What My Littles Are Playing With At Home

What My Littles Are Playing With At Home

Incase you are looking for some fresh inventory at your house to help keep the little ones busy and happy, here are our (Nolan — 4 year old boy and Max + Maeve — 2 year old boy/girl twins) current obsessions (ALL from… you guessed it… AMAZON!!!):


Three Wheel Scooter // So we don’t have this exact one, but we have one just like it that our friend gave us awhile back. Nolan is SUPER into it lately… more than ever. Max hops on it too, but Nolan has been cruising on it! I think the three wheels and the lean to steer makes it fun and easy to (safely) go fast.

New Helmet // Safety first peeps!

Jumbo Monster Truck // These are fun to run and push and we’ve been having races between the few that we have!

Trampoline // Rainy days with no where to go mean finding ways to burn energy inside! We love this!

Jump House // Same reasons as above!

Reward Chart // Desperate times call for desperate measures and I will give any potential solution a whirl. We have been keeping this simple with only a few tasks that include “Sleeping Until My Clock Turns Green” “No Whining” and “Listen to Mom/Dad/Nana” LOL.

Toddler At Home Scavenger Hunt Cards // Ordered this as well! Looks adorable and has great reviews!

Puzzles // We have a similar set to these! I think the ones with an edge/border to hold the pieces in makes it a little easier and allows your kiddo to complete independently.

Carrier Truck with Compartments for Mini Vehicles // My sister-in-law got this for her little guy and said he loves it, so trying it for ours as well!

6 in 1 Fun Pack of Cards // These are HOT HOT HOT and Nolan asks to play multiple times a day. Miller has been teaching him each game and its wild to watch him pick up the concept and get really into them. Our faves are Slap Jack and Memory — and he’s getting really good.


DYSON Cordless Vacuum Toy // These were what we got the twins for their second birthday and they are obsessed with them! Nolan is too actually, so its been a lot of fun setting timers for rotating two vacuums between the three of them 😉 OH AND we had the other Dyson kids vacuum but its in storage – this one is a MUCH BETTER CHOICE than that one because you have to actively hold the button on the handle for the vacuum sound and so it doesn’t just stay on when they drop it and move on to the next thing.

Cash Register Toy // Such a classic! Nolan and the twins love playing pretend cash register. They have a ball with the scanner and money and credit cards.

Kiddie Table and Chairs // I have no idea why we did not have a mini table and chairs in our old house, but now living with Nana we realize how helpful it is to have for eating/coloring/playing etc. Highly recommend!

Twin Doll Umbrella Stroller // This is another fan favorite around here! We like pushing it around the house and up and down the driveway! Its cute and not too big and super lightweight.

Fully Loaded Purse // My sister in law got this for Maeve for Christmas and everyone is still playing with it. The hottest ticket items are the pretend Smartphone and the lip stick tube 😉

AND that is all I have for now! Working on getting back on my blog game while we #stayathome because I have been majorly slacking. As always, reach out on Instagram @kitty.mills if you need a thing!

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