KIT & KABOODLE: Amazon Summer Finds

KIT & KABOODLE: Amazon Summer Finds

I AM BACK!!! The shopping has not stopped over here, but between the renovation, work, kids, pandemic, etc etc etc (all the excuses) I have been slacking SO HARD and I miss my kitty mills.com passion project A LOT!!! Sharing the best of the my latest Amazon purchases. A note: there is a reason I call these the KIT & KABOODLE (beyond the nickname pun)… this collection of items is as random and scattered as my life 😉 ENJOY!!! And as always 1. CHEERS and 2. FIND ME on Instagram @kitty.mills with any questions, comments, feedback etc!!!


THIS DRESS IS THE CUTEST and so comfortable. It runs true to size – I am wearing A MEDIUM.

Casual, easy to throw on, everyday dress! True to size – I am a medium!

YETI BACKPACK for the summer WIN!!! Perfect for the pool, beach, picnic, etc. I love that its structured and stands on its on and KEEPS THINGS TRULY COLD. I have zero free hands, so the backpack feature is essential.

Another easy to throw on outfit that you can dress up or down! True to size! I am a MEDIUM.

You know my obsession with these PJs. True to size – the twins are in 3Ts and have room!

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