to try them at a wedding last weekend and my husband commented on the difference. Feel free to do your research and order if you please!

Tie Back Jump Suit

Jumpsuits/rompers recs are going to have to come from friends because the style and my body type do not play well together. THANK YOU Marianne for sending this one along. I have seen it on her and it is just as cute as it looks in the pictures. Jealous!

PJ Set

Inspired by the adorable PJs I received as a bridesmaid gift last weekend, check out this popular pajama set that you can live in this summer. The reviews look great and the short sleeve top is perfect for this time of year.

ENJOY!!! And I would LOVE if you have a sec and commented on this Instagram post (@kittymills) if you ordered or have more finds to share. CHEERS!!!

by Kitty Mills

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