Yesterday was my four month anniversary of going ALL IN, and I can happily report that I am a little over 30 pounds lighter than I was the day I started. Incase you missed the first post I wrote about why I signed up for Accountability Coaching through the ALL IN by TEDDI program, click HERE to go back and read it! I rarely leave out a detail (for better or worse) and that post is a great representation of my own experience, including the background, program specifics and my personal journey. Long story short, I knew I wasn’t operating at my maximum potential when it came to eating, exercising and overall wellness, and I felt ready to invest in myself and make a change. Enter: ALL IN!!! While I still am a far cry from looking like JLo, I feel MUCH stronger, leaner and lighter and that makes me feel BEYOND GRATEFUL to the ALL IN family, especially my coach (Marcy!!!) the other coaches who have helped along the way, (Megan, Allison and Brooke) and the woman who started this revolution, Teddi!

Today was an EXTRA SPECIAL day because I GOT TO MEET (!!!!) Marcy, Teddi and a few other key players behind the ALL IN operation and look them in the eye to say THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME CHANGE MY LIFE!!! Most of these gals live on the West Coast but they were over on this side of the country for BravoCon and invited clients to come meet up for an ALL IN cycle class. I of course wanted to go but the hectic status of our life right now made it feel almost impossible to pull off a trip away. Thank god for Miller (my husband) reminding me how much of a difference these women have made in my life and pointing out that the chance to give them a hug and spend some face to face time together would likely not present itself again anytime soon… SO, I decided to make a quick trip to NYC for that hug and workout alongside them and other ALL IN community members. It was MAGICAL and I could not be happier that I made it happen. It also helped that two of my best friends from Baltimore live in NYC, so I got to spend some incredible quality time with them on Friday/Friday night and Emily actually came with me to the spin class this morning 🙂

As a few people are starting to notice the change in my physical appearance and ask me “what I am doing”, I struggle with exactly how to answer… in some ways seems the answer seems complex but in other ways feels pretty simple. We all know that the way to lose unwanted weight is to control your caloric intake and live an active lifestyle.. More simply said, eat well the majority of the time and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, this realization is MUCH easier said than done, and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people struggle with food and exercise every single day. For me, adding the accountability piece has been the KEY to my success. At first it felt unnecessary and over the top to send in pictures of the decisions I was making with food and exercise every single day… but then I realized that having that permanent watchdog on the other end of my phone helped me to be WAY more intentional about my food and exercise choices, and that helped produce immediate results. Those results have helped me create new habits that are lasting and sustainable.

CHANGE is a tricky thing that people tend to approach differently. Some people move full speed ahead and dive in head first with zero hesitation, which can work to their benefit or against them depending on how wise of a choice is being made. Other people do everything in their power to avoid it and come up with excuse after excuse to justify remaining stagnant regardless of how unhappy or unsatisfied they may be. I fall pretty much directly in the middle of enjoying and avoiding change. A big part of me craves and welcomes change, but I have a habit of spending an excessive amount of time talking about, planning for, and thinking through a change rather than just ripping the bandaid and starting the process. My mom can cite hundreds of examples of this behavioral pattern and was the person who brought it to my attention so that I could be cognizant of my tendency to waste time thinking instead of starting to ACT and try to correct this habit. Once I do finally spring into action, my track record is fairly legitimate and I can be productive, dynamic and determined. NOT surprisingly, the weight loss journey falls into the category of CHANGE that I was READY FOR but was having a hard time jumping off the edge to make that head first dive in on.

I am SO HAPPY that I didn’t overthink my decision to go ALL IN (and I am grateful that my husband supports me and knows me better than I know myself and helped me take the plunge before I felt “fully ready”. If you are searching for something to help you take control of you health and wellness, I urge you to look at the website and social media for ALL IN and reach out to me with any questions you may have. If I was able to stay compliant and change my lifestyle, SO. CAN. YOU!!!

Marcy, Allison, Megan, Brooke and Teddi – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Cheers to all!!!

by Kitty Mills

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