It’s no secret that the general population willingly purchases Apple’s latest and greatest product without necessarily knowing how useful it will actually be for their personal lifestyle and preferences. I am absolutely a part of that population, as evidenced by my decision to ask for an Apple Watch for Christmas two years ago. As time has passed, I have come to appreciate this piece of technology more than I imagined I would. Here are FOUR reasons why I love my AppleWatch

#1. CLASSY DIGITAL TIME TELLING: Much to the chagrin of my mom and husband, I am slightly slow on the uptake when looking at a clock face with watch hands. I can of course tell time (we all remember that blue/red/yellow manual clock that our kindergarten teacher used to teach us how to tell time), BUT it takes me a second to process what I am seeing. The AppleWatch allows me to select a watch face with the time in digital numbers instead of a clock face (incase you are unfamiliar, you download the Apple Watch app on your phone, and in that app you can select watch face options for your watch from a huge variety and selection. I ordered a slightly classier rose gold link AppleWatch band  ($17!!!) and swapped that out with the rubber more athletic band that came with the watch, which helps dress it up and ties it in with my nicer outfits. When I forget it or its charging, I realize how much I miss being able to quickly glance down at the time on my wrist. Lazy Kitty win!

#2. FINDS MY PHONE: We all have our flaws but apparently I have a few that my AppleWatch directly addresses :), and SO favorite feature #2 helps with my tendency to misplace my phone. One of the BEST parts of the AppleWatch is the SWIPE UP feature, which pulls up the Control Center. There are several options that come up in the control center, but my most used icon is the one of an iPhone. If I can’t find my phone or quickly jump in the car and don’t feel like digging through my purse or work bag to ensure I grabbed my phone, I swipe up on my AppleWatch, hit the icon of the phone, and listen for a long PING sound to echo. Saves time, stress and sweat when you are in a pinch!

#3 MAKESHIFT BUTLER BELL: I have a good feeling that this is a tidbit that you probably will not hear anywhere else because this one is more than outside the box. One night when we were in the deep dark trenches of life with twin newborns, one of the babies was having a rough night and after hours of trying every trick in the book, I had him/her (I can’t remember who because #mombrain) asleep on me in the rocker in their room. After no less than two minutes of quiet, the other twin started to lose his/her mind in his/her crib. This is where your problem solving skills are put to the test – do I try to put the first twin back in the crib and pick up the other twin? Or is it not worth the risk of unsettling the baby who had been off the rails for the last two hours? I waited a few minutes hoping that my husband would hear and come in to see the pickle I was in, but he is an admittedly heavy sleeper and does not usually hear a crying baby, especially if he knows I am already in the nursery. So, I have a lightbulb moment – I have my AppleWatch on but my cell phone is on the nightstand next to our bed in our room… so I start PINGING my phone on repeat as an SOS/white flag WAVING/help me signal for Miller. After a minute of slamming the phone icon on repeat, a sleepy Miller comes in with my phone in hand thinking I had lost my mind until I explained that it was not my phone I wanted, but my husband because I needed another set of helping hands. From that point forward, anytime I need something (Motrin, a bottle, a blanket, a diaper, whatever) and am trapped in the nursery for some reason, I PING my phone and Miller comes in to see what I need. We call it our modern day butler bell – like the small silver bell you still see on a hotel check-in desk that you ring for service. Most recently I did it to get his attention after both babies fell asleep on me because I wanted him to come in and take one of them and smoothly move him to his crib. SO, if you are looking for a way to send an “I NEED YOU” signal from yourself to someone else, leave your phone near that person and PING it for service ;).

#4 SLEEP TRACKING: One of my friends who has an AppleWatch and had twin boys a few months before we had our twins recommended that I download the AutoSleep app before we brought our babies home. She loved it as a reference point after one of those previously mentioned deep, dark and daunting nights with two newborns where by the morning you have essentially blacked out and can’t remember who was up when, for how long, or honestly what day it even was. This app captures your night in a snapshot via “Sleep Circles” that show you asleep vs. awake as well as the quality of your sleep. This was another amazing #momhack because I used it to help remind myself when I was up last, which in turn meant roughly what time the babies had last fed, etc. I will share an example of both a quality night sleep and one of the scary, long nights in the early days of the twins lives so you can see how it looks.

If you are on the fence about buying one, my vote is to GO FOR IT! Thank you Apple for thinking of everything.

by Kitty Mills

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