Remember Katie from my first IGTV video where I peer pressured her into creating a tutorial about her hotel hair hack (velcro curlers FTW!)?! Well, lucky for you, she is back on the blog and sharing the nitty gritty about GLAMPING (noun; a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. glamour + camping = GLAMPING). Without further ado… enjoy!!!

I consider myself outdoorsy in that I like having a cocktail on a boat or a covered patio with a large fan. So, when I married a man who LOVES the outdoors, I spent a few years pretending to be cooler than I actually am (that’s a story for another time, but imagine sleeping in a tent at 10,000 ft altitude with snow on the ground). Ohh the things we do for love. 

Fast forward 8 years, and here we are again, but with rings on our fingers and a lot less *ucks to give about impressing my husband with my coolness factor.

This past year, we were invited to two weddings out West – one in San Diego, and the other the small town of Ennis, Montana, back-to-back weekends. Since we live in Ohio, we decided we would be going to both or to neither. After consideration, we realized: when else would we have this kind of opportunity to see a state (or three – fun fact) that we’ve never seen before?! We made the decision to book our trip to Bozeman and Yellowstone National Park and never looked back! One small catch: if I was going to be asleep in wilderness, it wouldn’t be in a rickety tent from Dick’s Sporting Goods – it would be a “glamping” version with running water and my own toilet. After some research, I discovered Under Canvas and we booked our trip! 

We spent Monday evening in Bozeman, and headed out on Tuesday morning around 6:30am and arrived to Yellowstone’s Northeast entrance by 8am after making two quick stops along the way. The fee for the week is $37 (not bad when you think about all you will experience!) and you can pay with cash or card.

One of the recommendations from a friend was to ask these two questions at the gate: Any bear sightings? AND Is there any road construction we should avoid? The Park Rangers are a wealth of knowledge and WANT to help and share with you, so take advantage of it! I would love to act like an expert on Yellowstone and give you the full breakdown of what to do once you’re in the park, but truthfully, you can’t go wrong. We focused the first day on hot springs and geysers (signs everywhere – you can’t miss them!!) and ended the day with Old Faithful. It’s a national treasure – you must see it. The entire time as we were driving through the park, my husband and I kept saying, “this feels like a different planet  – or at LEAST a different country!” Those rolling hills, waterfalls, ice-capped mountains, open pastures, hot springs, geysers, white water rapids, and everything else you can see, are a FAR cry from Columbus! 

After driving through the park we left to head to West Yellowstone to our accommodations. Below are the pros and cons of our stay at Under Canvas: 

PRO: 7 minutes from the West entrance to Yellowstone Park and downtown West Yellowstone

CON: The resort was under construction and we literally thought we were pulling into the Fyre Festival. (This construction should be complete by now – July 2019.) The construction also meant a lot of standing water, which meant a lot of mosquitos. This was horrible and almost made sitting outside unbearable in dusk/evening. Who knew mosquitos could live at that altitude?!

PRO: A King SIZE BED while “camping” – hello?

CON: If you go before the middle of June, temps can get into the low 20s and even teens at night. Make sure you come prepared!

PRO: Each tent is equipped with a wood-burning oven contraption to heat it (see above). 

CON: Someone (not me…) has to wake up every few hours to put wood back in the oven. 

PRO: Heated water/shower, a toilet, and a sink, within 2 feet of you. These modern day amenities are truly just not worth sacrificing while you’re schlepping around in wilderness. 

CON: When booking reservations, make sure you are booking THROUGH YOUR LOCATION. Under Canvas is corporately-owned and they messed up two of our reservations (white water rafting & zip lining – which we were really pumped about!) ** They were very apologetic at our location and paid the deposit fee to make up for it – major kudos to them!

PRO: The resort offered private massages in your tent and a massage therapist drove down from Bozeman for us – so so cool! 

PRO: SILENCE in the evenings. Truly magical. One night we even heard wolves! 

In all, I would 100% go the glamping route again. Yellowstone, and Montana in general, are absolutely breathtaking and the ability to get a good nights’ sleep in a private room with a King-size bed and the desired modern amenities, was truly the way to go. Next time, though, I’ll make sure the location isn’t under construction 🙂 

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