Raise your hand if life has felt increasingly busy and you might still need to purchase your favorite Dad a little something before Sunday? (Insert Girl with Hand-Raised Emoji here!!!!)

I am here to help! Trusty AmazonPrime to the rescue with my picks on this Father’s Day edition of a Kit & Kaboodle leaving you time to spare/wrap! See below, and as always, let me know what you think!

Boom Touch Speaker

Whether that special guy operates under the “less is more” mentality OR is just a little bit technologically challenged, the Boom Touch Speaker is a must have! NO wifi/bluetooth/charger/wires are included because YOU DON’T NEED THEM! You lay a phone down on top of the speaker (as pictured) and whatever is playing on your phone instantly begins to boom through the speaker! BoomTouch is powered by 3 AA batteries so you can take it on the go without the stress of a charger/dock/connectivity. Loud and clear sound has never been simpler!

Oakley’s Sunglasses Dupe

These are the PERFECT gift for Dads of babies and/or toddlers who have an awesome habit of breaking expensive sunglasses. They look great and get the job done without the anxiety of an expensive pair of sunglasses getting lost or broken.

Darth Vader and Son Book

Any Star Wars nerds lovers who might like to read a funny book about Darth Vader and his son with the kiddos? Coming right up!

Bold Print Swim Trunks

Skip the price tag on a Vineyard Vines bathing suit and grab one of the 39 prints to help showcase that #DadBod πŸ˜‰ I ordered the bathing suit (Banada Leaves & Pink) featured here for Miller and can’t wait to get it! These are designed as a slim fit, so size up if the Dad you have in mind won’t be wearing these with the “SKY’S OUT, THIGHS OUT” graphic tank!

Cute Summer Hat

Incase your guy is a hat guy, this one caught my eye! It has enough going on to make it noticeable while still playing it cool. We love a fresh hat in our house.

CHUBBIES “Hawaiian” Shirt Dupe

LESS than half the price of the beloved Chubbies “party shirt” as we like to call them, this fun #SSBD (Short Sleeve Button Down) will steal the show. Six different patterns available. Pina Colada is the featured pattern and my personal favorite, with Island Breeze coming in at a close second place.


by Kitty Mills

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