THIS HAIR IS CRAZY!!!! That much we know. SO, incase you are interested in checking out my attempt at containing it and styling it, I am trying my hand at a few hair tutorials on my IGTV on Instagram @kitty.mills 🙂

Earlier this week I posted a French Braiding tutorial where I break it down so that anyone can tackle the technique! It took me 30 years, but now that I have cracked the code, I am sharing the wealth.

Today I posted a loose curl tutorial, which gives you an idea of what I do from blow drying my hair to the finished product of big, loose curls. Riveting, right?! ? I love tutorials though and since I keep it pretty simple, I figure I can share what I know to help some gals out there!

Here are the two tools I used:

  1. L’Ange Straightening Brush – I have it in black but this is the exact same thing, just in a light pink! This is FOOLPROOF and gives your hair that smooth, shiny and straight look!
  2. Bed Head 1 inch Curling Wand – Super reasonable and dependable.

You got this!!!

by Kitty Mills

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