Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

One of the first big cosmetic decisions during our major home renovation was VANITY SELECTION. Our contractors needed to know the measurements so they could rough in the plumbing accordingly, so the search began! When you are gutting a house, the blessing is that you start completely fresh and get to completely make your mark and make all new design choices from top to bottom! The (privileged) “curse” is that it comes with several, several, several decisions AND you want to make sure that all your design choices are cohesive! SO when selecting vanities, I wanted them to “communicate” so to say, but also didn’t want to do the same thing in each room. At this point in my thinking is where I lost my husband who would tell me to “just pick out a few vanities and order them”… if ONLY it were that easy!!! I scoured the World Wide Web, consulted anyone who would listen, and ultimately pulled the trigger!

A few things to consider…

MOST vanities do NOT come with a faucet – so plan to order that separately. (See above: “several, several, several decisions LOL – ALSO, this post is the first of many in my home renovation series and I plan to do one on all the fixtures soon.)

Be sure to measure the space where the vanity will be placed to make sure you order the correct length and depth!

Note the finish of the hardware on the vanity and make sure its what you are looking for OR plan to change it out — which is a GREAT/easy/inexpensive way to upgrade an “okay” vanity to a WINNER!

Like all shopping – READ THE REVIEWS and look at customer pictures. I always take them with a grain of salt, but normally they are a good general gauge for the quality and overall feedback.

HERE are pictures of our vanities (shot by the ever so talented Erin Duffy Photography) as well as links/details. Pop over to my instagram @kitty.mills to see more!

HALL BATHROOM VANITY DETAILS: Presnell 49-in Navy Blue Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Carrara White Natural Marble Top in Navy Blue from Lowes.

KIDS BATHROOM VANITY DETAILS: 72″ Wide Pure White Double Sink Quartz Carrara Bathroom Vanity White Vanity with 2 Mirrors From Houzz

UPSTAIRS MASTER BATHROOM VANITY DETAILS: 60 in. Abigail Embellished Double Sink Vanity in Grey with Marble Vanity Top in Carrara with White Basin in Grey from Home Depot.

DOWNSTAIRS MASTER BATHROOM VANITY DETAILS: Four our bathroom we did a custom vanity. We included extra cabinets and drawers in our kitchen cabinet order and our contractors made a few additional pieces to complete the look. I ordered hardware for the doors/drawers on Amazon. We ordered a quartz top from MSI in Carrera Marmi and had it installed.

BONUS SINGLE VANITY OPTION: SJ Collection Defoe 48 in. Shaker Style Single Sink Bathroom Vanity, Blue Gray from Amazon

A TON MORE to come on the house renovation front!! Thank you for following along!! CHEERS!!

by Kitty Mills
Old Navy Fall Finds

Old Navy Fall Finds

Old Navy is one of my favorite places to buy great quality clothing for me and for the family. To find out what I have in my closet and what’s on my wishlist for this Fall season, keep reading! As always, tag me @kitty.mills with your finds!


COLOR: Green Camo
COLOR: Brown leopard print
COLOR: Navy Stripe
COLOR: Charcoal


COLOR: Think Olive
COLOR: Diana
COLOR: Navy Floral
COLOR: Upper Crust
COLOR: Black Leopard
COLOR: Snow Leopard Print
COLOR: Pink Tie-Die
COLOR: Cream

Amazon Prime Day DAY 2

Amazon Prime Day DAY 2

Prime Day is not offer yet! Sharing the items that popped up today that are either great deals or items I have and LOVE! Reach out on Instagram @kittymills with any questions or comments OR other deals I am missing! Happy shopping!

Max’s Big Boy Bedroom Basics – Amazon Challenge

Max’s Big Boy Bedroom Basics – Amazon Challenge

Once Max started consistently climbing out of his crib (and was unable to climb back in without one of us going into his room, putting him back in, closing the door, and REPEAT), the time came to get him a big boy bed. His twin sister, Maeve, still adores her crib and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as she allows it, which meant that for the first time since conception, Max and Maeve were no longer going to be roomies!

This transition happened just a few weeks after we moved into our new house, and we are still in the process of rebuilding our funds to finish furnishing and updating some pieces that we had in our last house but don’t love in our new house. With budget in mind, I challenged myself to get all the basics for a “Big Boy Bedroom” for Max ALL FROM AMAZON!!!

EVERYTHING in his room is straight from Amazon – so it was reasonably priced, good quality and arrived quickly!!! SADLY his exact headboard in the tan version is not currently available, but I included the black version that still is!! I will keep my eyes peeled on another similar version that does not break the bank and I bet they add the tan option once it is back in stock.

Next order of business will be pulling the room together with a few small pieces of furniture (need something cool for between the two beds), hanging artwork on the walls and getting blinds/curtains! BUT for now, enjoy these basics!


KIT & KABOODLE: Amazon Summer Finds

KIT & KABOODLE: Amazon Summer Finds

I AM BACK!!! The shopping has not stopped over here, but between the renovation, work, kids, pandemic, etc etc etc (all the excuses) I have been slacking SO HARD and I miss my kitty mills.com passion project A LOT!!! Sharing the best of the my latest Amazon purchases. A note: there is a reason I call these the KIT & KABOODLE (beyond the nickname pun)… this collection of items is as random and scattered as my life 😉 ENJOY!!! And as always 1. CHEERS and 2. FIND ME on Instagram @kitty.mills with any questions, comments, feedback etc!!!


THIS DRESS IS THE CUTEST and so comfortable. It runs true to size – I am wearing A MEDIUM.

Casual, easy to throw on, everyday dress! True to size – I am a medium!

YETI BACKPACK for the summer WIN!!! Perfect for the pool, beach, picnic, etc. I love that its structured and stands on its on and KEEPS THINGS TRULY COLD. I have zero free hands, so the backpack feature is essential.

Another easy to throw on outfit that you can dress up or down! True to size! I am a MEDIUM.

You know my obsession with these PJs. True to size – the twins are in 3Ts and have room!

Owlivia 100% Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Pajama Sets

Owlivia 100% Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Pajama Sets

PARENTS WHO LOVE CUTE PAJAMAS – you need to buy these like yesterday! These PJs are the ultimate find – they are SUCH great quality, come in adorable print options and cost LESS. THAN. $20!!! We are obsessed over here. For my loyal readers… these might look familiar – I had the bunny version on the Easter basket idea post last month, which is how I discovered this brand. I was amazed by the product and ordered the cheetahs, hearts and stars to add to our PJ drawer. The bunny and cheetah prints are gender neutral too – added points coming from a boy/girl twin mom because I love dressing Max and Maeve alike!

They run TRUE TO SIZE, but I always size up in PJs so that we can wear them longer! The bunny sets are 2Ts and fit perfectly (Max and Maeve are 2 + 3 months) and the other sets I grabbed in 3Ts and they can wear them now with added room and length.

Amazon Knit Ribbed Tiered Tank Dress

Amazon Knit Ribbed Tiered Tank Dress

You know when you wear something and then find yourself wanting to come back and re-wear that something everyday because it checks all the boxes: cute, comfortable, well made, easy, versatile, flattering… WELL, that is how I feel about this dress!!!! I have the LIGHT PEACH MARL color in a size MEDIUM – I would say it runs big because the medium was a little roomy on me and I am in no way a size small… so if you want it extra flowy, stay true to size, but if you want it more fitted, size down. I already ordered it in the Heather Gray as well.

Dress it up with fun earrings and wedges or dress it down with a pair of Converse and a top knot! SO many possibilities here. Tag me @kitty.mills on Instagram if you buy and wear so I can see! CHEERS!

by Kitty Mills


THIS HAIR IS CRAZY!!!! That much we know. SO, incase you are interested in checking out my attempt at containing it and styling it, I am trying my hand at a few hair tutorials on my IGTV on Instagram @kitty.mills 🙂

Earlier this week I posted a French Braiding tutorial where I break it down so that anyone can tackle the technique! It took me 30 years, but now that I have cracked the code, I am sharing the wealth.

Today I posted a loose curl tutorial, which gives you an idea of what I do from blow drying my hair to the finished product of big, loose curls. Riveting, right?! ? I love tutorials though and since I keep it pretty simple, I figure I can share what I know to help some gals out there!

Here are the two tools I used:

  1. L’Ange Straightening Brush – I have it in black but this is the exact same thing, just in a light pink! This is FOOLPROOF and gives your hair that smooth, shiny and straight look!
  2. Bed Head 1 inch Curling Wand – Super reasonable and dependable.

You got this!!!

by Kitty Mills


ALL of these ideas are available from Amazon and deliver at least a week before Easter (as of April 5) 🙂 Hoppy Shopping!!!

  1. Amazon/ J. Crew Brand- LOOK by crewcuts Boys’ Long Sleeve Gingham Shirt
  2. Water Beads + Scoops + Tweezers
  3. Lindo Go Outdoors Hat
  4. Count on the Easter Pups Book
  5. Crocs Boots with Handles
  6. Melissa and Doug Bath Tub Stickables
  7. Native Slip on Tennis Shoes
  8. Quicksilver Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  9. Monster Jam Truck + Creature
  10. Super Slam Basketball Table Game
  11. Boys Bathing Suit

by Kitty Mills
Everyday Makeup Routine

Everyday Makeup Routine

Let me start by saying: I AM NOT a big makeup person and what I do have/know I learned from friends who are makeup people/other bloggers! I showed up to college with a pencil case of makeup consisting of Wet-N-Wild bronzer, Clinque concealer and that pink and green Maybelline GREAT LASH mascara — attending an all-girls school and wearing zero makeup during the week will do that for ya! ANYWAYS, I do have a better collection now at age 31, but I do mix both higher end designer products and drugstore products. The following items are what I put on for an everyday look — so no eye shadow, eye liner or anything fancy! Just the basics. I also posted an awkward 2 minute video (on Instagram @kitty.mills) of how I apply these items just in case the internet was hungry for one more makeup tutorial 😉 If you have not yet seen Ego Nwodim’s SNL Quarantine Crayola Marker Tutorial – go do that NOW! It is HYSTERICAL and I was laughing at myself every time I held up makeup to “show” the camera because I kept thinking about the skit. Anyways, hopefully this somehow helps you! I love hearing your thoughts and seeing your purchases on Instagram too – so don’t hold back!

Click on the picture and it will take you to shop the product:

  1. It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream in NEUTRAL MEDIUM
  2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer in LIGHT
  3. MaybellineThe Rocket Washable Mascara in BROWNISH BLACK
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in TAUPE
  5. Tarteist™ PRO Glow to Go Highlight & Contour Palette
  6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in LUMINOUS FLUSH
  7. Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Wand in RADIANT FINISH
  8. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Oil in WHISPERING ORCHID
  9. **Not pictured/used but my regular bronzer is Two Faced Chocolate Soleil
by Kitty Mills
What My Littles Are Playing With At Home

What My Littles Are Playing With At Home

Incase you are looking for some fresh inventory at your house to help keep the little ones busy and happy, here are our (Nolan — 4 year old boy and Max + Maeve — 2 year old boy/girl twins) current obsessions (ALL from… you guessed it… AMAZON!!!):


Three Wheel Scooter // So we don’t have this exact one, but we have one just like it that our friend gave us awhile back. Nolan is SUPER into it lately… more than ever. Max hops on it too, but Nolan has been cruising on it! I think the three wheels and the lean to steer makes it fun and easy to (safely) go fast.

New Helmet // Safety first peeps!

Jumbo Monster Truck // These are fun to run and push and we’ve been having races between the few that we have!

Trampoline // Rainy days with no where to go mean finding ways to burn energy inside! We love this!

Jump House // Same reasons as above!

Reward Chart // Desperate times call for desperate measures and I will give any potential solution a whirl. We have been keeping this simple with only a few tasks that include “Sleeping Until My Clock Turns Green” “No Whining” and “Listen to Mom/Dad/Nana” LOL.

Toddler At Home Scavenger Hunt Cards // Ordered this as well! Looks adorable and has great reviews!

Puzzles // We have a similar set to these! I think the ones with an edge/border to hold the pieces in makes it a little easier and allows your kiddo to complete independently.

Carrier Truck with Compartments for Mini Vehicles // My sister-in-law got this for her little guy and said he loves it, so trying it for ours as well!

6 in 1 Fun Pack of Cards // These are HOT HOT HOT and Nolan asks to play multiple times a day. Miller has been teaching him each game and its wild to watch him pick up the concept and get really into them. Our faves are Slap Jack and Memory — and he’s getting really good.


DYSON Cordless Vacuum Toy // These were what we got the twins for their second birthday and they are obsessed with them! Nolan is too actually, so its been a lot of fun setting timers for rotating two vacuums between the three of them 😉 OH AND we had the other Dyson kids vacuum but its in storage – this one is a MUCH BETTER CHOICE than that one because you have to actively hold the button on the handle for the vacuum sound and so it doesn’t just stay on when they drop it and move on to the next thing.

Cash Register Toy // Such a classic! Nolan and the twins love playing pretend cash register. They have a ball with the scanner and money and credit cards.

Kiddie Table and Chairs // I have no idea why we did not have a mini table and chairs in our old house, but now living with Nana we realize how helpful it is to have for eating/coloring/playing etc. Highly recommend!

Twin Doll Umbrella Stroller // This is another fan favorite around here! We like pushing it around the house and up and down the driveway! Its cute and not too big and super lightweight.

Fully Loaded Purse // My sister in law got this for Maeve for Christmas and everyone is still playing with it. The hottest ticket items are the pretend Smartphone and the lip stick tube 😉

AND that is all I have for now! Working on getting back on my blog game while we #stayathome because I have been majorly slacking. As always, reach out on Instagram @kitty.mills if you need a thing!

KIT & KABOODLE: Mexico Vaca Essentials

KIT & KABOODLE: Mexico Vaca Essentials

WHAT a fun few days my real estate group just had in Cancun! We set out on a mission to sell $80 million dollars in houses in 2019 and our boss lady incentivized the goal with a trip to Mexico for the team if we delivered. Spoiler: WE DID IT, she delivered, and eight of us spent Tuesday-Friday in the sunshine and salt water.

When we moved, I packed a separate container of bathing suits, cover ups, dresses, flip flops, etc, etc, etc because I knew I had a few warm weather trips on the calendar that would happen while we were still living at my mother-in-laws before we were unpacked at the new house.

Sadly, I cannot find it anywhere (!!!) and I assume its in the deep depths of our storage unit. Happily, online shopping allows for quick, efficient, and affordable shopping and I did one order from AMAZON PRIME, another order from SHEIN and then supplemented with some extra options from a few girlfriends (THANK YOU Amy, Shannon and Anne).

I am linking the items from my order below for anyone interested! I will also include sizing and fit details. I also will have a highlight on my Instagram that shows them on me vs. a model (LOL!). Of course reach out on Instagram (@kitty.mills) if you have any questions or issues!



SIZING: I wore a Large which was listed as a US 6-8 and it fit perfectly! So TTS.

PRICE: $14.99


SIZING: Medium and fits TTS. I am teetering between M and L these days but probably more on the medium side of things AND I like a one piece to be a little tight to suck me in 😉

PRICE: $27.99


SIZING: TTS – I have a 29 and they fit perfectly.

PRICE: Keeps changing BUT I got them for around $40 and they appear to remain on sale!!!



PRICE: $13.99


SIZING: TTS – I have a L.

PRICING: $22.99


SIZING: Large – perfect fit!

PRICE: $27.99


Quick note – I am obsessed with this and we ALL used it throughout the trip. When you are barely in your room and traveling, this is so nice to have so you don’t worry about your phone dying. AND I love that you just plug into the wall to charge vs. needing to charge it on yet another charger that I end up misplacing. SO EASY! Highly recommend. AND we used it for the speaker since there are multiple types of chargers on it (would work for a kids Kindle Fire Tablet etc!).

PRICING: $36.00


PRICE: $9.99


PRICING: $34.99 but #priceless because #old and #outofthegame


PRICING: $42 and $6 (lasts FOREVER and just as good as a spray tan)



SIZING: I have a L and wish I went with a M because the top was a little loose on me!

PRICE: $11.35


SIZING: I have a L – I also think it would be more flattering in a M but the L fits fine!

PRICING: $10.35


PRICING: $2.43 for both


FARM RIO ANJOU MAXI DRESS – no longer available but found one on Poshmark here

SAME PRINT, DIFFERENT CUT HERE (I love SO many of these dresses!)


KIT & KABOODLE: Hoop Earring Edition

KIT & KABOODLE: Hoop Earring Edition

#1 Lucite Hoops with Gold Detail

Love love love these! They go with everything and are nice and lightweight. Under $10 from AMAZON! CLICK TO SHOP

#2 Tortoise Hoops

These are a fun take on the tortoiseshell trend! I consider tortoiseshell a neutral, so these also match with so many outfit options. Lightweight as well! LESS THAN $7 from TARGET. CLICK TO SHOP

#3 Thin Gold Hoops

These are the largest of this hoop round-up, but because they are dainty and thin, they aren’t too over the top! I love the finish on them – a little more brushed than shiny. Super chic! Less than $15 from AMAZON. CLICK TO SHOP

#4 Rose Gold Chunky Hoops

These are the most fun and make the biggest statement out of this group of hoops. They are a great thickness and I L O V E the rose gold finish! SO CUTE and I find myself wearing them a few times a week. Less than $15 from AMAZON. CLICK TO SHOP

#5 Medium Sized Gold Full Hoops

These are a nice and safe choice for those of you who are still warming up/getting comfortable with the big hoop trend! They are just the right size and width and would look fabulous on any and everyone! Less than $30 from AMAZON! CLICK TO SHOP

(NOT PICTURED in round-up) Thick Gold Hoops

These are almost identical to the rose gold option above but are GOLD and half the price from Target! I left them in Atlanta with my bestie because she loved them so much and already ordered another pair! SUPER CUTE. Less than $7 from TARGET! CLICK TO SHOP

ENJOY! Send me a pic of you wearing any that you snag and tag me @kittymills 🙂 🙂 🙂 CHEERS!

by Kitty Mills


I wish I would have found this in November because its adorable, warm and can be dressed up/down depending on your mood! I wore it with jeans last weekend to shop and pop around Atlanta with my college girlfriends and we all agreed that it was another winning pick from Amazon and I needed to share it on the blog. Quality is awesome and its warm and fuzzy without being itchy. CLICK HERE FOR LINK

I am wearing a size MEDIUM in the KHAKI color!

Leopard Crew Neck Sweater

Leopard Crew Neck Sweater

Add this to your winter wardrobe for an easy throw on piece that feels neutral with a splash of fun all at once!! This is such a quality buy – very well made and looks super nice — my best friend asked if it was one of my monthly Rent the Runway pieces and I loved being able to say I owned it and got it for less than $30!!! CLICK HERE FOR LINK

I am wearing a size MEDIUM in the BEIGE color!



Anyone else find themselves clicking on an Instagram Advertisement for what looks like an ADORABLE outfit that is marked as less than $20? And then you click on the ad, get directed to the website, and see several other items that you would love to have in your closet… but then the doubt sets in. Is this real? This seems WAY too good to be true! Whats the catch?

I am here to tell the tale of what happens when you take a chance, fill your cart with all of the cute things, and plug in your credit card information with fingers and toes crossed that you haven’t just been totally scammed.

GREAT. NEWS!!! I can VERY HAPPILY report that the “SHEIN” (how the HECK do you say it??? DON’T ASK ME because I would say “she-in” and then spell it for anyone who asked me about my outfit last night… but also heard other people referring to the brand as “SHANE”. If you can drop knowledge on the pronunciation, holler!!) IS **pretty much** TOTALLY LEGIT!!!

I throw in the **pretty much** because I don’t want anyone to be ordering the clothes expecting the quality to be as solid as an Anthro or Madewell or J. Crew purchase. Of course the materials can be a little light or tough feeling, and you might see a thread coming out of a seam that you have to snip back, and the original smell has a touch of a plastic/chemical vibe… BUT YOU CAN BUY 10 THINGS for the price of what 1 THING would cost you at a high end establishment!!! So don’t plan for the items to last forever or be PERFECT, but I would give them an 8.5/10 on the quality front!! MORE than decent!!

Another note: LOOK AT THE SIZING MEASUREMENTS. The sizing can be a little all over the place and I would say GENERAL rule of thumb is that things run a half a size small, so if you are on the fence, size UP. But if you can grab your own measurements and use those to determine size, you will be SET. I just looked at cuts and decided if I would rather it be a little big/long or short/tight and picked a size accordingly.

They seem to ALWAYS be running a promo/discount, so be sure to poke around for that code!! And lots of free shipping opportunities which I love now that I am spoiled by AmazonPrime!

I made my first order on November 23 and I have worn almost every item already (as of December 8th!). I will link everything below and include a picture of yours truly wearing it out in the wild. Feel free to snag a few favorites and let me know if you order/love anything else that I should throw on my radar! (I am in no way affiliated with Shein – just sharing as I promised when chatting with guests at our company party last night).

Here are pictures of me wearing the items (I NEED TO GET BETTER ABOUT TAKING A FULL BODY SHOT to show an outfit properly, but I still feels prettyyyyy darn awkward posing for a solo picture LOL!!! Really hoping to get better about it.

CLICK any PINK writing to shop/link!!! ENJOY!!! CHEERS!!!

WHITE BODYSUIT: Exaggerated Frill Layered Oblique Shoulder Bodysuit (Paid $15. Size Worn: L)

GOLD SKIRT: Wide Waisted Pleated Metallic Skirt (Paid $15. Size Worn: L)

HAIR CLIPS: Texturized Hair Clips (Paid $3. Size Worn: One Size)

WHITE TUBE BODYSUIT: Sweetheart Bustier Bodysuit (Paid: $9. Size Worn: L)

SILVER SKIRT: Elastic Waist Pleated Skirt (Paid: $16. Size Worn: L)

WHITE V-NECK BODYSUIT: Surplice Neck Solid Bodysuit (Paid: $10. Size Worn: L)

BLACK BODYSUIT: Solid Longsleeve Scoop Neck Bodysuit (Paid: $8. Size Worn: L)

BLACK FAUX LEATHER SKIRT: Paperbag Waist Faux Leather Pleated Skirt (Paid: $10. Size Worn: L)

MUSTARD BLOUSE: Frilled Neck Bishop Sleeve Blouse (Paid: $8. Size Worn: XL)

by Kitty Mills


SO. MANY. DEALS. Definitely overwhelming BUT word on the street is that these are here to stay and are not going to change much between now and Cyber Monday… time will tell! Here are the deals I am taking advantage of (updating as I find them so check back OR follow along on my instagram @kitty.mills)


BACKYARD PLAYHOUSE – I am trying to go for gifts for the kids that will weather more than one season of play AND will be liked by all three babes! This playhouse is adorable and the reviews are rock solid! It comes with lots of fun bells and whistles including a functioning doorbell and a little kitchen inside! https://amzn.to/2YcVNN8

BEST. SOUND MACHINE. EVER. – We live for our sound machines and this one is on a deal right now (12/3) for 35% off – https://amzn.to/364wujb

LITTLE TIKES INFLATABLE JUMP AND SLIDE HOUSE: THIS IS ALMOST 50% OFF!!!! Winter can be a dark time when you are stuck inside with the littles and ALL.OF.THEIR.ENERGY. This bounce house is an awesome trick to keep up your sleeve to bring out to help get some of that energy out! This deal is amazing – adding to the Christmas list for the grandparents to gift to our crew. https://amzn.to/34ymj69

STEP 2 ROLLER COASTER: Another toy that my kids go wild over at other friends’ houses and good for both indoor and outdoor use! This is 10% off on Amazon and $10 less on the Step 2 website but you pay shipping there…


I linked a few options on my Instagram story/Black FRIYAY Highlight from Nordstrom! Here are those links…

CASHMERE SWEATER: https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/eileen-fisher-crewneck-shaker-cashmere-sweater-regular-petite-plus-size/5116823/full

HEART BEADED EARRINGS https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/baublebar-double-heart-beaded-drop-earrings/5504039/full

ADIDAS YOGA PANTS https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/adidas-how-we-do-active-tights/4862029/full

ADIDAS SNEAKERS https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/adidas-swift-run-sneaker-women-regular-retail-price-85/5518726/full


NIKE JOGGERS https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/nike-heritage-jogger-pants/5512179/full

BARBOUR QUILTED JACKET https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/barbour-pod-regular-fit-quilted-jacket/5392115/full

JOHNNIE-O POLO https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/johnnie-o-fairway-classic-fit-prep-formance-pique-polo/5493251/full

VV PULLOVER https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/vineyard-vines-saltwater-quarter-zip-pullover/5087690/full


NEST (STAINLESS STEEL COLOR) THERMOSTAT: THIS IS A DEAL — Normally $249.00 and on sale for $139.00!!!! 44% off aka savings of $110.00 — and by far the best I have seen!!! This is a game changer if you want to A. Save money by way of a “smart thermostat” that knows when you are home/away and B. Have the ability to control your thermostat via an app on your phone! We love ours and I am definitely purchasing for the next house. https://amzn.to/33zJTxO

NESTCAM OUTDOOR HD CAMERA 2 PACK: HOT HOT HOT DEAL!!! USUALLY $449.99 FOR 2 CAMERAS – 45% off aka $201.99 off so you get them for $248.99!!! We actually have these in the twins’ room as their baby monitors. They have two way audio as well so that you can talk through them – whether you are using them outside as security measures or inside for monitoring! https://amzn.to/33BOrnm

BOSE SPEAKER https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/bose-soundlink-revolve-bluetooth-speaker/4606262/full

BAREFOOT DREAMS BLANKET https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/barefoot-dreams-cozychic-in-the-wild-throw-blanket/5516337/full

INITIAL MUG https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/anthropologie-jo-stoneware-mug/5514892/full

ANTHRO BLUE + WHITE PLATTER https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/anthropologie-attingham-large-platter-nordstrom-exclusive-color/5269214/full


ANTHROPOLOGIE: 30% OFF everything

ABERCROMBIE: 50% OFF everything

ATHLETA: 20% OFF with code LAYERUP

J.CREW: 50% OFF purchase and 60% OFF SALE with code FRIDAY

LOFT: 50% OFF with code FRIYAY

NORDSTROM: PRICE MATCHING GALORE! And then up to $100 “back” in Nordstrom Rewards depending on how much you spend!

POTTERY BARN: 25% OFF purchase with code BLACKFRIDAY + tons of “bonus deals” including 40% off holiday decor, 30% off bedding and more!

SEPHORA: Up to 50% off – the gift sets available are true steals and would make for perfect gifts an stocking stuffers!

SERENA AND LILY: 25% OFF purchase with code THANKFUL



Winter is here to stay and we would hate for the little ones in our lives to be uncomfortable in the cold! I am sharing a few of our favorite toddler winter essentials for your own kids and/or gifts for the mini humans you know and love! CLICK ANY PINK WRITING for links! As always, thank you for following along and do not hesitate to reach out with questions/shares/comments!!!

WIDGEON COAT. You have probably seen and/or heard of these cute and functional heavy fleece winter jacket but more than a few of moms have asked me about Max and Maeve’s coats (blue Widgeon for Max and Pink for Maeve) so felt the need to share the intel for those who are still in the dark. What do I like? The velcro fasteners are a GAME-CHANGER. Putting a coat on my children is an uphill battle, so it is key to be able to pop in the arms, pull the front closed, slap the Velcro together on the shoulder area and BOOM! FINISHED! Snaps and Zippers add more steps than necessary! Additionally, the weight of the jacket is warm and cozy without being a huge puffer that essentially eats a toddler up in bulk. It has a nice oversized HOOD for the stubborn littles who refuse a hat but might not notice a looser, pulled up hood as much. And they are just SO adorable and come in a variety of colors. Fancy moms throw a monogram on the center for the cherry on top touch! They run VERY LARGE – Maeve is 20 months and the 12 months fits her perfectly. You can roll the sleeves and let them grow into it so it lasts for more than a season, but be aware of sizing gap! 

NURSERY SPACE HEATER – If your gut reaction to reading the words “space heater” is DANGER, I get it. I felt the same way. However, this time last year I was keeping myself awake on freezing cold nights wondering if the twins were shivering in their cribs since they couldn’t have blankets (choking hazard). My girlfriend/childrens’ product guru, Marianne, suggested a Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater as she had recently bought one to address the same issues with her littles! Here is the product description from the site: The Tempa is like no other heater – built with the needs of parents and baby in mind. Tempa provides gentle yet effective vortex heat circulation that maintains a comfortable temperature. Effective heat circulation means the heater can be placed anywhere in the room and still keep baby comfortable. Two fan settings – “continuous” provides air constant circulation, while “auto” only runs the fan when actively warming the room. Safety is essential in the nursery, so Tempa has been designed to stay cool to the touch. Tempa has concealed cord management built right into the base with a stretchable cover that keeps the cord out of harm’s way and securely grips to the floor. Its unique tamper resistant controls keep children from turning Tempa on without parents’ knowledge and turns off automatically if tipped over. The smooth exterior features no sharp edges, no pinch points and an extra stable base.

WIRELESS THERMOMETER – Along that same nursery temperature wavelength… DO NOT BELIEVE THE TEMPERATURE THAT A BABY MONITOR DISPLAYS!!! The anxiety ridden text messages my friends and I have sent to each other the first few nights our babies have been in their cribs are almost comical to look back on. In the dead of summer/winter, do not be alarmed if your monitor registers a very warm or very cool temperature – as it is NOT always accurate. I love this little gadget to help give parents an accurate temperature reading in a child’s room. You can mount it near your child’s crib/bed or just place on a changing table/dresser, download the app on your phone (very easy instructions), and then you can check in on the actual temperature in the room without going in to feel it and risk waking a sleeping angel!

HATS – A cute winter hat serves both fashion and function! Last year I snagged these for all three kids at the recommendation of another amazing mama who has the same dynamic (toddler + twins) and had them on her cute kiddos! They held up great and still fit this year. This link takes you to a variety of colors and your choice between the “fur” or “wool” pom pom! Enjoy!


by Kitty Mills
F O U R Months ALL IN on Healthy Living

F O U R Months ALL IN on Healthy Living

Yesterday was my four month anniversary of going ALL IN, and I can happily report that I am a little over 30 pounds lighter than I was the day I started. Incase you missed the first post I wrote about why I signed up for Accountability Coaching through the ALL IN by TEDDI program, click HERE to go back and read it! I rarely leave out a detail (for better or worse) and that post is a great representation of my own experience, including the background, program specifics and my personal journey. Long story short, I knew I wasn’t operating at my maximum potential when it came to eating, exercising and overall wellness, and I felt ready to invest in myself and make a change. Enter: ALL IN!!! While I still am a far cry from looking like JLo, I feel MUCH stronger, leaner and lighter and that makes me feel BEYOND GRATEFUL to the ALL IN family, especially my coach (Marcy!!!) the other coaches who have helped along the way, (Megan, Allison and Brooke) and the woman who started this revolution, Teddi!

Today was an EXTRA SPECIAL day because I GOT TO MEET (!!!!) Marcy, Teddi and a few other key players behind the ALL IN operation and look them in the eye to say THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME CHANGE MY LIFE!!! Most of these gals live on the West Coast but they were over on this side of the country for BravoCon and invited clients to come meet up for an ALL IN cycle class. I of course wanted to go but the hectic status of our life right now made it feel almost impossible to pull off a trip away. Thank god for Miller (my husband) reminding me how much of a difference these women have made in my life and pointing out that the chance to give them a hug and spend some face to face time together would likely not present itself again anytime soon… SO, I decided to make a quick trip to NYC for that hug and workout alongside them and other ALL IN community members. It was MAGICAL and I could not be happier that I made it happen. It also helped that two of my best friends from Baltimore live in NYC, so I got to spend some incredible quality time with them on Friday/Friday night and Emily actually came with me to the spin class this morning 🙂

As a few people are starting to notice the change in my physical appearance and ask me “what I am doing”, I struggle with exactly how to answer… in some ways seems the answer seems complex but in other ways feels pretty simple. We all know that the way to lose unwanted weight is to control your caloric intake and live an active lifestyle.. More simply said, eat well the majority of the time and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, this realization is MUCH easier said than done, and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people struggle with food and exercise every single day. For me, adding the accountability piece has been the KEY to my success. At first it felt unnecessary and over the top to send in pictures of the decisions I was making with food and exercise every single day… but then I realized that having that permanent watchdog on the other end of my phone helped me to be WAY more intentional about my food and exercise choices, and that helped produce immediate results. Those results have helped me create new habits that are lasting and sustainable.

CHANGE is a tricky thing that people tend to approach differently. Some people move full speed ahead and dive in head first with zero hesitation, which can work to their benefit or against them depending on how wise of a choice is being made. Other people do everything in their power to avoid it and come up with excuse after excuse to justify remaining stagnant regardless of how unhappy or unsatisfied they may be. I fall pretty much directly in the middle of enjoying and avoiding change. A big part of me craves and welcomes change, but I have a habit of spending an excessive amount of time talking about, planning for, and thinking through a change rather than just ripping the bandaid and starting the process. My mom can cite hundreds of examples of this behavioral pattern and was the person who brought it to my attention so that I could be cognizant of my tendency to waste time thinking instead of starting to ACT and try to correct this habit. Once I do finally spring into action, my track record is fairly legitimate and I can be productive, dynamic and determined. NOT surprisingly, the weight loss journey falls into the category of CHANGE that I was READY FOR but was having a hard time jumping off the edge to make that head first dive in on.

I am SO HAPPY that I didn’t overthink my decision to go ALL IN (and I am grateful that my husband supports me and knows me better than I know myself and helped me take the plunge before I felt “fully ready”. If you are searching for something to help you take control of you health and wellness, I urge you to look at the website and social media for ALL IN and reach out to me with any questions you may have. If I was able to stay compliant and change my lifestyle, SO. CAN. YOU!!!

Marcy, Allison, Megan, Brooke and Teddi – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Cheers to all!!!

by Kitty Mills


If you follow me on Instagram, you likely know that I figuratively and literally hopped on the Peloton bandwagon in August. We had been thinking about buying one for a little while for the following reasons: 1. We both enjoy “biking” – Miller is more of an outdoor cyclist (legit has gone on trips with Trek travel to do parts of the Tour de France course and cheer on the professionals competing in the Tour. Also might be the only human I know who DVRs and WATCHES the Tour de France #SNOOZEFEST)… and I am more of a fun music, upbeat spin class attendee. 2. We are busy and Miller travels a good bit, so getting to the gym is not always in the cards. 3. Part of the ALL IN lifestyle is incorporating 60 minutes of cardio a day into your lifestyle, and I was realizing that having a Peloton would help me check that box on tricker days! 4. I am admittedly VERY impressionable and if you have seen the branding and marketing coming from these people… YOU GET IT. Hats off to the branding and marketing teams at Peloton – hook, line and SUNK Kitty Mills.

I did a poll of my virtual friends on Instagram to see what the consensus was re: purchasing a Peloton and the results overwhelming showed that almost everyone who has the bike, LOVES IT. A few people mentioned that they liked it but did not share the same passion/love for a class on the Peloton as they do for an in studio class with an awesome instructor. I also got a few responses where people explained that they don’t have the actual Peloton bike, but they have a subscription on the Peloton Digital App and take the Peloton specific classes on their phone or tablet on a regular spin bike at their house/gym/hotel when traveling — which is a GREAT option. The Peloton app is seriously AWESOME and in my opinion, what keeps users coming back for more. The downside of using the app on a different bike is that the target metrics (resistance, output and cadence (speed)) will not be listed on the screen, but you can easily gauge those things from what the instructor is saying/doing.

SO, the abridged version of my answer when someone asks me if I think the Peloton is worth it is YES!!!! If you are committed to exercising, the Peloton is SUCH a great tool to have within the four walls of your home. It’s a SOLID machine with incredible technology and an empowering community of instructors and users.

And now for the unabridged version for those of you who like hearing all of the details 🙂

You order the bike online and the company reaches out to schedule delivery. The delivery process was seamless. The guys brought it in, put it together in probably 10 minutes, and then set up the large tablet/screen and walked us through setting up our profiles, connecting to the internet, adjusting the bike to the correct settings for our needs, etc. I don’t think it could be more straight-forward or easy!

Once the bike is delivered and set up, the world is your oyster! I think a key misconception a lot of people have is that you have to take a live class so your class times/lengths are limited. This is FAKE NEWS!!! The “On-Demand” library of classes on the Peloton Digital App is OUTRAGEOUSLY AMAZING!!!! It is SUPER user-friendly and gives you all. of. the. FILTERING. OPTIONS. If you too tend to be a relatively demanding human with specific needs and enjoy personalizing everything from your coffee to your dinner at a restaurant, this is for YOU. I LOVE how easy it is for me to be particular about the workout I am looking for… you can filter by…

  1. CLASS LENGTH – 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins and more!
  2. TYPE OF WORKOUT – Peloton Digital is NOT just for spinning! The app offers treadmill workouts, outdoor audio runs, strength, yoga, meditation, stretching, bootcamp, walking and cardio. There is something for EVERYONE.
  3. DIFFICULTY LEVEL – The app allows you to filter your search based on the level of intensity you are looking for! Options here include intervals, low impact, high impact, beginner, professional, heart rate zone, and more.
  4. MUSIC GENRE – This might be my favorite filtering option. Not only can you decide if you want hip hop, pop, rock, electronic, country, etc, but you can see the entire playlist for the class before you decide to take it. Is it Sunday night and you want to get out some pent up Sunday Scary energy? Check out Ally Love’s “Sundays with Love” class that has a positive, spiritual undertone and gets your mind and body right at the same time. Or is it a Tuesday morning at 5 am and you are looking to WAKE UP and get MOVING? Alex Touissant brings the noise with his “Club Bangers” workout. In need of a Wednesday night pick me up? Cody Rigsby has the BEST playlists and perfectly syncs the ride with the beat of the music. He is also hysterical. Which brings me to another filtering option…
  5. INSTRUCTOR – I just counted and there are currently 21 different instructors to choose from. Most users have a few favorites who they take religiously, but others mix it up regularly. These instructors are practically celebrities in the Peloton community and for good reason!! They are inspiring, challenging, helpful… the list goes on and on.

To my earlier point about the live classes, those are an option to! Maybe you find it motivating to take a class in real time and pay close attention to the leaderboard… or you need a hard START TIME to get on the bike and get moving… the live classes are a great option. The instructors also call out users live riding during a milestone ride etc. You can also choose to do a scenic ride and determine how fast/hard you want to push on your own.

The technology that a Peloton offers is another key feature that contributes to why I believe it is worth the investment. Your screen displays three numbers: cadence – the speed that the pedals are moving, resistance – how hard you have to push to move the pedals so think of creating a flat road vs. a steep hill, and output – the combination of the two and overall metric for how hard you are working. The instructor will call out where these numbers should be throughout the workout and the screen will display them once the class is added to the On Demand library (the live rides don’t have them on the screen in real time but you just listen to the instructor). I love the data and the numbers really help you hold yourself accountable to working as hard as the class intends.

What would I change? Can someone please share ways for my over active sweat glands to SLOW THE HECK DOWN!! We all know I am a sweaty human, but I think the combo between being in a basement with little air movement and then the difficulty of the classes, I am soaking-sopping wet with sweat by the end of the workout. Wait… thats the point… BUT I have as much hair on my head as I do sweat in my body and washing and drying and styling it daily is NOT in the cards over here. So, I guess what I am trying to say is expect to SWEAT! 🙂 And then the only other thing – clipping out of the pedals on the bike is super tight. The guys who installed told me that obviously since the bike has not been used, the shoes and pedals are very secure – which is ideal – but makes clipping out a tiny bit challenging. Literally the SMALLEST thing but I am trying to be fully transparent on ALL of my thoughts.

It will not force you to get on it and use it, but if you can commit to that piece, I say GO FOR IT! OF COURSE reach out if you have any questions or follow up curiosities. CHEERS!!!

by Kitty Mills
Kit & Kaboodle: FALL 2019 CHAPTER II

Kit & Kaboodle: FALL 2019 CHAPTER II

Because one was just not enough, here is a second installment of Fall Fashion Finds from my mecca, Amazon.com! ALL of these finds are under $25!!! Click on the product title to shop. I included my feedback on each item under the picture and as always, find me on Instagram @kitty.mills for questions/comments/shares! CHEERS TO FALL Y’ALL!


This is a touch more exciting than a “regular” sweater which is fun for a night out or a way to spice up an outfit. Other reviewers mentioned that it was not as oversized as it appears on the model, so I ordered a Large and it is BIG. A medium would have been better. So, if you are in between sizes, I would size down! During the day you can wear a tank underneath and then at night a bralette or something of that nature would be cute!


My sister-in-law, KC, had this on and it went from want to must have when I found out it was less than $20 on Amazon. This is super cute and dresses up your watch while remaining neutral. Obsessed! Thanks KC!


There are several versions of this available which include different colors and details. I ordered the gray with buttons, but have my eye on the tan without buttons for a future order. This runs true to size – I got a large.


This is even better in person! The quality is awesome and the sweater is a nice substantial material without being itchy or overly hot. I have been waiting for more of a brisk day to wear it, but I loved it when I tried it on. There are other color options, but I love me some gray! This also is true to size – I got a large. It has a long length and would be perfect with leggings!


Pearls are my favorite. Hoops are my favorite. Put them together and BOOM! We are in LOVE! These are very lightweight and look awesome in person. Such a great find for around $10!


This is a piece that you could throw on with leggings for just about anything you have going on. It was perfect to travel in given the material weight, the cut and the look 😉 I have a large but could also probably have gone with a medium, so pretty true to size!

THANK YOU FOR READING. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. CHEERS CHEERS CHEERS!

by Kitty Mills


STAY TUNED for a second chapter of a Fall Kit & Kaboodle once work and life give me a minute to link/post my latest finds, but in the meantime, do yourself a favor and order this shirt (?? to shop) in at least one color 🙂 Read why below or just take my word for it! And as ALWAYS, send me a message on Instagram @kittymills if you have a question/comment/whatever! XO! CHEERS!


I ordered a few different white v-neck t-shirts to wear under sweaters/cardigans/jackets and this one is my favorite by far. I already ordered another in grey. Things I love: the material is sort of a combo between cotton and a heavier more slinky material… so it feels a little bit dressier/nicer than say a Hanes cotton v-neck 😉 The length is awesome… longer in the back but not too long! The V is also a perfect shape and depth. The color is a BRIGHT white, which I love with jeans. I got this in a Large and I like the fit – true to size! Enjoy!

by Kitty Mills


Now that we have our tailgate attire locked and loaded, lets move on to some epic fall wardrobe Amazon finds for all you gals out there who love fall attire as much as I do! Loving the Instagram feedback that 1. Seeing the clothes on would be helpful and 2. Including the size I ordered would also be helpful – done and done! I will do my best impression of an actual blogger “try on” but FAIR WARNING the awkwardness levels will undoubtedly be off the CHARTS and naked babies/toddler are SURE to crash. Watch at your own risk 😉

Fall starts the ?? #blessed #thankful #grateful ?? season – so what better way to kick it off with a giveaway as a THANK YOU to my sweet little Kitty Mills followers?! Details on my instagram @kittymills for anyone interested.

Hope you love these options and I am sure there will be some additions along the way. Click anything PINK for a link to shop the look. Noticing ? a major blush pink vibe on these selections, which was not intentional but clearly the color I happened to gravitate toward on my orders! As ALWAYS, message me with any questions/comments/feedback and tag me if you order and wear! XO!

Faux Peter Pan Collar Casual Sweater: All my preppy gals will eat this one up! It comes in a variety of colors and styles and I cannot wait to wear with jeans and booties! I ordered the Pink Style 1 (pictured below) in an XL because I prefer the oversized/loose look but honestly think its TTS and wish I went for the L. Digging the textured look and the curly-girly cuff design!

Long-Sleeve Casual Knee-Length Dress with Pockets: SO many colors to choose from depending on the occasion! Throw this on with a cute quilted vest and you will be set. I ordered in purple-gray color (pictured below) also in an XL. After trying on, its true to size and I am going to return for a L.

Flat Leopard Mules: Half of my wardrobe consists of solid “neutrals”, so spicing it up with a fun pair of shoes is a go-to for me. I ordered these on September 22nd and delivery is scheduled for October 12th, so order now if you want to have for fall! Cannot wait to get my hands on these! Reviews said true to size so I went with a 9!

V-Neck Balloon Sleeve Tops: The cut and price on this was too good to only order one — so I grabbed the Blush Pink and the Leopard. I did an L for these and honestly they seem to be oversized! Historically, bargain tops made in another country far, far away run small, and I like my clothes long and loose… but this one runs a hair bigger than true to size! I am going to keep in larges but think a medium might have fit even better!

Hair Clips: Are you even a wannabe-blogger if you don’t own a pack of bedazzled hair clips? ??? I have already worn the pearl, tortoiseshell and pink patterned ones! I also will for sure use these in Maeve’s hair. Nothing like sharing all hair accessories with your 1.5 year old <3 Miller strongly judges my hair accessory game, but I’m not too worried about it 😉

Strappy Casual Midi Dress: I stumbled across this and thought it would be cute with a jean jacket and booties, but actually wore it without a jacket (and with open back mules) last weekend since the summer weather is apparently here to stay. The fabric definitely shows any imperfections (drink condensation/sweat), so a darker color might be better. Loved it otherwise!

Bell-Sleeve Shift Dress: Staple piece for a ridiculously reasonable price! This is so comfortable and well made. A few different people responded that they have this dress in more than one color and love it. Safe bet for success. I have it in an XL but an L would have been better – so true to size!

Lily Statement Earrings: As seen on a previous “Look for Less” on kittymills.com – check out that post here if you want to know all the deets!


by Kitty Mills
OBSESSION: Adorable Amazon Toddler Pajamas

OBSESSION: Adorable Amazon Toddler Pajamas

Shout out to Samantha Lane for this find – check out her instagram for other amazing finds!!!

Does anyone else feel like there are two speeds for kids pajamas? You can either go for the bargain, cheaper material with a cheesy saying slapped across the front (P.S. totally not judging – these account for 90% of our pajama collection ;)) OR you can break the bank and spend an obscene amount on something pima/organic/grass fed/certified/eco-friendly that feels like a slice of heaven but makes you want to cry looking at the price tag.

The in-between is a very narrow margin, but its a place where I hunt for sleepwear for the little ones. ENTER these precious pajamas that our team’s interior designer sent my way and I immediately ordered in white for Nolan, pink for Maeve and blue for Max. We got them a few months ago so opted for the short sleeve/short set, but they are also available in the long sleeve/pant option! They run a bit bigger than true to size, but I always order pajamas big anyways so that we get more wear out of them and can grow into them!

They are great quality and look WAY more expensive than the less than the $20 you will spend to own them! They have a linen look, but they are 100% cotton (dual cloth gauze), making them soft, breathable and comfy-cozy (as we say in our house!). And they have held up great through multiple laundry cycles. SUCH a good find! I hope you and your little ones love them as much as we do. OH and if anyone can find something similar for women at this great of a price, send my way and I will buy us BOTH a pair 🙂 CHEERS!!!

Link to PJs here for those who are in rush 🙂

by Kitty Mills
70 Days ALL IN on my Health and Wellness

70 Days ALL IN on my Health and Wellness

I have been wanting to post about some health and wellness lifestyle changes for weeks now but my cup runneth over with excuses and the fear of putting myself out there in this way prevented me from getting it down in writing. I thought about posting before I “started”, two weeks in, every 5 pounds, a month in, two months in… you get the picture. Well my friends, TODAY is the day. I like to think that I am as transparent and open as they come, so why should talking about my weight loss journey be any different?

Today marks 70 days since I decided to go “ALL IN” on my health and wellness. The funny thing about prioritizing your health is that it has a way of positively infiltrating all facets of your life. I have a tendency to ramble and ping pong all over the map when trying to explain “what I’ve been doing” so I am going to break things down into a few categories for organization purposes/so that you can bounce around and skip as you please!


My fellow Bravo Super Fans #AndyCohenforPresident can skip this part because if you’ve seen the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you likely know about the program that one of the housewives, Teddi Mellencamp (yes, as in daughter of John Mellencamp 😉 ) started a few years ago called ALL IN by Teddi.

The website does an excellent job of breaking down the purpose and premise of the program, but in my own words its an accountability program designed to help clients establish the mindset, habits and tools necessary to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You register on the website through an intake form and then a staff member will reach out to you with some follow up questions and additional information. Once you make it official and submit payment, you are matched up with an Accountability Coach who will become your new texting BFF (Hi Marcy!!!! <3) and your partner through the program. Your coach sends you a breakdown of what the first two weeks (the “jumpstart” part of the program) will look like in terms of eating, drinking, exercise and communication. Since this is all via text message, you send picture evidence of pretty much everything you do on a daily basis from morning to night! The Jumpstart menu is dairy free, vegetarian and alcohol free. Once you complete the Jumpstart, you can opt into the “Monthly” program plan that provides a more flexible menu which includes meat and alcohol. The menu is comprised of completely normal and nutritious foods that you can find anywhere and everywhere! Another key component of the lifestyle is carving out 60 minutes every day to get your body moving! You photo proof of that as well – poor Marcy has had to see this sweaty head day in and day out ???!!! You also send photo proof of the scale every morning as an indication of what is and isn’t working for you! The idea is that in the moments where you would be making excuses or veering off the path that you started down, your coach is there as your back up conscious to keep you on track to accomplishing your goal.


It’s hard for me to pinpoint EXACTLY why I signed up. I guess we can follow the trail back to my love for Bravo which led me to follow Teddi on Instagram which led me to seeing her stories and posts which led me to checking out the program Instagram page and other coaches’ profiles which led me to taking a leap of faith and SIGNING UP!! Like many Americans, I am a sucker for a good before and after, but I normally view them with a degree of skepticism and keep on scrolling my way through the gram… but something about Teddi’s story rang true and resonated with me. Her honesty about her own journey encouraged me (and thousands of others) to shake it up and go ALL IN!

I had been exercising pretty consistently since the fall of 2018 and had developed a new habit of waking up and going to 6 am workout classes (see my post about TMF!!) about 4 times a week. I majorly eased back into the fitness scene from fall to spring and started the summer feeling pretty strong and on my fitness game.

My eating habits were another story. While I wasn’t going crazy and regularly hitting the Mickey D’s drive-thru, I was indulging in high-calorie food more than I realized. I joke with people that my life is just too much fun and filled with too many “special occasions” where I could “justify” eating something that ultimately prevented me from shedding some weight that I needed to lose. I was stuck within a few pound range for months despite feeling like I was working out and eating “well-enough” to be losing weight. I like to think that I can be pretty convincing, but that trait backfires when I am talking myself into having that piece of cake at a work lunch or finishing the kids dinner so that is doesn’t go to waste… you see where I am going with this. After making a change I have also realized the power that the weekend mindset has on my eating. My mentality and cravings on a weekend are so much more extreme than during the week when I am in a routine and that was absolutely slowing me down. I have never been the skinny girl – and I never will be – BUT I also can accept that there is a healthy in-between that is attainable if I am willing to put forth the effort!

SO I wanted to lose some weight… the way I was doing things on my own was not working… and the thought of trying ALL IN kept nagging at me (thank god!!!). I saw some professional pictures of myself taken at a friend’s proposal and I think the feeling I had looking at those photos tipped the scales (pun intended) and gave me the final push I needed to sign up. I told Miller my plan and we talked through my reservations/excuses… Was this just another fad diet? How would I navigate social events? What would I do when I traveled? What would I tell people? What if the accountability was too rigid for my wild schedule? What if I failed? Like always, he helped me work through each fear, encouraged me to give it a try if I felt ready to commit AND he agreed to eat the same foods as the plan allowed so that he wouldn’t be enjoying a spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A while I was sticking to clean foods only ?. He is a gem of a human being and plays a huge part in all my successes.

One thing I want to say… so many of the stories I read alongside a “before and after” post start with the person in the picture talking about deep unhappiness/discomfort/isolation/embarrassment and more. I FULLY understand that those feelings are very real, but I want to be honest and share that I felt very few of those negative emotions in relation to my weight. I of COURSE have moments where I fly through multiple items in my closet because nothing looks or feels good, but most of the time I am able to dress for my figure and feel pretty okay! I have always been comfortable in my skin and I am good about reminding myself that a number on a scale does not define me. My perception of myself is usually as skinnier version of where I truly am LOL! I think my optimistic nature leads me to being a little delusional about certain things, like my weight, in the opposite way of some other women. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I felt like it could be worth mentioning that you don’t have to feel in a completely dark and desperate place to want to clean up your act and get FIT and FABULOUS!!! For me, feeling IN CONTROL is one of the best parts of the lifestyle! I knew that my weight wasn’t healthy. There is nothing like going to the doctor and talking about your BMI as obese! So it was time to address a facet of life where I had significant room for improvement.


SO. MANY. THINGS. I have been rambling more than I wanted to, so I will try to keep these short… the **accountability factor is a game changer. I needed the added eyes on what I was doing to keep me honest and on the strait and narrow. The menu simplicity takes the guesswork out of what to eat. You know exactly what you are eating and when you are eating it and if you forget, your coach will gently remind you! **Committing to 60 minutes of exercise EVERY DAY is life changing. It helps keep you operating at an elevated level both mentally and physically. I will say that our Peloton purchase has been instrumental in my fitness commitment. If Miller is traveling and I can’t get out to an early class, I can set my alarm to wake up and hop on the bike. I am OBSESSED with some of the instructors and feel like the experience of taking their classes is as good for my brain as it is for my body! **The community that All In provides is SO top notch. You get access to a private Instagram account for only clients and between that account, @goallinbyteddi and all of the coaches I follow, you realize that you are part of a movement of women who are committed to making their health and wellness a priority! I think because I grew up playing sports, I am a sucker for feeling like I am a PART of something — and this feels like a winning team of women. Truly, there is something magical about it! If you are ready to commit, this program WILL WORK.


**Getting started – naturally. Breaking old habits and creating new ones. BELIEVING IN MYSELF. I was so scared to tell my friends and family that I was embarking on a new normal because if I failed they would know and it would feel that much more disappointing. With each new set of ears that listened to my explanation of what I was doing and why I was doing it, the accountability increased which drove me forward that much faster. Its also WILD when you stop to realize that if everyone else believes that you can do something you put your mind to, its probably TRUE!!! And it’s contagious and you start to believe it too! **Being honest, I am tired of some of the menu choices. I am real about those moments with my coach and that’s the point of the program! Having a sounding board to bounce your struggles off of is so helpful.**Another challenge is feeling frustrated with myself that I have to PAY for help to get myself moving in the right direction… I wish I could do this on my own but I am also strongly enough to admit that I need the extra help. AND in those moments I remind myself that there is NO better investment than in your health!!! AND seeing results and feeling better than ever makes it worth it to me. OH and in typical Kitty Mills fashion, I am always **running behind on things, and that also applies to the designated timing for when breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks should be consumed! And I am an overachiever who hates missing the mark! Still working on my timing!


  1. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!! The only thing holding you back is YOU. You can be happy while also recognizing that there is nothing wrong with making your fitness and wellness a top priority.
  2. WHO YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH MATTERS. SO MUCH. Oh my GOSH has this been a major realization for me over the last few months. What and who you consume – both in person, digitally, mentally, etc – plays a HUGE role in the way you feel/look/act/think. I know for a fact I have THE BEST friends and family out there, and their support and understanding throughout the ups and downs for me has been incredible. Add the ALL IN family to that list and my commitment and motivation elevated. Add my favorite fitness instructors to that list, and we are on another level again!
  3. DON’T OVER COMPLICATE THINGS. We all know that the formula for losing weight is to create a caloric deficit. You can decide how to make that happen. For me, the structure of ALL IN is working and I feel happy and in control. For you, it might be this or it might be something else. You find what works and you remember that consistency is key and builds character.
  4. COMMITMENT > MOTIVATION. Teddi says this all the time and I have finally internalized it. Motivation comes and goes but commitment is a choice that we make! Do I ALWAYS feel motivated to make smart food choices or build in time to exercise? HECK NO!!! But am I committed to feeling my best and making a change? HECK YES!!! I remind myself often that making a change is not easy… and its not supposed to be easy!!! You have to embrace the discomfort and recognize that it’s part of the process.

If you made it this far, BLESS YOU!!! If sharing my journey helps even one person, it’s worth it! FOR ALL OF MY AMAZING BEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS who encourage me, support me, build me up and help me shine – I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! To Teddi, Marcy, Meg, and Allison – you are changing lives (including mine) for the better. THANK YOU!!! If you have ANY additional questions of want to chat more – you know you can find me on Instagram @kittymills 🙂 🙂 🙂 CHEERS!!!

by Kitty Mills
Kit & Kaboodle: ? TAILGATE EDITION ?

Kit & Kaboodle: ? TAILGATE EDITION ?

Tis the season for my fave sport of the year: FOOTBALL!!! As the daughter of a diehard Redskins fan, Sundays from September-February meant three letters: NFL. My Dad is a Villanova alum, so we missed the hype over College Football growing up (basketball was a different story), but once I arrived in Charleston, South Carolina for college, I quickly realized that Saturday football games > Sunday football games for most of my new friends. CofC does not have a football team, but I went to many games when visiting Miller at Virginia Tech or my girlfriends at USC/Virginia/Vanderbilt. I should also mention that my sister attended that special college in South Bend, Indiana and is a die hard Fighting Irish fan ☘️.

Much to my dads chagrin, once the Ravens came to town, we became loyal fans and haven’t looked back since. My in-laws have season tickets and have been tailgating in the same spot since the first games of Ravens’ franchise history. It’s a family affair for the Millers and the friends and family who are loyal attendees of our tailgate. I don’t make it to every home game anymore between work responsibilities and not wanting to miss the entire day with the kids, but I am grateful to attend as often as I can AND clearly “needed” to spruce up my tailgate/game attire by way of Amazon.com.

SO I am sharing my most recent “tailgate inspired” Amazon purchases for my fellow football fans!

1. ColorfulKoala Leggings: The color options make these a perfect staple for any fan’s Saturday/Sunday wardrobe! I have the plum color and plan to wear them next week when we play the Browns with an easy white top! You can pick from blue, green, red and more! I literally can’t stop talking about/wearing these pants. I promise you will love!

2. Waterproof Lightweight Jacket: Weather during football season is tricky. The first few games in Baltimore are pretty toasty, especially since our seats are on the “sunny side” of the stadium. The next few games are the sweet spot: jeans and a light jacket! And the last few games are a toss-up and you have to be ready for an unseasonably warm day and/or a blizzard! This jacket will be a GO TO for those Sundays in the sweet spot! Fave features: waterproof/windproof material, perfect length for leggings AND to cover your butt on a wet/chilly stadium seat, and the large, secure pockets for odds and ends! The quality on this exact one is AWESOME. I also ordered a purple option that my Ravens Nation might like – see that one HERE.

3. Stadium Compliant Cross-Body Bag: I have been dragging my feet on purchasing a clear bag that is allowed inside the stadium because I normally have pockets and make do! Last week I wore leggings and a tank aka no pockets and I was wishing I had a bag that I could take inside the game! I did some digging and found this super cute option! It just came and I am very impressed by the quality of the bag/zipper/chain! Can’t wait to use this. Mine is the “GILT” color, which is like a metallic/gold and is definitely universal.

4. Hair Bow: Can’t stop, won’t stop on the hair accessory train. I wore my black faux-knot headband to the first home game and will pop this bow in my hair next weekend!!

5. The Bear Claw: Keeping it real with you… there is a mandatory group beer shotgun at all of our tailgates and 10 times out of 10, I am leading it. The opportunity to bring everyone together for a group activity and a collective CHEERS to the RAVENS is magical! The younger, cooler kids that we work with told us about this “shotgunning tool” that makes creating the drinking hole at the end of the beer can MUCH easier and safer. We ordered two for the home opener and they were A HIT! Highly recommend. 😉

6. White Low-Top Sneakers: These look a lot like Converse sneakers but at 1/3 of the price! I snagged a pair of Converse sneakers at TJMaxx in the spring, but have these in my cart for when those have run their course and I am ready for something new and fresh!

More to come throughout the season! GO RAVENS!!! CHEERS!!!

by Kitty Mills
OBSESSION: (more) Knotted Headbands

OBSESSION: (more) Knotted Headbands

The headband addiction is realer than real. Whats NOT to love about a one-size-fits-all solution to taming baby hairs/fly aways, hiding dirtyish hair, covering overgrown roots AND adding an adorable accessory to an outfit?! I love my pack of faux knot pearl headbands (click anything *pink* to shop!) that I posted about at the beginning of the summer. I also picked up this 15 (!!!) pack of top knot headbands that I like but don’t love. The quality is lacking a bit — the fabric doesn’t fully cover the black headband piece and the material is very casual. Like I said, I definitely wear them and they are cute, but not at the top of my list when comparing my finds.

This latest order from Amazon is my favorite yet! It’s (another) 6 pack of knotted headbands 😉 but the general quality seems better than the other sets… they are wider, the material is nicer and fully covers the headband itself and they are more comfortable.

I’ve only had them for a week and already have worn the black one to the Ravens game and the pink one today with jeans and a top (see below pics and my 18 month twins checkup story on instagram {@kittymills} to see why I am making that face). If you are on the headband kick, order away and tag me on insta 🙂 🙂 🙂 CHEERS to coming one step closer to looking like Blair Waldorf.

by Kitty Mills
OBSESSION: Amazon Workout Tops

OBSESSION: Amazon Workout Tops

I sweat more than 99.9% of people I know. Always have, always will. I married another human with over active sweat glands and now our children might be the actual sweatiest humans the world has ever seen – sorry guys!!! ANYWAYS, my workout clothes feel the wrath of this issue and so it PAINS ME to buy $50 top from Lululemon only to watch it quickly deteriorate in color and quality. Naturally, I did some digging on my fave shopping site ever — A M A Z O N — and found some incredible options for 1/4 of the price of the big name athletic designers. Pair any of these with the holy grail of leggings – ColorfulKoala buttery soft capri leggings and you are going to look AND feel GREAT!!!


This one (?? click the pink links to shop) is the perfect length, cut and fit which makes it a solid choice for all shapes and sizes! I got it in a large and it feels pretty true to size (**updated** my sister just got hers and thinks it runs a little short/smaller than normal). AND THE COLOR OPTIONS ARE AMAZING!!! I want it in apricot and the neon light green color!!


SO cute and another option that checks all the boxes in terms of length, fit and material. This material is noticeably soft. You can leave the tails hanging and open or tie them up depending on your mood! I have this in black in a large but size up if you are in-between! I have the grey in my cart now 🙂


Pick from the 11 color options and add to cart! I have black, white and pink! People compliment what a pretty color the pink is (think bubble gum/Barbie pink) and I have to agree! These are so comfortable and cute. As you can see in the pictures, the arm holes are intentionally a bit oversized, so wear a cute sports bra under because it might show a little!

AMAZON rarely disappoints. If you buy these and wear them, tag me on insta @kittymills 🙂 🙂 🙂 CHEERS AND ENJOY!!!

by Kitty Mills
The Look for Less: Lily Statement Earrings

The Look for Less: Lily Statement Earrings

Its no secret that I love accessories ??‍♀️ and if my bank account allowed it, I would order one of everything from Lele Sadoughi. While I continue to try to sell #allofthehouses and/or hit the MegaMillions, the hunt for the best stand-ins also continues. Our gorg girl Jamie came through for us again with a fabulous look for less.

The Lele Sadoughi Crystal Lily Earrings are beautiful but on the pricier side at $198/pair. I have filled one of my RTR Unlimited slots with a pair of her earrings in the past, so that’s one way to get the look without dishing out the full retail price! I also LOVE that her earrings have a clip-on option.

If you are looking for an insanely affordable option (less than $15!) to own something extremely similar to the Crystal Lily’s, Amazon has you covered with the Chic Flower Statement Earrings in “White Flower” . Jamie owns these and has worn them a few different times when we have been together and they look incredible in person (see above picture I snapped of her at a baby shower!).

Enjoy this #lookforless and as always, if you buy them and wear them – I want to see!!! Send me a pic on Instagram @kittymills pretty please. XO! CHEERS!

by Kitty Mills
What I’ve Learned About CHILDCARE

What I’ve Learned About CHILDCARE

As an expecting mom, you see a lot of your OB/GYN during the months leading up to the big delivery date. The amount of information you take in during that time is astounding. Between the beginning phases of the dos/donts, ultrasounds, blood work galore, what to worry, and not worry about, tracking movements, potential signs of labor, when to call, when not call… the list is lengthy! I can’t say I remember everything that my doctor — who I (and ALL my of friends who also see her, literally 7 of us) am obsessed with (Dr. Hunter at GBMC ?) — told me throughout my pregnancies, but one conversation that we had when I was pregnant with Nolan truly sticks out. I was asking her what she thought was the hardest part about being a mom (of 3), and without hesitating she said, “Childcare.” I nodded my head and gave her a confident “OH. I KNOW!!” when in reality I. HAD. NO. IDEA.

I THOUGHT I had a pretty good grasp on the whole childcare concept as my only job before the age of 22 was babysitter/nanny and my family and friends who had kids before me briefed me a good bit about the complexities of leaving your children in the hands of other human beings for periods of time. Looking back all I can say is: L. O. L. You think you know, but until you experience the thick, never ending layers of emotion surrounding the care of your child by someone other than you/your partner, you have no idea. GRANTED, I am not the most relaxed person in the world/have high expectations/want my children to be as happy and safe as possible, but I think a universal mom truth is that childcare is an emotional process for all parties involved.

SO, a brief little overview of our childcare situation (for anyone interested) followed by the things I tell myself and my friends when they begin to venture down the black hole of “I CAN’T LEAVE MY BABIES!!!”


  1. Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm THE BALL FAMILY DAYCARE aka an “in-home daycare”. From what I can gather in talking to friends who live all over the country, in-home daycares are more common to our region than other areas. An in-home daycare is when a licensed daycare provider watches a certain number of children of various ages (regulated by law as to how many and of which ages) in their own home. The daycare must follow certain rules and regulations and is subject to regular visits and coursework to keep the license intact. SO… Follow me on this one… its the year 2013 and my sister Anne is pregnant with her first child. She asks her sister-in-law Julia if the woman, Ann, who watches Brennan, Julia’s son, would potentially be interested in watching her soon-to-be born son too! Ann does not have a spot for Jackson, but has a close friend who lives around the corner, Jill aka Momo, who has been running a daycare for over 30 years. Anne meets Momo, they hit it off, and Jackson starts at Momo’s as a 3-month-old! Aunt Kiki (ME!!!) stalks Jackson and regularly picks up at Momo’s and develops a relationship with the baby whisperer/shining soul/incredible human being. 2015 rolls around and I am pregnant myself and share the news with Momo who reminds me there is one place and one place only where Baby Miller will be spending his days while I was teaching – MOMO’S!!! Nolan starts at 3-months with his big cousin Jackson and a few other kids and we realize that we are the luckiest parents in the world to have found someone who loves our son like her own, provides us with advice and guidance and comfort, and keeps us laughing. Momo was literally the best. She was another mother figure to us and more of a grandmother to our kids than a childcare provider. Imagine overnight date nights and spoiling them rotten all while teaching them how to be kind, happy little humans. It was so much fun telling our friends and family that we were not only pregnant with one baby the second time around but TWO #twins, but Momo was one of the first people we told and her reaction was THE. BEST. She cried and told me that in her 30+ years of watching children, she NEVER had twins in her care and she has ALWAYS wanted them. She was OVER THE MOON and her excitement became contagious and helped put some of our nerves at ease. In September 2017, Miller had to go to Florida for work with 8+ suitcases of parts for Costco’s in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island and I decided to go with him to help. Momo kept Nolan overnight that week because her house was home to him and she of course offered immediaelty. In retrospect, I am always so thankful for that special time they had and the stories she told me the next day about their one-on-one time because just two days later Momo had a massive brain aneurysm and died. It was truly one of the most shocking, devastating losses of my life, and I have lived through some pretty horrific tragedies. We were picking up the pieces after this loss and also trying to figure out what our day-to-day childcare plan would look like now that our rock was no longer with us. Enter Colleen – Momo’s daughter-in-law who is married to Momo’s only son and was a full time EMT at the time of her death. Colleen’s longer shifts allowed for longer stretches off and she was around the house helping Momo during many of those days so the kids knew and loved her. Colleen decided that she would quit her job to take over the daycare so that all of “Momo’s kids” could stay at the house that was more like a home away from home to them. The other kids are all school-aged now and the squad is comprised of only my kids and my sister’s kids. We feel SO LUCKY that these cousins get to spend each day together in their happy place. Its incredible knowing that they are loved beyond measure and enjoying being babies/kids before the structure and demands of school really pick up. They also ADORE Momo’s husband, “Pop” and her son, Brian. I could not imagine our full-time childcare scenario any other way, but of course I have friends who have nannies or use a formal daycare center who are equally as happy. The key is exploring all options and figuring out what feels like the best fit for you!

  2. NIGHTS & WEEKENDS. As you likely know, I left teaching in 2017 and I am a full-time realtor 🙂 which means that nights and weekends are fair game in terms of work hours. Miller is a rockstar and true partner in parenting and handles our babes the majority of the time that I have to work outside of standard business hours. **HOWEVER** he travels 1-2 nights a week and happens to have a deep rooted passion for coaching Varsity Basketball 4+ months of the year, so things can get a little sticky for us! If Colleen can’t keep them for us, we explore the following options…

    OUR MOMS step in as often as we ask them to but full disclosure, with 3 kids ages 3 and under, ITS A TALL ORDER FOR OURSELVES, let alone an outsider. They are fully willing and capable but during this current season of life, it feels like a big ask to have one of our moms do dinner/bath/bedtime with all three, so we try not to ask for that most of the time.

    NAPP APP. If you live in Baltimore and are still reading my saga and have not heard of NAPP… stop. Go to the App Store. Download NAPP. And join the NAPP network. NAPP is a network of vetted sitters (think a local, higher quality version of Care.com) who can either be booked On-Demand through the app (you can see which sitters are available NOW or that same day) or at a later date/time by posting a “gig” that sitters can respond to as interested in and you can select the sitter of your choice. All sitter selections have pictures and profiles that provide experience/passion/reviews. It is seriously a god send and one of my favorite features is the fact that they have sitters at THE BEACH (Ocean City, MD/Fenwick/Dewey/Rehoboth). I know the founders (two boss babes) personally and I could not be more impressed by the community they are building. THANK YOU Katie and Claire!!!

    OUR NETWORK. OMG we have the best friends/family/friends of friends/kids of friends who have taken amazing care of our babies while we are doing our thing outside of being Mom and Dad.

NOW, HOW TO HANDLE the feelings and emotions associated with leaving your child with someone other than yourself… start with a DEEP BREATH. I feel you. The anxiety I felt as my maternity leave quickly came to a close in March 2016 was SO REAL and I was already extremely close and familiar with the person I was leaving Nolan with once I went back to work… SO if you are feeling those things, I SEE YOU!!! OR if you have decided not to go back and will be staying at home with your baby, those emotions and feelings are pretty damn real too. The funny thing about Mom DNA is that NO MATTER WHAT PATH YOU CHOOSE, you feel a degree of guilt/regret/curiosity as a result. Is this the right choice? Am I being selfish? Selfless? What do other people think? Is my child happy? Is this worth it? The list of questions go on and on and on and circulate around your head like a ferris wheel. And I am strictly talking about childcare for the purpose of going to WORK.

SO let’s venture down the path of childcare for PLEASURE – date nights, weddings, bachelorettes, self-care, working out, traveling… the emotions are NEXT. LEVEL. I’ll start by recognizing the prep work that goes into leaving… my 3 page note including diagrams of the pantry/dressers/sound machine controls/monitor directions etc. Laying out the correct diaper/PJs/pacis/lovies for bed time. Food. Drinks. Bottles. By the time I have completed the “pre-work” I am truly questioning whether its worth me even leaving to go to ___________. Thats where Miller comes in with the tough love and realistic reminder that its not rocket science, I am over reacting and over thinking things, and our kids are more than likely in better hands with the childcare provider than if they were with us.

One of my BFFs was texting me in the air on her way to California for her best friend’s wedding and was feeling ALL OF THE THINGS about leaving her kids for close to a week. My responses:

This is so good for everyone involved – you will get to spend some time nourishing your other roles like wife, friend, daughter etc!!!! Which are just as fulfilling and important as being a MOM! AND your boys will build that emotional intelligence and flexibility in a varied setting.

The boys will definitely be getting more love and attention than if you were at home juggling all of your usual tasks. Truly. I know we want to keep them as comfortable as possible and avoid shaking it up at all for fear of rocking the boat BUT that actually is not good for them or for us! Like it truly is great for them to see that they are flexible and can hang in various scenarios!!! They are safe and loved and they’ll be GREAT!!

For some reason what Sam Ponder said when she was talking about balancing a wildly successful and demanding career and being a mom to three tiny humans and a wife and a daughter and a friend… she said I commit to being 100% of whatever role I’m playing at that moment. So… when I’m home and I am MOM. When I’m at work I am an ESPN anchor/analyst/host. When I’m with girlfriends, I’m there. When I’m with my just my husband, I am present as a wife. ETC!!! Your identity is not limited to one role.

You work your ass off as mom and at work and now you’re gonna have some solid fun and laugh/dance/drink/eat because that’s what life is about. BALANCE!!!!!!! And we have these babes FOREVER. EVERYDAY. FOREVER. Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint!! Getting away for 5 minutes or 5 days is totally allowed. Leaving doesn’t mean you love you kids any less but it’s so good for us as parents and people and it is great for our kids as well.

**This is one still very amateur mom’s take on childcare. As it is with everything, you have to do what makes you feel good at the end of the day, but just know that this mom feels the guilt/anxiety/satisfaction/fulfillment side effect of letting other people help me with my kids. YOU GOT THIS! XO!

by Kitty Mills


I commonly catch myself referring to the first few months with both Nolan and then Max + Maeve as the TRENCHES. I actually do adore so many aspects of the small baby phase (i.e. cuddles, cruising around with a sleeping babe in an infant seat, watching the rapid development, etc!) BUT the two things that tend to outshine the amazingness of a fresh baby head for me are 1. SLEEP DEPRIVATION and 2. FEEDING ANXIETY. Honestly, you could almost lump these two into one overarching issue because the lack of sleep only heightens the already natural anxiety moms have about ensuring this new tiny human is thriving in the feeding department. For me, when the overtired fog starts to clear, I feel so much less stressed about production/nursing/formula/pumping/gas/reflux/spit up/latching… OMG the worry list goes on for DAYS… and I am able to gain perspective that the ONLY thing that matters is that I am feeding my children to the best of my ability in a way that is keeping us as happy and healthy (mentally and physically) as possible.

I will save my own baby feeding story for another day because my sorority sister, Kayla, (see above picture of us from 2009) has written hers and it covers all the bases fully! Kayla and I lived in the ADPi house together with 8 other girls during my junior and senior year at Charleston. Fast forward 9 years and we have 7 children between the two of us! WILD. Its been fun keeping up with the chaos of one another’s lives across states through social media and we definitely compare mom notes and war stories 😉 Kayla just started a blog called Hallelujah + Amen which you should definitely pop over to check out. In the meantime, she is guest posting on one of the most talked about new mom topics: Boob, bottle or both?! Without further ado…

Boob, bottle, or both?

I have had 4 kids in 4 years. Yes, you read that right. This means I have 4 children under 4. So, pause right now, take some time, and say a prayer for my sanity and me. Thank you, now let’s proceed.

I am a mom to a 3 year old, Parker, an 18 month old, Gray, and 4 month old boy/girl twins, Charlee & Crew. And while I’m not pro at this mom thing, I would say I’m pretty seasoned in my experience. From singleton pregnancies to multiples, I’ve been around the pregnancy block if ya know what I mean. Having kids does a lot to your body and mental state, and mine is no exception. These little munchkins have left me with extra weight I’m desperately trying to lose, postpartum hair loss which I wish would stop, some stretch marks which will stay with me forever, and a lot of weight on my shoulders as I stay at home with them and I’m responsible for their well being day in and day out. Would I change it for the world? No, not one bit, but as you can imagine, it’s hectic around these parts. 

With every pregnancy, I’ve learned a little bit more about motherhood. As a first time mom with Parker, I was an anxious helicopter mom, with Gray, I let back a little but still didn’t ask for help or leave him until he was 8 months old, and now with the twins, I have someone over at least once a week if not more so I can get out of the house BY MYSELF (self care y’all, so important) and I left them to go out of town when they were 3 months old. 

So, each pregnancy has been different and each way I have raised them has been different … and this includes how I have fed them. CUE DRAMATIC DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN.

YES, that’s right. I’m talking about feeding babies. Let’s preface this by saying I absolutely believe FED IS BEST. And what I mean by that is that I could care less how you feed your babies as long as they are being fed. You can nurse them, you can supplement, or you could never let them take one suckle from your boob. Just feed your baby. 

I do believe there are extreme benefits to being breastfed of course, I’ve seen it first hand as I nursed Parker until she was a year old and then was able to provide pumped milk for her until she was 15 months old. I was proud that I nurtured my 6lb 14oz baby girl for a whole year and I was all she needed. I watched as my milk changed colors as she got sick and how breastmilk literally became the answer for anything and everything. Baby sick? Breastmilk changes to give them the antibodies they need. Baby acne? Put some breastmilk on it. Weird rash? Breastmilk. Don’t have creamer? Just squirt some breastmilk in your coffee. 

Okay, okay. Totally kidding about the last one, but hey, if you’ve done it, I’m only kind of judging you.

While I do believe that breastfeeding helped me bond with Parker, it’s not the only way I bonded with her. I mean, Parker has always been a daddy’s girl. Her bond with her dad is STRONG and his nipples are absolutely useless. Again, while there were crazy benefits of breastfeeding, like never being able to forget your boobs at home, there were also some things that were hard. Trying to keep your milk supply constant, especially while working, and pumping are stressful. Feeding in public was SO stressful to me. And I’m not saying this is everyone’s experience, but it’s mine and there were definitely things that were difficult for me. I suffered from postpartum anxiety after Parker was born and that meant that I was anxious all the time when she was around others or without me. She rarely was watched by other people and I was home, EVERY NIGHT, at 8pm so I could nurse her to sleep, because I didn’t think anyone else could put her to bed like I could. When I look back on that year, did I really miss anything SUPER important to be home every night? No, but it was taxing on my mental state. But, we made it to a year, and thankfully it wasn’t too hard, except for the time I got mastitis and I was very close to cutting my nipples off. 

So, fast forward to January of 2018 when Gray was born and there was no doubt in my mind I was going to breastfeed him. I was a total pro, right? Wrong! With Gray, I could never fully correct his latch and when he fed it hurt up until the time I stopped nursing him. In the beginning he was feeding for 30 minutes at a time and seemed to be doing good. He was happy and sleeping well, so I thought everything was going just peachy. I went in for his 4 month check up and he was off the charts in height, but in weight, he was super low. Like so low that he hadn’t gained any weight from his last check up. Now, that was concerning. So, I had to go back in for weight checks and he still was not gaining any weight by 6 months. That’s when the doctor talked about supplementing. 


Give my baby formula? What? But I breastfed my first born for a year? I know how to do this, I’ve done this before. I felt like a failure. And when I look back, I know I shouldn’t have, but I did. After a long discussion with my husband, I decided if I was going to give him formula, it would be all or nothing. I didn’t want to sit and nurse Gray for 30 min. and then have to give him a bottle on top of that. It wasn’t fair to Parker who had to just sit there and watch me or TV while I was doing that, and also, my mental state just could not handle it anymore. I was also getting clogged ducts all the time and still at 6 months my nips were raw and blistered. I know TMI, but nursing him was so hard on my body and that is NOT normal. If I was a first time mom, maybe I would think that it was, but this was my second baby and I knew in my gut, something was not right. I was also in the midst of postpartum depression and I just needed help, and in this case, it was help feeding my baby. So, I did it, I gave him a bottle of formula, and ya know what? He took it like a champ and guzzled that sucker down. He started gaining weight, got some cute baby rolls, and was still the happy little guy he always was. Formula did what my body wasn’t doing for him and the world didn’t stop. Imagine that?

And then boom, fast forward again to April 2019 when my sweet little surprise twins were born. Finding out I was pregnant with twins was CRAZY to say the least and I knew I was going to have to surrender all my pride and ask for help. And thank heavens I got over that, because I needed help and still do. Two babies plus two other ones to take care of is a lot. Right off the bat, I decided for the well being of my exploding brain that breastfeeding was just not going to be an option. Now, I know plenty of twin moms who have nursed their babies whether it was for the first month or first year, and man oh man, do I give them MAJOR props. But for me, breastfeeding just wasn’t going to happen. I remember them putting Crew and Charlee on my chest after they were born and they started the “crawl” toward my boobs and I was like NOPE, someone grab me a bottle STAT. I felt like a new mom all over again because this was so new to me. How do I know if they’ve eaten enough or too much? Do I feed them every 2-3 hours like breast fed babies? Is this formula the right one for them? And while all those questions worried me, you know what I realized? You just figure it out. You do. Just like when I had Parker or navigated switching with Gray. You just figure it out. You trust your mama gut and you go with it. The twins are now 4 months old and they are they sweetest babies. They are happy and healthy and don’t care that they never got the boob. And do I think they’ll grow up crying to me about how they were never breastfed and tell me I’m the worst mom ever? No, they’ll probably use it as ammunition against the other two and make fun of them for one time being attached to my boob. 

So, my point is, no matter how you feed your baby, do what feels right to you. Whether you breastfeed for 1 day, a week, or a year, or you stick a bottle in their mouth the first sign of sucking, IT WILL BE JUST FINE. The way you feed your baby does not make you a good or bad mom, remember that. All my babies have been fed different ways, all 4 are happy and healthy, and all 4 have unique and wonderful personalities, and that’s not because of what they eat, that’s because of a little DNA and a whole lot of love. 



Its about time someone who actually knows how to cook steps in with a recipe guest post! For all who know my friends, it should not come as a surprise that this delicious recipe is coming to the KittyMills fam from our fabulous foodie friend, Jamie. Not only is she great with what/where to eat, but she is also smart AF and has a great job at McCormick & Company (for non-Baltimoreans, McCormick was started and is headquartered in Baltimore County 🙂 :)). One of the many perks of the job is having the inside track on new and popular seasonings and spices. This is one of Jamie’s go to recipes and she preps it on a Sunday night and she and her husband can reheat for breakfast throughout the week. Without further ado…

Healthy Egg White Frittata for the Busy Work Week


  • 2 cartons egg whites
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes – to your liking
  • McCormick all purpose seasoning 
  • ½ small Yellow onion – to your liking
  • Assorted bell peppers – to your liking
  • Jalapeno chicken sausage (3 links) – Trader Joes (could use any protein here)
  • 1 bag of baby spinach


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Prep all the veggies and sausage- I normally slice into small pieces.
  3. Put the spinach on the stove top – I usually use a little coconut oil but you could use PAM or olive oil – and add in ALL veggies.
  4. Cook over medium heat and continue stirring until onions and peppers soften.
  5. Spray a casserole or pie dish with non-stick spray.
  6. Pour the cooked veggies into the dish and spread evenly along the bottom.
  7. Sprinkle the sausage pieces across the veggies evenly.
  8. Pour in 2 cartons of egg whites.
  9. Layer the top of the frittata with McCormick’s all purpose seasoning blend (I have a heavy hand and love for salt, so go as big or small as you want).
  10. Cook for 20 minutes and check to see if center is cooked (you will be able to tell if it isn’t firm).

This entire recipe cooks enough for Brian and I to enjoy for breakfast during the work week and is a healthy (waist line and wallet) alternative to a daily Starbucks run. We slice it up and heat in the microwave for 30-45 seconds every morning- it is delicious! Enjoy!

The Look for Less: Colorful Sequin Robe Dress

The Look for Less: Colorful Sequin Robe Dress

If you love color, sequins and fun, this is the dress for you! I have seen the real thing on two different girls and felt just as obsessed with it on them both. I mean, the color is called UNICORN STRIPES!!! Leave it to my boss, Annie, to hunt down this look for less!

I read the reviews for the knock-off brand and here is a breakdown for you: (78) 5-star reviews, (13) 4-star reviews and (2) 1-star reviews. In my opinion, odds are that it is worth your while and like I always say, THE ?? PRICE ?? IS ?? RIGHT. We are talking about a $577 dollar swing or 11 of the $58 dollar version for the price of one of the $635.

If your wallet allows for the real deal, go ahead with your bad self! If you aren’t quite there yet (??‍♀️), enjoy this look for less brought to you by Annie Balcerzak, CEO of The Balcerzak Group and Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire.



As previously mentioned, I have several shopping addictions BUT for whatever reason I am pretty controlled in my spending and impulses when it comes to face products. Boring, right? LUCKY FOR US, I have lots of friends (and family) in high places, and my sister-in-law, KC, offered to share the latest and greatest in skincare for those who struggle with acne and blemishes. KC is the definition of a straight shooter – so you completely trust her recommendations and insight. AND a few of our friend Catie’s (a rockstar mama/blogger/skincare guru) faves are referenced, so its a double-whammy of amazingness. Without further ado…

Anyone who knows me knows I STRUGGLE with acne. I’ve tried everything under the sun, even fake sun, (PSA: don’t use tanning beds). 

For the past 30-something years I have thought that drying out blemishes with get rid of them. Everything I ever used had glycolic or salicylic acid. ACID FOLKS, ACID!!! I just recently discovered the perfect combo for my skin centers around hydration. The more moisture my skin gets, the clearer it becomes. It may not work for everyone, but can’t hurt to try. 

I start with Clark’s Botanicals Dual Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask And Exfoliating Treatment. Just a quarter-sized amount in the morning and evening. It can also be used on a dry face as a mask for 3 minutes. I don’t use a toner because, duh, they dry my skin out. 

I follow the face wash with my FAVORITE face lotion ever. My friend Catie is a consultant for Maskcara Beauty (more on that later), and they have an amazing lotion called Milk Moisturizing Cream. I use it mornings and evening and sometimes throughout the day if my face feels dry. 

I very rarely wear makeup beyond mascara and filling in my eyebrows – I use Benefit: Precisely, My Brow and Gimmie Brow but if I’m getting fancy, my go-to make-up is from Maskcara Beauty.

I start with Stay setting spray to keep my make-up in place.

Then, everything I need for my face is combined in one palette – I have 4 colors: foundation, highlight, contour, lip/cheek. Those are the only ones that I use, but you can build a bigger palette with more colors! 

I apply it all with one double sided brush and blend it with another double sided brush . The entire process is 5-minutes tops and is so easy.

Catie has tutorials on her IG account that are SO easy (@Catebeforeamirror). That’s it! Easy Peasy, and I need easy with chasing 3 kids and settling a newborn! ? 

Eddie’s Take on RAKUTEN – aka CASH BACK HACK!

Eddie’s Take on RAKUTEN – aka CASH BACK HACK!

How does earning cash back on your online shopping purchases sound to you? Sounds PRETTY DANG GOOD to me – but, of course, I would have to see it to believe it. Enter one of my BEST and OLDEST friends, Eddie, to give us all the 4-1-1 on the very legitimate Rakuten. Eddie (aka EEJ to many who have known him since the days of his AIM screen name EJMoye33 which we used as his nickname which morphed into EEJ) is basically the gay, male version of me. The evolution of our relationship is far too hilarious/extensive for the intro to this post, but more to come on that at a later date. Without further ado…

Why Rakuten Made me Excited to be a Shopper Mom*

I’m not really a shopper, more of a conspiracy theorist– even Kitty Mills’ easier-than-pie shopping deals and simple lists give me anxiety. Why? Surely there’s a catch when the product you’re lusting over drops its value for just a day. Having lived in New York City for the better part of a decade and working just above Canal Street, I know too well that many deals today are good to be true. 

But just over a year ago, I discovered a shopping tool that is truly a mirage in the mom-eat-mom desert of bargain-hunting, called Rakuten Deals. 

“They Give Me Checkssss…”

I laughed when I saw the extremely cheesy, low-budget commercial for Ebates years ago. The mousey, midwestern housewife with the bad perm saying “They send me checks! Just for shopping at my favorite stores!” Peak Cringe Alert. Someone call the Fab 5 stat. 

Checks? What am I going to do with a check? Is this the 90s?

I had to find the catch. I dug a bit deeper, started a trial account, and clicked around. After some time, I took off my cynical millennial hat and realized that only a fool would turn down a chance at free money. Therein begins my obsession

Your Rainy-Day Fund Made Easy 

Rakuten, formerly called Ebates, is a Cash Back, deals and shopping rewards portal for almost every store you could ever imagine. It’s super easy to sign up. Stores pay the site a commission for sending its members to their websites, and that’s where the cash comes in! 

It’s a simple as clicking a deal, and then being re-directed to that store’s site. 

Here’s how it works: 

Once you have an account, you must start your online shopping trip with Rakuten and find your store. You can do this by clicking through to your store on the site – or I prefer to have a button on my browser. The button flashes every time I visit a website that offers cash back and will direct me to unlock the deal. It even applies coupons automatically at checkout, so you’ll always get the best deals.

Cash Back deals go up and down all the time. There are double and triple cash back days, and most align with the store’s sales. The discounts are ON TOP of what you save with regular seasonal sales. 

You can also link your account/credit cards to get cash back IN-STORE at the same places.

The Big Payoff 

Rakuten sends a check to your house quarterly for the sum of all your cash back purchases. 

So far, in a little more than one year, I’ve made more than $630.00 using the service. I can apply it to my weekly meal services, Amazon, almost everything. 

So, moms, dads, Mary El’s and Maeves – anyone who shops online. Do yourself a favor and harness the power of this awesome shopping hack! SIGN UP HERE!!!

*Eddie Moye is not really a mom, but a surrogate gay uncle to many babies of his BFFs.

OBSESSION: Amazon ColorfulKoala Workout Pants

OBSESSION: Amazon ColorfulKoala Workout Pants

If you are new here, you missed the several occasions when I professed my STRONG LOVE for THESE (?? click here to shop) leggings from the one and only AMAZON. If you have been around from the start, this is more of the same but in the form of a dedicated post to these pants, and these pants only, because THEY DESERVE IT!!!

Incase you don’t want to take my word for the amazingness that I describe as buttery soft, perfect amount of stretch with pockets AND a high waist… I now have several other KittyMills followers who are just as obsessed. I added a highlight on my Instagram titled MODELS that showcases Kitty Mills followers sporting any blog recs! LOTS of love for these LuluLemon dupes there.

The brand is ColorfulKoala and they run true to size. I am a size large. I have (5 pairs of) the 7/8 Buttery Soft Leggings (?? click here to shop) – I am 5’7 and these hit above my ankle just as shown on the model.

If you prefer capris or are a bit shorter, you might prefer the 21″ Seam Capris (?? click here to shop)! Same material and pockets 🙂 TEN COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM!!!


I am #blessed to have several BOSS BABES in my inner circle, but my sister, Anne, is the cream of the crop! I have been trying to convince her to become a Business Communications professor (in all of her extra spare time ?) because she really has such an extensive knowledge on the topic. There will be more content to come from her that so many working women can benefit from, but she’s kicking it off with her business travel essentials! Without further ado… ENJOY!!!!

Hi All! Just popping in to share a quick guest post on a topic on something I have become quite acquainted with: Business Travel! Truly these tips/tricks could be useful for anyone traveling away from home!

Like my sister Kitty, I am a full-time working mama, one less child aka no TWINS! But I have my hands full with two boys, Jackson is 5, James is 2! No one juggles it all like Kitty for the record! Anyway, my day job as an HR Manager is 50+ hours weekly and often requires travel between multiple locations. I try and make as many meetings as possible to get the best return on investment on my time away from the home front. I have gotten pretty darn close to mastering exactly what I need to bring with me on these trips to make getting ready as easy as possible. How I prepare everyone in my family for the departure is a story for another day! In all seriousness, I am blessed with a capable and supportive husband and network to help hold it down when I am away for long stretches.

Anyways, onto my list of MUST HAVES FOR WORK TRAVEL:

***Food & Drink***

RX Bars — These are amazing! I put a few in my purse and a few in my carry-on and know I have a quick snack if I need it. I really like the size and the texture of the KidsRX bars over the full size.

Water bottle — I am a tap water kind of girl, but no matter where you go the water just tastes different! I love this for traveling between desks or having water on hand in my hotel room for the night.


Body wash — This is a game changer overall for me! I love the smell and truly helps reduce overall body odor! 5 stars! I put it in a little travel size and never leave home without it.

Hair-holders — These are not only adorable but durable! I have a lot of hair, again not Kitty status, but a massive amount! These last through workouts with very minimal hair creasing. 


Color theme is KEY. I usually try and pack in one or two color theme’s (usually blue or pink) and minimal and comfortable shoes. Nobody got time for blisters on road! 

I always bring this blazer. Here is a similar option. My companies are VERY casual but you never know when a certain guest might attend your meetings or the office is freezing (often!) and this way I am ready for anything. Plus they both hold up well in transit.


Travel Steamer — One of my top amazon purchases of all-time! This makes getting wrinkly clothes from a suitcase to presentable a breeze! It gets hot and cools down quickly. 

Wireless mouse — I may have been the only person in 2019 without one of these but it has been a productivity game changer when I am away from my regular office. Worth the $$ 10 times over!



The first thing that comes to mind when I think about traveling with toddlers: DRINK TICKETS. Unfortunately, sipping your way through what tends to be a high stress situation isn’t even an options because the number of hands you will have available is -6. In this exact moment I am remembering a flight to Florida with a 1 year old Nolan where the flight attendant brought me white wine with a lid and straw – she was a HERO! I wonder what kind of service I could get flying solo with all three kids?! Not sure I will EVER find out. Nolan has been on several flights and I used to bop around with him relatively freely… and then we had twins and we have yet to attempt flying with all three, BUT when that time comes, Marianne would certainly be a go to resource on how to make it happen with as few tears and sweat pellets as possible. Trust me when I tell you that this girl does her research and knows her sh*t! Without further ado… ENJOY!!!!

While I am by no means an expert, after almost 15 round trip flights with my 3 year old, and now with two in tow, I have figured out enough about how to fly with toddlers so that it can be enjoyable… or at least manageable enough that you just might be able to enjoy an in-flight beverage. Traveling with babies and toddlers seems completely overwhelming, but preparation is key to feeling like the traveling parent superman. 

***Before the Flight***

Babies under 2 fly free, so capitalize on that and take your baby and travel!!! Make friends with the flight attendants and often if there’s an extra seat on the plane, they’ll find a way to make sure it’s yours. If you’re flying international, look in to booking the bassinets when you’re buying your ticket. On some airlines you can reserve it free of charge if you book early enough. Long flights and fewer layovers are always preferable. 

***At the Airport***

On the day of, build time into your schedule because you’ll need to actually go to the counter to check-in. You will need a copy of baby’s birth certificate or a vaccination record in order to obtain a ticket for a baby/child. Check EVERYTHING-car seat (if lap child), travel crib, all the suitcases, all of it so that you have as little as possible. We walk away with the diaper bag and a backpack. Bonus points if it’s a backpack diaper bag so you can truly have all hands free. When it was just my daughter I even preferred to check the stroller and pop her in the Ergo. If you’re flying solo, babywearing is essential. 

Pack any pureed food/pouches, milk, formula, etc. in a bag within the diaper bag. Blue gel ice packs are typically accepted. Security will most likely ask they to be pulled out and scanned separately. TSA is notoriously awful at efficiency, so set the bar low, stay friendly and you’ll typically be pleasantly surprised. 

***On the Flight***

Wipe down everything. I get building up your immune system, but planes are gross. 

Ask your flight attendant not just which bathroom has the changing table, but where exactly it is in there. They’re often disguised. 

Try to hold off nursing or giving a bottle until actual take-off. If baby won’t take a bottle/nurse, make sure you have a pacifier, sippy cup, or pouch to suck on to help with the pressure. They won’t let you wear the baby carrier during take-over, but usually you just take off the straps, hold baby and put the straps back on once you’re in the air. 

Pack LOTS of outfits. My three month old had two blow outs on a 2.5 hour flight. How. Don’t forget a fresh shirt for mom too. A handful of burp clothes can be helpful for a multitude of fouls, especially if the carrier is a victim of the blow out and you need something between baby and a dity carrier. An oversized muslin blanket makes for an easy floor cover in a quiet corner of the airport to allow baby to stretch out and play before the flight. 

Babies under 6 months really don’t need much in the way of activities. Here are some of my favorite activities for older babies and toddlers. 

A few additional activity recommendations:

  • Do NOT take the special lovie, blanket, etc. unless you have a backup in your suitcase. The risk of losing something is too high. 
  • Wait 30 minutes between each toy being given, if possible, so they don’t burn through everything in the first hour.
  • Hold off on letting your toddler run the aisles as long as possible. Once they nkow its an option, there’s no looking back. 

***Travel Equipment Recommendations***

**Carseat** Taking a car seat is an absolute non-negotiable. Rental car companies rent seats that are often expired, wrong for height/weight/age, improperly cleaned (and therefore compromised), or not available despite being reserved. As someone that flew four hours, only to be stuck with my luggage and a four month old baby for another two hours while my husband fought with the rental car company over the joke of a car seat and then drove to Target to buy us a car seat, I can tell you- it’s. not. worth. it. The car seat is the only item you pack that has the potential to save your child’s life. It’s worth taking your own. This (Cosco Scenera NEXT) is the absolute best for travel as it’s really well rated, easy to install and very light (plus under $50!). Whichever you decide, make sure it’s certified for use in aircraft. You can buy a cheap carry bag from the counter at Southwest or online. You can also stow some larger, lightweight, oversized items in there too (blankets, etc.). 

**High Chair** Depending on where you’re going, this (Mountain Buggy Clip On Seat) may or may not be necessary. But if you don’t want to worry about your hosts having an extra high chair or want to have a place to stick your baby so you can enjoy your rose while sitting at a picnic table at an outdoor winery, this should be in your suitcase. Bonus points for it laying completely flat and weighing only two pounds. 


Toddlers- Too big for a travel crib. Too squirmy to put in your bed. Enter the toddler blow up bed. Including the pump, it becomes compact enough to fit in a suitcase! 

Secret weapon is the SlumberPod — Yes, it’s expensive, but after the first time when you’re not stuck hanging out in the hotel bathroom because it’s the only place you can turn the light on after you put the baby to bed, you too will understand why it’s worth every penny. 

If the baby is going to sleep in a pack n’ play – think about ordering a topper for the mattress so that its more comfortable and less crinkly.


Katie’s Take on GLAMPING

Katie’s Take on GLAMPING

Remember Katie from my first IGTV video where I peer pressured her into creating a tutorial about her hotel hair hack (velcro curlers FTW!)?! Well, lucky for you, she is back on the blog and sharing the nitty gritty about GLAMPING (noun; a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. glamour + camping = GLAMPING). Without further ado… enjoy!!!

I consider myself outdoorsy in that I like having a cocktail on a boat or a covered patio with a large fan. So, when I married a man who LOVES the outdoors, I spent a few years pretending to be cooler than I actually am (that’s a story for another time, but imagine sleeping in a tent at 10,000 ft altitude with snow on the ground). Ohh the things we do for love. 

Fast forward 8 years, and here we are again, but with rings on our fingers and a lot less *ucks to give about impressing my husband with my coolness factor.

This past year, we were invited to two weddings out West – one in San Diego, and the other the small town of Ennis, Montana, back-to-back weekends. Since we live in Ohio, we decided we would be going to both or to neither. After consideration, we realized: when else would we have this kind of opportunity to see a state (or three – fun fact) that we’ve never seen before?! We made the decision to book our trip to Bozeman and Yellowstone National Park and never looked back! One small catch: if I was going to be asleep in wilderness, it wouldn’t be in a rickety tent from Dick’s Sporting Goods – it would be a “glamping” version with running water and my own toilet. After some research, I discovered Under Canvas and we booked our trip! 

We spent Monday evening in Bozeman, and headed out on Tuesday morning around 6:30am and arrived to Yellowstone’s Northeast entrance by 8am after making two quick stops along the way. The fee for the week is $37 (not bad when you think about all you will experience!) and you can pay with cash or card.

One of the recommendations from a friend was to ask these two questions at the gate: Any bear sightings? AND Is there any road construction we should avoid? The Park Rangers are a wealth of knowledge and WANT to help and share with you, so take advantage of it! I would love to act like an expert on Yellowstone and give you the full breakdown of what to do once you’re in the park, but truthfully, you can’t go wrong. We focused the first day on hot springs and geysers (signs everywhere – you can’t miss them!!) and ended the day with Old Faithful. It’s a national treasure – you must see it. The entire time as we were driving through the park, my husband and I kept saying, “this feels like a different planet  – or at LEAST a different country!” Those rolling hills, waterfalls, ice-capped mountains, open pastures, hot springs, geysers, white water rapids, and everything else you can see, are a FAR cry from Columbus! 

After driving through the park we left to head to West Yellowstone to our accommodations. Below are the pros and cons of our stay at Under Canvas: 

PRO: 7 minutes from the West entrance to Yellowstone Park and downtown West Yellowstone

CON: The resort was under construction and we literally thought we were pulling into the Fyre Festival. (This construction should be complete by now – July 2019.) The construction also meant a lot of standing water, which meant a lot of mosquitos. This was horrible and almost made sitting outside unbearable in dusk/evening. Who knew mosquitos could live at that altitude?!

PRO: A King SIZE BED while “camping” – hello?

CON: If you go before the middle of June, temps can get into the low 20s and even teens at night. Make sure you come prepared!

PRO: Each tent is equipped with a wood-burning oven contraption to heat it (see above). 

CON: Someone (not me…) has to wake up every few hours to put wood back in the oven. 

PRO: Heated water/shower, a toilet, and a sink, within 2 feet of you. These modern day amenities are truly just not worth sacrificing while you’re schlepping around in wilderness. 

CON: When booking reservations, make sure you are booking THROUGH YOUR LOCATION. Under Canvas is corporately-owned and they messed up two of our reservations (white water rafting & zip lining – which we were really pumped about!) ** They were very apologetic at our location and paid the deposit fee to make up for it – major kudos to them!

PRO: The resort offered private massages in your tent and a massage therapist drove down from Bozeman for us – so so cool! 

PRO: SILENCE in the evenings. Truly magical. One night we even heard wolves! 

In all, I would 100% go the glamping route again. Yellowstone, and Montana in general, are absolutely breathtaking and the ability to get a good nights’ sleep in a private room with a King-size bed and the desired modern amenities, was truly the way to go. Next time, though, I’ll make sure the location isn’t under construction 🙂 

The Look for Less: SWIMWEAR

Dear Amazon… Will you marry me? Because my husband may leave me if another one of your boxes shows up on our little stoop!

Let’s cut to the chase… here are THREE looks that Amazon provides for much less than the designer version.

J.Crew Version (click to shop)
Amazon Version (click to shop) (THANK YOU Meghan Hinder for this rec – she has it and loves it. Runs true to size! I just ordered in an XL to be safe because the back looks a little cheeky for the baby pool 😉

Marysia Version (click to shop)

Amazon Version (click to shop) Reviews say to size up if you are between sizes because the torso is not super long… I sometimes still stay true to size because when a one piece is tight it helps pull in my post-baby (1.5 years – can’t really use that excuse much longer LOL!) belly!

Missoni Version (click to shop)

Amazon Version (click to shop) You can buy 52 of the Amazon version for the price of one of the designer version. Wild!!

SO GRATEFUL for my fellow #amazonaddicts who keep their eyes peeled for us all. MORE to come soon. ENJOY! CHEERS!

OBSESSION: Conair Hair Rollers

My BFF Katie has always been in the know about the must have beauty items and products. We lived together in our sorority house (Pi Pi ADPi!!!) for two years and she was the resident glam squad. I can’t count the number of times I plopped onto her bed in my towel dress wrap (sooo #college) and closed my eyes as to imply, “I’m ready for you to do my makeup!”. Somehow we are still friends LOL!

Now we (sadly) live 100s of miles away from one another, but she was in DC for work so I went down for a legit SLEEPOVER/throwback to those nights in the Pi House (think: face masks, non-stop chatting, laughing and room service in bed in our robes).

I forced her let me film her talking about one of her newer tricks for refreshing her hair when she is traveling for work. She is the cutest and I wish she lived in Baltimore so I could make this a weekly occurrence!

The video tutorial is on my IGTV (@kittymills) but here are the basic steps…

1. Roll small sections of the hair around the crown of your head up into your rollers.

2. Continue getting ready and doing your thaaaang!

3. Slowly remove.

4. Hit your hair with some texturizing spray and TA-DA!!! Bouncy, voluptuous hair with minimal effort and time!

Enjoy!!! CHEERS!!!


Woke up to a text from one of my besties that said, “Amazon Prime Day = our time to shine”!!! Our husbands regularly text one another about our Amazon addiction but they will also admit that we find some bangin’ deals. I am such a rookie and I have no idea how to make this post NEARLY as pretty/cool/organized as it should be, but I won’t let that stop me from attempting to share some of my fave finds! There are several items that I previously featured on #kitandkaboodles that are Prime Day Deals! I will continue to update this post over the next two days – Prime Day ends at 3 am on July 17th for East Coasters 🙂 HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


  • MOON & BACK by Hanna Andersson: In the words of Marianne Mehrer, “Hanna Andersson quality for half the price!!!” I ordered the green stars for Max and Maeve and the green and white two-piece stripes for Nolan!
  • Newton Baby Breathable Crib Mattress I haven’t seen this discounted ever – peace of mind on so many levels. If safe and healthy sleep for your baby is a priority than this revolution-airy Newton Crib Mattress is the right choice for you. Newton is the first completely breathable and washable crib mattress.


  • Under Armour LOW socks: I need bright colors because my inability to match socks and my tendency to lose them is next level.
  • Ray Ban Aviator Dupes: I truly love taking the pressure off myself (and my kids) by avoiding super expensive sunglasses. Snagged these today and the reviews and pictures look solid! There was also a 3% coupon promotion so grand total = $12.00!!!



  • DYSON Cordless Vacuum : If you do not yet own this vacuum, NOW IS THE TIME. You know I am NOT a domesticated gal, but this thing helps me keep my house a few notches cleaner than what it would be if I had to lug out the big vacuum after every meal! Also LOVE it for car seat cleaning!

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Obsession: Pearl Knot Headband Steal

Taking a quick minute to highlight (!!!) this find (!!!) I featured on the June #kitandkaboodle. I wore this nude + pearl faux knot headband for the first time yesterday and unless people were lying to me… (do you ever worry when you wear something a little bit outside of your comfort zone and multiple people tell you they LOVE it, its really because they think its weird and don’t know what to say?!?)… it was a hit!!!

As accessories are one of my (many) weaknesses, I have been looooving the headband comeback. Lele Sadoughi, aka queen of accessories, has some SHOWSTOPPER options, but they are unfortunately at $150/headband, they are out of my price range.

I started poking around on Amazon and found some pretty amazing dupes for 15 times less (UPDATE – the 5 pack is amazing too) I am more than pleased with the quality and look! SUPER fun and feminine.

If you want to test the trend, here is a perfect opportunity to do so! Enjoy! CHEERS!

OBSESSION: Easy Breezy Amazon Dress Steal

Just a quick pop in to share… you guessed it… another Amazon win! Before I get to it, I wanted to share two things…

#1. If you like the items I post, it would be INCREDIBLE if you could click on them through my posts and shop them through my site! I need thousands more followers and lots more action on the blog before I can be anywhere close to legit, so any traffic to my site/follows on Instagram will help me get to the next level! THANK YOU SO MUCH! TRULY! I am having so much fun with this project.

#2. AMAZON RETURNS. Listen up!!! Like it or not, we all know that not every roll of the dice we take on an incredibly priced piece of cute (looking) clothing turns out the way we expected! I found the process of printing a label, buying a shipping envelope and taking it to the UPS store to be a thorn in my SIDE. I usually would end up giving the fails (too short, too tight, not my style, etc) to a friend or to Goodwill. WELL MY FRIENDS, the tide has turned and Amazon has stepped UP their return game. Now you grab the item you want to return, waltz into a UPS store, tell the employee you want to return an item to Amazon, pull up the item on your phone, they scan it and take it and you are D O N E. Its so much better.

NOW TO THE GOOD STUFF!!! I ordered this dress in mid-June and it arrived first few days of July (honestly wondering which corner of the world it made its way here from…) BUT it was well worth the wait. I wore it today for the first time and the compliments from my colleagues were flowing! It is all of the things I know and love: comfortable, loose, girly, bright, flowy (not a word), easy and FUN. It comes in a few other patterns, and I am ordering the yellow tonight. I was joking with my boss that you are getting an adorable dress for the price of a Chipotle Burrito Bowl + guac! Order this bad boy now! OH and I wore the white flower studs from my last #kitandkaboodle to complete the look 🙂 Shout out to my professional photog, Alex Miller, for snapping some pics after dinner of Nolan and I living his best life waving to cars LOL!

I have a few fun items arriving soon that I will add and review ASAP! CHEERS!

Kit & Kaboodle: JUNE 2019

Kit & Kaboodle: JUNE 2019

Okay okay, so its July 2nd, but if there is one thing I struggle with most, it’s punctuality. Hopefully this June Amazon Kit and Kaboodle will have been worth the wait 😉 If you ever have any questions about sizing or specifics about any included item, do not hesitate to reach out! Enough out of me, lets get to the goodies! Click the product name to shop any of these finds.


As seen on a previous Kit and Kaboodle in the Men’s version, these bathing suits are ADORABLE. The options are endless in terms of prints and styles, so pick your poison.


The twins are FINALLY on the charts for toddler shoes, and we are LOVING these. If you are looking for something waterproof, airy, adjustable, supportive AND cute – look no further! I went with the gray sparkles for Maeve.


See above for the laundry list of reasons these are must haves 🙂 Max has the navy blue version.


The less surface area to worry about lathering up with the paste that is children’ sunscreen, THE BETTER. Add bottom snaps for easy diaper changes and I am SOLD. The precious prints and ruffles on the butt are the icing on the cake!


SO excited to get my hands on this in a few days. Fingers crossed its as cute as it looks! Stay tuned for an update.


I <3 pink, but if you aren’t as into it, these come in every hue under the sun! My BFF Jamie has a similar looking pair from Anthropologie that I have borrowed in the past, so I scooped these dupes up to have a pair of my own! I expected them to be a lightweight fabric material like the Anthro pair, but they are actually more of a hard/metal material! They are definitely still lightweight and look high-end!


Consider this my official reservation for a seat on the headband bandwagon. This is coming in the same shipment as the embroidered striped dress, so can’t speak to it quite yet, but the reviews and pictures looked solid so time will tell!


Colors and cut on this top are great! So easy to throw on with white jeans and wedges. I like a shirt with some length, and this one gives you just that.


Made the mistake of searching “flower earrings” and ended up with these dangles in addition to the above pink studs. They are even better in person and its sort of like two pairs for the price of one because you can opt in or opt out to the second dangle tier or wear the top as studs. Love these.


Always, always, always looking for ways to lessen the literal load that is three little ones. Summer Infant has a few variations of this chair (without legs, with smaller leg openings, etc) but the reviews on this latest edition were the most positive by far. They fold right up and you store them in a “tailgate chair type” sleeve that has a handle on it. We have been throwing them (we ordered this one and a blue one) under our stroller and bringing them to the pool, parties and more. We have loved it, and Maeve loves it so much she refuses her normal Ikea highchair indoors now, forcing us to pop up one of these for mealtime (LOL).


Kit & Kaboodle: TARGET FINDS 6.27.19

I know the faux french pronunciation of Target (“tar-jay”) was originally used as a way to poke fun at the store’s self-proclaimed identity as a step above other big box stores, but it turns out that the fancy spin must have been a self-fulfilling prophecy because almost anyone who can walk out of there spending less than $100 is practically a wizard in my eyes. If you love a solid Target run as much as I do, enjoy this Kit & Kaboodle that is filled with my latest and greatest finds.

Yellow Crewneck Tiered Midi Dress

On Sale for $29

I spotted this on the rack when I ran in to buy a gift for a friend’s daughter’s birthday and threw it in my basket to try on once I got home. The vibrant color is what caught my eye, and as evidenced by previous posts, I am a sucker for a midi dress 🙂 This is a 10/10. Comfortable, cute, versatile, high quality and #pockets. Tons of compliments and I have already worn it twice and lent it to a girlfriend who loved it too!

Toddler Girls’ Aqua Sock Water Shoes


How precious are these?! I hate the thought of those little piggies getting too hot on the pool deck or outside, and here is my answer to that worry. Tempted to order a few sizes up for next summer too!

Toddler Boys’ Blue Sandals


Boy/Girl twin mom coordination on these as the male counterpart of the pink water shoes above. Adjustable for any other moms of wide foot babes!

Black Ruffled One Piece


I bought this last summer and I clearly was not alone because it looks like Target brought it back for round two! This is very flattering and would look good on any body type. Meets my criteria of feeling thick enough to pull you in and make you feel as secure as you can in a bathing suit. I wore it on this gorgeous bride’s bachelorette in West Palm Beach a few months ago 🙂

Pixi Tinted Shea Butter Lip Balm


Another beautiful BFF gave me one of these a few years ago (she is always the first to know about the must have beauty products) and I have become a loyal user ever since. Imagine a Cocoa Butter Chapstick with color. Works great for day, night and everything in-between.

Leopard Print Sleeveless Top


My favorite purchases are those that I can wear for work and for fun and this top fits the bill! Throw on with a blazer, black pixie pants and flats for work and then pair with white jeans and sandals on the weekend. Leopard print lover since ’99.

Lobster Drop Earrings


Summertime statement earrings alert! How much fun are these?! And for less than $15?! Yes, please!

Scalloped Hoop Earrings


These come in tortoise, ivory and blush pink and is it a problem that I want all three?! Lightweight hoops are my go to and IMO you can never have too many pairs of earrings.

Patterned High Waisted Workout Pants


These are currently in my cart and I plan to pull the trigger if/when they go on sale. High waisted is critical and throw in a cute pattern and some pockets and you have my attention.

Coffee Table with X Base

On Sale $150

Another item that is currently residing in my online cart is this coffee table from the Saracina Home line. While I like the sleek, modern style, I LOVE a circular option to avoid the heart palpitations caused by life with a sharp-edged coffee table and clumsy, wild toddler heads bopping around. Its only a matter of time until I decide I can’t handle the stress that is our living room coffee table and pull the trigger on this one! Stay tuned!

And that does it! ANY and ALL feedback is appreciated more than you can imagine, so send it my way! Happy shopping!

Thomas & Kammar Try On

Thomas & Kammar Try On

While I was pregnant with the twins, my sister started going to a gym that our 😉 her sister in law had become obsessed with and begged her to come try. Shortly thereafter, my sister ALSO became obsessed and was willingly waking up at 5 am to workout (gasp!). I remember thinking that there had to be something in the water at this gym, but at that time, hoisting myself out of bed to pee every hour on the hour (I mean literally winding up and rolling my body up from a horizontal position to a vertical position) during the night was just about as much physical activity that this very pregnant body could handle… so I didn’t think too much into it.

Fast forward to the fall when I had my head on a few degrees straighter and sleep was a bit more consistent in our house and I was ready to attempt to get back on the exercise bandwagon. The girls convinced me to come to a Saturday morning spin class and let’s be perfectly honest – I was terrified. I felt so out of shape and not myself and the excuses seemed so much easier to hide behind than pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. They assured me that this was the place for me to break back onto the scene and spoiler alert: they were right! It’s hard to explain what makes Thomas Moreland Fitness unique, but the way I describe it to outsiders is a place that offers a rigorous, high energy workout in a completely non-judgmental, incredibly supportive environment. Melanie, who owns it, has created something very special. The community TMF provides is the best and the women I have met are total badasses, both inside and outside of the gym… which brings me to the true purpose of this post!!!

One of the lovely ladies I met at the gym, Helen, owns her own clothing boutique called Thomas & Kammar. Her goal is to provide customers with high end boutique pieces at a reasonable price. She ships worldwide and in person in Baltimore by appointment. You can find her Facebook page with inventory here. 

Helen dropped off a box of clothes for me to try and review. She is for SURE in the right industry because all of her selections fit perfectly and were super cute. She loves acting as a personal shopper/stylist and is happy to help give customers ideas and direction.

Here are my favorites and some thoughts on each! Check out T&K’s Facebook page for order info/questions for Helen! Thank you Helen! 

BLACK ROMPER. Softest material – SO comfortable. Perfect for daytime or traveling. AND with the neckline you could definitely dress up with wedges!

TWIST BACK LONG TANK – Super soft, easy and comfortable. I love a longer length and this one gives you that coverage. Could do white jeans or workout pants for errands. This watermelon color is so fun!

LEGGINGS WITH CALF DETAIL. Leggings with calf crisscross detail are amazing. High waist to pull you in and still that 7/8 length. I am 5’7, so these might be full length on someone shorter.

ORANGE STATEMENT EARRINGS – Throw these on for an Orioles game and you are set! Super light weight which is key for me because my earlobes have seen better days. 

WHITE TANK – I kept this one and wore it on Friday night for happy hour with our friends and our kids. The fitted band around the bottom makes it flattering but its loose and forgiving through the body.

ENVELOPE CLUTCH WITH TASSEL – High quality material and feels very durable with plenty of room! Another Os accessory!

FLORAL SHIFT DRESS. This material is ideal for summer. It’s that sturdy but stretchy material. Super flattering. This would be so easy to throw on for work or a graduation party.


Kit & Kaboodle: FATHER’S DAY 2019

Kit & Kaboodle: FATHER’S DAY 2019

Raise your hand if life has felt increasingly busy and you might still need to purchase your favorite Dad a little something before Sunday? (Insert Girl with Hand-Raised Emoji here!!!!)

I am here to help! Trusty AmazonPrime to the rescue with my picks on this Father’s Day edition of a Kit & Kaboodle leaving you time to spare/wrap! See below, and as always, let me know what you think!

Boom Touch Speaker

Whether that special guy operates under the “less is more” mentality OR is just a little bit technologically challenged, the Boom Touch Speaker is a must have! NO wifi/bluetooth/charger/wires are included because YOU DON’T NEED THEM! You lay a phone down on top of the speaker (as pictured) and whatever is playing on your phone instantly begins to boom through the speaker! BoomTouch is powered by 3 AA batteries so you can take it on the go without the stress of a charger/dock/connectivity. Loud and clear sound has never been simpler!

Oakley’s Sunglasses Dupe

These are the PERFECT gift for Dads of babies and/or toddlers who have an awesome habit of breaking expensive sunglasses. They look great and get the job done without the anxiety of an expensive pair of sunglasses getting lost or broken.

Darth Vader and Son Book

Any Star Wars nerds lovers who might like to read a funny book about Darth Vader and his son with the kiddos? Coming right up!

Bold Print Swim Trunks

Skip the price tag on a Vineyard Vines bathing suit and grab one of the 39 prints to help showcase that #DadBod 😉 I ordered the bathing suit (Banada Leaves & Pink) featured here for Miller and can’t wait to get it! These are designed as a slim fit, so size up if the Dad you have in mind won’t be wearing these with the “SKY’S OUT, THIGHS OUT” graphic tank!

Cute Summer Hat

Incase your guy is a hat guy, this one caught my eye! It has enough going on to make it noticeable while still playing it cool. We love a fresh hat in our house.

CHUBBIES “Hawaiian” Shirt Dupe

LESS than half the price of the beloved Chubbies “party shirt” as we like to call them, this fun #SSBD (Short Sleeve Button Down) will steal the show. Six different patterns available. Pina Colada is the featured pattern and my personal favorite, with Island Breeze coming in at a close second place.


by Kitty Mills

Kit & Kaboodle: FRIEND FINDS 6.7.19

Kit & Kaboodle: FRIEND FINDS 6.7.19

I’ll take the last Kit and Kaboodle of my May finds and raise you one… a Kit and Kaboodle filled with my friends’ finds! I appreciate the feedback and messages about what you ordered, liked, disliked, want to see, etc more than you know. I LOVED the messages that people sent with other amazing Amazon finds (personal opinion: NOT a coincidence that amazing and Amazon are only two letters apart ;)) and as they came in I decided to throw them together for a FRIEND FINDS Kit & Kaboodles edition. Thank you Megan, Marianne, Meghan and Amy for your contributions – and keep the suggestions/tips/finds coming my way and I promise to share! CHEERS!

Pom Pom Cover Up

Embarrassed (but not enough to refrain from telling you) to say that I realize now that I too own this in the light blue color. Super comfortable and the length is perfect. Meghan wore in Charleston and it looked fab!

Girls Parrot Striped Dress

Mini Boden quality and look for 1/3 of the price.This one comes in a variety of prints – I have my eye on the flamingos and just bought this for a friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday! Megan for the win!

Educated: A Memoir

Get ready for a Kit and Kaboodle Summer Reads Edition – but Megan told me that this one couldn’t wait! I have slacking in the reading for pleasure department because I can barely keep my eyes open at night, but thinking this one might keep my attention.

Grandma’s Secret Stain Remover Spray

Sorry Grandma, but Marianne blew up your spot and the “secret” is out! If you/your children love a Chick-Fil-A dipping sauce as much as we do, keep this on hand for the aftermath. I am the opposite of domesticated so thank you Mar for sharing your laundry wisdom.

Navy Native “Sneakers” 

Someone told me about these last summer (cannot remember who!) but Nolan wore them everyday and I need to get him a new pair in his size. Great hybrid between a Croc/slip on Native and a tennis shoe. The Native slip ons have been giving Nolan (sweaty feet) little blisters but I hate doing socks and tennis shoes in the warm weather. PROBLEM SOLVED with these shoes – breathable, no socks necessary, rubber sole and sturdy for running.

White Kaftan Ethnic Print Cover Up 

Already purchased this one and it will be arriving on Monday (thank God Miller doesn’t read this… I don’t think LOL). Amy texted me the link and said, “Just got this in the mail today from Amazon!! SOOO CUTE. Might want to add it to a future purchase and/or blog post! Amazon shopping is a serious problem!” Our husbands commiserate about the number of packages that pop up but how can they be mad?!?!

Fun Print Bohemian Midi Dress

When two of your girlfriends own and love a dress, its a no brainer. Megan sent my way and I instantly recognized it from my friend Kaitlin’s wardrobe! Easy and comfortable to throw on and can easily be dressed up or kept casual depending on the occasion. Tons of other fun prints to choose from 🙂


Another find that has been recommended by two different friends in the last week! Lumify eyedrops take away the redness in the whites of your eyes, restoring the bright white color. Full disclosure: I have done very little research as to how these work, but a friend told me to try them at a wedding last weekend and my husband commented on the difference. Feel free to do your research and order if you please!

Tie Back Jump Suit

Jumpsuits/rompers recs are going to have to come from friends because the style and my body type do not play well together. THANK YOU Marianne for sending this one along. I have seen it on her and it is just as cute as it looks in the pictures. Jealous!

PJ Set

Inspired by the adorable PJs I received as a bridesmaid gift last weekend, check out this popular pajama set that you can live in this summer. The reviews look great and the short sleeve top is perfect for this time of year.

ENJOY!!! And I would LOVE if you have a sec and commented on this Instagram post (@kittymills) if you ordered or have more finds to share. CHEERS!!!

by Kitty Mills
Rent the Runway Unlimited Order Review – 6.5.2019

Rent the Runway Unlimited Order Review – 6.5.2019

I semi cringe when someone starts a conversation off with, “Sooo… what do you want first? The good news or the bad news?”, AND YET, that is exactly what popped into my head when I started typing this post, so we will go with it LOL. I, for one, like to start with THE GOOD. The good news is I loved two of my four rentals from my latest Rent the Runway Unlimited order (check out this for deets about this service if you are unfamiliar). The bad news is that for the first time my success rate was only 50% aka I only liked 2 of my 4 picks. However, I likely would have rented a few things from RTR a la carte for a double-header wedding weekend had I not been subscribed to RTRUnlimited, so my bank account came out on top when you look at what the costs to rent these and the other items I cycled through over the course of the month ($159/month vs. about $80/item). I digress… lets get to THE GOOD:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner(s)

SALONI – Abstract Fara Dress

I have loved all of my SALONI rentals and this one kept my streak alive. It is even better in person! The material is thick with the perfect amount of stretch. The cut and design is super flattering and you could easily dress it up or down. The only minor minor minor issue was that the buttons around the bust area pulled a little on me, leaving me feel a bit exposed, but not enough to refrain from wearing it to a bridal luncheon we hosted for my BFF! Cherry on top: POCKETS.

Size Worn: 12R. Fit: True to Size. Would NOT be a good choice for bustier gals.


kate spade new york Flora Lace Ruffle Dress

Winner #2 was this kate spade stunner! Airy ruffles and a low-cut back accentuate the ladylike feel of this pretty floral-lace dress. I wore it to the second wedding of the weekend, which was black-tie optional, with dressy earrings (featured on my May Kit + Kaboodle and simple nude wedges (featured on my Mexico Kit and Kaboodle). This is another one that you could dress up or down, but it felt perfect for this venue/wedding. It was SO COMFORTABLE and very forgiving and I would rent it again in a heartbeat.

Size Worn: 12R Fit: A bit more generous than true to size. This would be flattering on all shapes and sizes.


Fell Flat

Tanya Taylor – Dita Dress

I wanted this one to work so badly for the rehearsal dinner for one of the weddings, but the cut put the boob in boobilicious and the material was too thin for a safety pin fix. I do think I could have made it work if I would have had some double-sided tape on hand, but I can’t say for certain. The color, fabric and style is SO cute, it just did not work for me.

Size Worn: 12R Fit: Small in the bust, true to size everywhere else.

Jill Jill Stuart – Blush Floral Sheath

You know that feeling when you see a piece of clothing on the hanger and you like it so much that you hold your breath and hope and pray that it will fit well and look good so that you can wear it?!?! No? Just me? LOL WELL, this was one of those moments because this dress has that gorgeous, high quality look and feel and would have been perfect for a spring, black-tie optional wedding. Sadly, these hips don’t lie and a pair-shaped lady like myself could not squeeze into this sucker. If you are less curvy, add this to your hearts for a wedding and send me a picture so I can live vicariously through you 😉

Size Worn: 12R Fit: Small, especially in hips/butt

I am off to add my next four items. I look ahead at what work/social events are on my calendar and try to shop accordingly. The key for me is looking at the reviews/customer photos so that I can see it in the flesh and not on a model in a studio. Let me know if you rent any of the above or have any questions about RTRUnlimited! CHEERS!

by Kitty Mills

Hair, Face + Lips: Latest Finds

I will be the first to admit that I tend to like the finer things in life 😉 BUT, I like to give credit where credit is due (particularly when it involves myself and shopping restraint) and one area where I find ways to spend less than many of my counterparts is on “PRODUCTS”. I am always looking for ways to cut corners and swap out pricey products for a cheaper stand in. So lets get to it – here are three of my latest dupes and my take on each!

TRADER JOES FACE MOISTURIZER (Compare to La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizer)

When you think expensive skincare, you think La Mer. Crème de la Mer is one of the luxury skincare line’s fan favorites, but the price tag is Hefty with a capital H! A girlfriend picked up this stand in at our beloved Trader Joes and it has been a WINNER. Lets start by saying 2.5 oz of this TJ’s magical moisturizer will cost you $8.99 vs. 2 oz of the La Mer formula that will set you back $325 (picking my jaw up off the floor from typing that figure). This is the perfect amount of moisture without making my skin feel greasy. The water-based Gel formula is packed with skin-soothing ingredients, like aloe leaf juice and green tea, birch leaf, & milk thistle extracts. It also contains the holy grail of modern moisturizing ingredients: sodium hyaluronate, or the salt form of hyaluronic acid, prized for its ability to both “lock in” skin’s natural moisture and add to it —with no oily residue. If you see it, buy it, because according to the employees’, it flies off the shelf!

BATISTE HYDRATING DRY SHAMPOO (Compare to Oribe Dry Shampoo)

Dry Shampoo is my family. In order to understand the insanity that is my head of hair, please note that my cousin called me Mufasa in high school and my sorority sisters called me Miss Frizzle. SO, when I take the time to blow out my hair and style it, you better believe I am going to make it last. I have tried all of the dry shampoos, and I will say the Oribe is incredible, but what I REALLY love is the way it smells! What I REALLY do NOT love is spending almost $50 on dry shampoo. THANKFULLY, I visited my girlfriend in Charlotte a few weeks ago and she made me try the Batiste HYDRATING Dry Shampoo (note that difference between this one and the regular version is the hydrating aspect). Another WINNER. I love the price ($6.50) formula, it works great AND it smells better than any affordable dry shampoo that I’ve tried (this friend has an unparalleled sense of smell and nailed it when she said it smells like Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume). Available at an Amazon near you ;).


All of my friends who have borrowed this tinted balm have become as obsessed as I am and ordered it for their own collection. I read about the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Tinted Lip Balm all over the internet but another blogger I follow posted about this one and I am SO glad I gave it a shot. Its not a super steal ($19), but its almost half the price of the Armani option. I have a few different tints, but BERRY is my favorite. Do not let that dark look to it scare you, its very natural and light and gives you the perfect amount of coverage. Did I mention it has a shiny finish that tastes like mint? I wear it almost everyday, and you should too!

by Kitty Mills
Four Reasons Why I L O V E My AppleWatch

Four Reasons Why I L O V E My AppleWatch

It’s no secret that the general population willingly purchases Apple’s latest and greatest product without necessarily knowing how useful it will actually be for their personal lifestyle and preferences. I am absolutely a part of that population, as evidenced by my decision to ask for an Apple Watch for Christmas two years ago. As time has passed, I have come to appreciate this piece of technology more than I imagined I would. Here are FOUR reasons why I love my AppleWatch

#1. CLASSY DIGITAL TIME TELLING: Much to the chagrin of my mom and husband, I am slightly slow on the uptake when looking at a clock face with watch hands. I can of course tell time (we all remember that blue/red/yellow manual clock that our kindergarten teacher used to teach us how to tell time), BUT it takes me a second to process what I am seeing. The AppleWatch allows me to select a watch face with the time in digital numbers instead of a clock face (incase you are unfamiliar, you download the Apple Watch app on your phone, and in that app you can select watch face options for your watch from a huge variety and selection. I ordered a slightly classier rose gold link AppleWatch band  ($17!!!) and swapped that out with the rubber more athletic band that came with the watch, which helps dress it up and ties it in with my nicer outfits. When I forget it or its charging, I realize how much I miss being able to quickly glance down at the time on my wrist. Lazy Kitty win!

#2. FINDS MY PHONE: We all have our flaws but apparently I have a few that my AppleWatch directly addresses :), and SO favorite feature #2 helps with my tendency to misplace my phone. One of the BEST parts of the AppleWatch is the SWIPE UP feature, which pulls up the Control Center. There are several options that come up in the control center, but my most used icon is the one of an iPhone. If I can’t find my phone or quickly jump in the car and don’t feel like digging through my purse or work bag to ensure I grabbed my phone, I swipe up on my AppleWatch, hit the icon of the phone, and listen for a long PING sound to echo. Saves time, stress and sweat when you are in a pinch!

#3 MAKESHIFT BUTLER BELL: I have a good feeling that this is a tidbit that you probably will not hear anywhere else because this one is more than outside the box. One night when we were in the deep dark trenches of life with twin newborns, one of the babies was having a rough night and after hours of trying every trick in the book, I had him/her (I can’t remember who because #mombrain) asleep on me in the rocker in their room. After no less than two minutes of quiet, the other twin started to lose his/her mind in his/her crib. This is where your problem solving skills are put to the test – do I try to put the first twin back in the crib and pick up the other twin? Or is it not worth the risk of unsettling the baby who had been off the rails for the last two hours? I waited a few minutes hoping that my husband would hear and come in to see the pickle I was in, but he is an admittedly heavy sleeper and does not usually hear a crying baby, especially if he knows I am already in the nursery. So, I have a lightbulb moment – I have my AppleWatch on but my cell phone is on the nightstand next to our bed in our room… so I start PINGING my phone on repeat as an SOS/white flag WAVING/help me signal for Miller. After a minute of slamming the phone icon on repeat, a sleepy Miller comes in with my phone in hand thinking I had lost my mind until I explained that it was not my phone I wanted, but my husband because I needed another set of helping hands. From that point forward, anytime I need something (Motrin, a bottle, a blanket, a diaper, whatever) and am trapped in the nursery for some reason, I PING my phone and Miller comes in to see what I need. We call it our modern day butler bell – like the small silver bell you still see on a hotel check-in desk that you ring for service. Most recently I did it to get his attention after both babies fell asleep on me because I wanted him to come in and take one of them and smoothly move him to his crib. SO, if you are looking for a way to send an “I NEED YOU” signal from yourself to someone else, leave your phone near that person and PING it for service ;).

#4 SLEEP TRACKING: One of my friends who has an AppleWatch and had twin boys a few months before we had our twins recommended that I download the AutoSleep app before we brought our babies home. She loved it as a reference point after one of those previously mentioned deep, dark and daunting nights with two newborns where by the morning you have essentially blacked out and can’t remember who was up when, for how long, or honestly what day it even was. This app captures your night in a snapshot via “Sleep Circles” that show you asleep vs. awake as well as the quality of your sleep. This was another amazing #momhack because I used it to help remind myself when I was up last, which in turn meant roughly what time the babies had last fed, etc. I will share an example of both a quality night sleep and one of the scary, long nights in the early days of the twins lives so you can see how it looks.

If you are on the fence about buying one, my vote is to GO FOR IT! Thank you Apple for thinking of everything.

by Kitty Mills
Kit & Kaboodle – May 2019

Kit & Kaboodle – May 2019

To follow me on social media is to know that I am as addicted to Amazon Prime as they come! Blame it on our wild schedules or the fact that schlepping three kids three and under to the store is not my idea of fun, and understand that very few days go by without a package stamped with that black, bold, smiling arrow popping onto our stoop. Sharing is caring so I will be creating a monthly KIT & KABOODLE (my version of an “Amazon Haul” of sorts) on kittymills.com that details my latest purchases and reviews of those items. Here is the inaugural Kit and Kaboodle for the month of May! Cheers!


Organic Cotton Toddler Pillowcases – Set of 2

These are super soft and anything miniature, including a pillow, is the cutest. A toddler pillow with a monogrammed pillow case is also a great 1st or 2nd birthday gift idea!

Contigo Straw Tumblers

My sister-in-law and BFF both had of this cup for their kids and gave the cup a rave review — bigger than most toddler cups and the straw is leak-proof AND non-removable. BOOM! Ordered 3 for my crew and we love them so far!

Old Faithful Infants Motrin

Whatever in God’s creation this little virus is that is sweeping the nation knocked my kids (and by default the mom and dad who were tending to said patients) on their butts. Bulk Motrin orders FTW!


Colorful Printed Bandeau Bathing Suit

My BFF Sarah wore this in Mexico and I loved the colors and cut. I ordered an XL and it fits well with a little extra room in the chest area, but the structured cup stays in place nonetheless. UNDER $25!!!

Short-Sleeve Peplum Top

I ordered in Navy in an XL and the quality is excellent. I will throw this on with white jeans and fun earrings for a quick and simple work outfit!

Nude Mules with Rose Gold Heel

True to size (despite the reviews suggesting to size up) and equally as easy to throw on with basically any outfit and head out the door to work.

Gold Two Strap Sandals

These look much higher end than the price reflects and feel like you are wearing slippers! Super cute, true to size.


Tommy Hilfiger Blazer

Miller picked this out for himself as an early treat for slaying the Dad game. It fits him like a glove and looks very sharp. Let the record show that he also l o v e s him some AmazonPrime.

Vegetable and Grilling Basket

Although we grill year-round, we are using the grill even more now that the weather is warmer. This basket is another great find by Mills!

FUN EXTRAS (That I ABSOLUTELY did not need, but wanted)

Jade Face Roller

My BFF Jamie had this on her bachelorette and I have seen bloggers talking about them so I figured, why not?! The instructions said to place in the freezer to help reduce swelling and redness, and while I have no idea if that is a crock or not, it feels great and refreshing!

AirPods Case

LOVE my AirPods, HATE the feeling of always wondering if I have lost them or am about to lose them. Enter: bright case with key ring attachment to help lessen that anxiety!

Gold Heart Beaded Earrings

Self proclaimed statement earring junkie… but these are ADORABLE and super lightweight. Love them!

Beaded Dangle Earrings

I ordered the light blue and the color is even better in person. Medium weight and perfect size.

by Kitty Mills


Thank you Facebook Memories for reminding me that one year ago today I launched my blog and shared my fun little passion project with friends and family! It has been a delight sharing with you all (even if it is not nearly as often as I would like because #life) and having this creative outlet has been a total treat.

Major takeaways from the first year as a very part-time blogger:

  1. WordPress is still very confusing to me.
  2. I am 1000% addicted to Amazon.com.
  3. Helping even one reader – in big and/or small ways – is so satisfying.
  4. My friends and family and network are just THE BEST.
  5. I have NO IDEA how full blown bloggers do it.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for following along! More to come over the next year 🙂 CHEERS!!!!

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