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Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

One of the first big cosmetic decisions during our major home renovation was VANITY SELECTION. Our contractors needed to know the measurements so they could rough in the plumbing accordingly, so the search began! When you are gutting a house, the blessing is that you start completely fresh and get to completely make your mark and make all new design choices from top to bottom! The (privileged) “curse” is that it comes with several, several, several decisions AND you want to make sure that all your design choices are cohesive! SO when selecting vanities, I wanted them to “communicate” so to say, but also didn’t want to do the same thing in each room. At this point in my thinking is where I lost my husband who would tell me to “just pick out a few vanities and order them”… if ONLY it were that easy!!! I scoured the World Wide Web, consulted anyone who would listen, and ultimately pulled the trigger!

A few things to consider…

MOST vanities do NOT come with a faucet – so plan to order that separately. (See above: “several, several, several decisions LOL – ALSO, this post is the first of many in my home renovation series and I plan to do one on all the fixtures soon.)

Be sure to measure the space where the vanity will be placed to make sure you order the correct length and depth!

Note the finish of the hardware on the vanity and make sure its what you are looking for OR plan to change it out — which is a GREAT/easy/inexpensive way to upgrade an “okay” vanity to a WINNER!

Like all shopping – READ THE REVIEWS and look at customer pictures. I always take them with a grain of salt, but normally they are a good general gauge for the quality and overall feedback.

HERE are pictures of our vanities (shot by the ever so talented Erin Duffy Photography) as well as links/details. Pop over to my instagram @kitty.mills to see more!

HALL BATHROOM VANITY DETAILS: Presnell 49-in Navy Blue Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Carrara White Natural Marble Top in Navy Blue from Lowes.

KIDS BATHROOM VANITY DETAILS: 72″ Wide Pure White Double Sink Quartz Carrara Bathroom Vanity White Vanity with 2 Mirrors From Houzz

UPSTAIRS MASTER BATHROOM VANITY DETAILS: 60 in. Abigail Embellished Double Sink Vanity in Grey with Marble Vanity Top in Carrara with White Basin in Grey from Home Depot.

DOWNSTAIRS MASTER BATHROOM VANITY DETAILS: Four our bathroom we did a custom vanity. We included extra cabinets and drawers in our kitchen cabinet order and our contractors made a few additional pieces to complete the look. I ordered hardware for the doors/drawers on Amazon. We ordered a quartz top from MSI in Carrera Marmi and had it installed.

BONUS SINGLE VANITY OPTION: SJ Collection Defoe 48 in. Shaker Style Single Sink Bathroom Vanity, Blue Gray from Amazon

A TON MORE to come on the house renovation front!! Thank you for following along!! CHEERS!!

by Kitty Mills
Max’s Big Boy Bedroom Basics – Amazon Challenge

Max’s Big Boy Bedroom Basics – Amazon Challenge

Once Max started consistently climbing out of his crib (and was unable to climb back in without one of us going into his room, putting him back in, closing the door, and REPEAT), the time came to get him a big boy bed. His twin sister, Maeve, still adores her crib and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as she allows it, which meant that for the first time since conception, Max and Maeve were no longer going to be roomies!

This transition happened just a few weeks after we moved into our new house, and we are still in the process of rebuilding our funds to finish furnishing and updating some pieces that we had in our last house but don’t love in our new house. With budget in mind, I challenged myself to get all the basics for a “Big Boy Bedroom” for Max ALL FROM AMAZON!!!

EVERYTHING in his room is straight from Amazon – so it was reasonably priced, good quality and arrived quickly!!! SADLY his exact headboard in the tan version is not currently available, but I included the black version that still is!! I will keep my eyes peeled on another similar version that does not break the bank and I bet they add the tan option once it is back in stock.

Next order of business will be pulling the room together with a few small pieces of furniture (need something cool for between the two beds), hanging artwork on the walls and getting blinds/curtains! BUT for now, enjoy these basics!


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