Tis the season for my fave sport of the year: FOOTBALL!!! As the daughter of a diehard Redskins fan, Sundays from September-February meant three letters: NFL. My Dad is a Villanova alum, so we missed the hype over College Football growing up (basketball was a different story), but once I arrived in Charleston, South Carolina for college, I quickly realized that Saturday football games > Sunday football games for most of my new friends. CofC does not have a football team, but I went to many games when visiting Miller at Virginia Tech or my girlfriends at USC/Virginia/Vanderbilt. I should also mention that my sister attended that special college in South Bend, Indiana and is a die hard Fighting Irish fan ☘️.

Much to my dads chagrin, once the Ravens came to town, we became loyal fans and haven’t looked back since. My in-laws have season tickets and have been tailgating in the same spot since the first games of Ravens’ franchise history. It’s a family affair for the Millers and the friends and family who are loyal attendees of our tailgate. I don’t make it to every home game anymore between work responsibilities and not wanting to miss the entire day with the kids, but I am grateful to attend as often as I can AND clearly “needed” to spruce up my tailgate/game attire by way of Amazon.com.

SO I am sharing my most recent “tailgate inspired” Amazon purchases for my fellow football fans!

1. ColorfulKoala Leggings: The color options make these a perfect staple for any fan’s Saturday/Sunday wardrobe! I have the plum color and plan to wear them next week when we play the Browns with an easy white top! You can pick from blue, green, red and more! I literally can’t stop talking about/wearing these pants. I promise you will love!

2. Waterproof Lightweight Jacket: Weather during football season is tricky. The first few games in Baltimore are pretty toasty, especially since our seats are on the “sunny side” of the stadium. The next few games are the sweet spot: jeans and a light jacket! And the last few games are a toss-up and you have to be ready for an unseasonably warm day and/or a blizzard! This jacket will be a GO TO for those Sundays in the sweet spot! Fave features: waterproof/windproof material, perfect length for leggings AND to cover your butt on a wet/chilly stadium seat, and the large, secure pockets for odds and ends! The quality on this exact one is AWESOME. I also ordered a purple option that my Ravens Nation might like – see that one HERE.

3. Stadium Compliant Cross-Body Bag: I have been dragging my feet on purchasing a clear bag that is allowed inside the stadium because I normally have pockets and make do! Last week I wore leggings and a tank aka no pockets and I was wishing I had a bag that I could take inside the game! I did some digging and found this super cute option! It just came and I am very impressed by the quality of the bag/zipper/chain! Can’t wait to use this. Mine is the “GILT” color, which is like a metallic/gold and is definitely universal.

4. Hair Bow: Can’t stop, won’t stop on the hair accessory train. I wore my black faux-knot headband to the first home game and will pop this bow in my hair next weekend!!

5. The Bear Claw: Keeping it real with you… there is a mandatory group beer shotgun at all of our tailgates and 10 times out of 10, I am leading it. The opportunity to bring everyone together for a group activity and a collective CHEERS to the RAVENS is magical! The younger, cooler kids that we work with told us about this “shotgunning tool” that makes creating the drinking hole at the end of the beer can MUCH easier and safer. We ordered two for the home opener and they were A HIT! Highly recommend. 😉

6. White Low-Top Sneakers: These look a lot like Converse sneakers but at 1/3 of the price! I snagged a pair of Converse sneakers at TJMaxx in the spring, but have these in my cart for when those have run their course and I am ready for something new and fresh!

More to come throughout the season! GO RAVENS!!! CHEERS!!!

by Kitty Mills

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