I am #blessed to have several BOSS BABES in my inner circle, but my sister, Anne, is the cream of the crop! I have been trying to convince her to become a Business Communications professor (in all of her extra spare time 😹) because she really has such an extensive knowledge on the topic. There will be more content to come from her that so many working women can benefit from, but she’s kicking it off with her business travel essentials! Without further ado… ENJOY!!!!

Hi All! Just popping in to share a quick guest post on a topic on something I have become quite acquainted with: Business Travel! Truly these tips/tricks could be useful for anyone traveling away from home!

Like my sister Kitty, I am a full-time working mama, one less child aka no TWINS! But I have my hands full with two boys, Jackson is 5, James is 2! No one juggles it all like Kitty for the record! Anyway, my day job as an HR Manager is 50+ hours weekly and often requires travel between multiple locations. I try and make as many meetings as possible to get the best return on investment on my time away from the home front. I have gotten pretty darn close to mastering exactly what I need to bring with me on these trips to make getting ready as easy as possible. How I prepare everyone in my family for the departure is a story for another day! In all seriousness, I am blessed with a capable and supportive husband and network to help hold it down when I am away for long stretches.

Anyways, onto my list of MUST HAVES FOR WORK TRAVEL:

***Food & Drink***

RX Bars — These are amazing! I put a few in my purse and a few in my carry-on and know I have a quick snack if I need it. I really like the size and the texture of the KidsRX bars over the full size.

Water bottle — I am a tap water kind of girl, but no matter where you go the water just tastes different! I love this for traveling between desks or having water on hand in my hotel room for the night.


Body wash — This is a game changer overall for me! I love the smell and truly helps reduce overall body odor! 5 stars! I put it in a little travel size and never leave home without it.

Hair-holders — These are not only adorable but durable! I have a lot of hair, again not Kitty status, but a massive amount! These last through workouts with very minimal hair creasing. 


Color theme is KEY. I usually try and pack in one or two color theme’s (usually blue or pink) and minimal and comfortable shoes. Nobody got time for blisters on road! 

I always bring this blazer. Here is a similar option. My companies are VERY casual but you never know when a certain guest might attend your meetings or the office is freezing (often!) and this way I am ready for anything. Plus they both hold up well in transit.


Travel Steamer — One of my top amazon purchases of all-time! This makes getting wrinkly clothes from a suitcase to presentable a breeze! It gets hot and cools down quickly. 

Wireless mouse — I may have been the only person in 2019 without one of these but it has been a productivity game changer when I am away from my regular office. Worth the $$ 10 times over!

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