Welcome to Kitty Mills! And thank you so much for stopping by. A quick note about me— My name is Catherine Miller – otherwise known as “KITTY” (nickname/what my namesake aka Great Aunt Kitty went by) “MILLS” (married name is Miller but I either call my husband Miller or Mills instead of his given first name, Alexander, because we were friends before we started dated and it just stuck!). My mom tried to talk me into calling him Alex once we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, but saying Alex felt wrong so I stuck to my guns and here we are, married adults with three little humans, and I still call him by his last name. The best is when people who don’t really know us find out my last name is Miller and think my husband’s name is Miller Miller. HA! I MAJORLY digress, but glad we got that all cleared up.

If you are still with me, I am IMPRESSED. I am a Baltimore hon, born and raised, who did a brief stint in the south at the one and only College of Knowledge Charleston #gocougars! I made my way back to Baltimore in 2010 as a Teach for America corps member and taught high school English in the inner-city for seven years. I semi-randomly (story for another time or we will never get through this “quick note”) decided to get my real estate license at night while I was teaching, passed the test, and got swept up by an incredible realtor who was starting her own team and willing to take a part-time dual career agent under the wings of the plane she was building, while flying. After I had my first child, Nolan, in 2016, I realized I couldn’t give my son AND my students the level of dedication and time they each deserved so it was time to hang up my teacher hat and give this budding real estate thing a real try. GOOD thing I did: life had a fun surprise around the corner for me when we found out that planned baby #2 was in fact babies (PLURAL) #2 and #3: TWINS – Max and Maeve.

Someone once described me as “pink and sparkly” and while I am fairly certain it was intended as an insult, she hit the nail on the head! I totally relate to my zodiac sign (#LEO) as a charismatic, fun-loving leader with a tendency to worry and occasionally gravitate toward drama.

To know me is to know my favorite party trick – screaming CHEERS and clinking glasses with anyone around me, because as much as I love a good cocktail, I love bringing people together to stop and take in the moment.

So, CHEERS (more like CHEEEEEEEEEEEERS in a valley-girl-esque voice) and THANK YOU for reading!

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I am obsessed with talking to other people to get advice, feedback, ideas, you name it – I want to talk about it – and when I was pregnant with my first baby, none of my tight knit crew of girlfriends had babies (yet!). My sister (who is absolutely one of my BFFs but in a category of her own) did have a one-year-old but could only field my rapid fire of 20 (ehh, more like 30 or 40) questions every week (at LEAST!) for so long before outsourcing my needs to amazing blogs that she followed for all of her mom needs. The first blog that I regularly followed was Camp Patton and I would usually bounce around and read pieces from other bloggers that she linked into her own content.

From there, I had my own baby, Nolan, and as previously mentioned, I am obsessed with talking to other people — namely MOMS — to get advice, feedback and ideas, so I think I sort of naturally became a point of reference for other friends and friends of friends who were expecting. I literally have a folder in my email of saved messages on various baby related topics that I copy/paste/modify and send off to other moms as needed.

Funny thing is that I find myself sharing what I have learned about more than just being a mom, but being a realtor, friend, teacher, etc etc etc. I think my passion for PEOPLE puts me in a fun position where I talk A LOT to a lot of DIFFERENT PEOPLE about a lot of DIFFERENT THINGS… or the whole KIT & KABOODLE 😉 Remember that email folder I mentioned earlier? Not only do I have saved templates on baby topics, but my experience with Teach for America, favorite things to do in Charleston (PROUD CofC alum), why and how I decided to get into real estate, first steps in buying a home… the list goes on.

If nothing else, KittyMills will serve as a home for all of those emails/lists/responses for other people to easily and freely read and reference whenever they want! I am so excited to organize these notes, add pictures and create pretty posts. I am not as sharp as I once was #mombrain and so I forget to follow up as promised with these notes more often than I would care to admit. NOW I can tell people to check out my blog and read about whatever the topic in question might be! 

SO my general goal is to create helpful, informative, light content on a slew of different topics. I hope you enjoy it.

DISCLAIMER: Although I was a Communications major turned high-school English teacher, I am NOT hoping to win a Nobel Prize for literature for my work on KittyMills. I will proof-read for clarity, but if I commit to perfection, I will take way too long to write anything and will be even more hesitant than I already am about pulling the trigger to POST. Allow this to serve as my formal warning that my posts will undoubtedly include incorrect grammar and usage, an excessive use of valley-girl fabulous words such as literally and like, lots of CAPITALIZATIONS and !!! and the occasional curse word as needed.

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