Anyone else find themselves clicking on an Instagram Advertisement for what looks like an ADORABLE outfit that is marked as less than $20? And then you click on the ad, get directed to the website, and see several other items that you would love to have in your closet… but then the doubt sets in. Is this real? This seems WAY too good to be true! Whats the catch?

I am here to tell the tale of what happens when you take a chance, fill your cart with all of the cute things, and plug in your credit card information with fingers and toes crossed that you haven’t just been totally scammed.

GREAT. NEWS!!! I can VERY HAPPILY report that the “SHEIN” (how the HECK do you say it??? DON’T ASK ME because I would say “she-in” and then spell it for anyone who asked me about my outfit last night… but also heard other people referring to the brand as “SHANE”. If you can drop knowledge on the pronunciation, holler!!) IS **pretty much** TOTALLY LEGIT!!!

I throw in the **pretty much** because I don’t want anyone to be ordering the clothes expecting the quality to be as solid as an Anthro or Madewell or J. Crew purchase. Of course the materials can be a little light or tough feeling, and you might see a thread coming out of a seam that you have to snip back, and the original smell has a touch of a plastic/chemical vibe… BUT YOU CAN BUY 10 THINGS for the price of what 1 THING would cost you at a high end establishment!!! So don’t plan for the items to last forever or be PERFECT, but I would give them an 8.5/10 on the quality front!! MORE than decent!!

Another note: LOOK AT THE SIZING MEASUREMENTS. The sizing can be a little all over the place and I would say GENERAL rule of thumb is that things run a half a size small, so if you are on the fence, size UP. But if you can grab your own measurements and use those to determine size, you will be SET. I just looked at cuts and decided if I would rather it be a little big/long or short/tight and picked a size accordingly.

They seem to ALWAYS be running a promo/discount, so be sure to poke around for that code!! And lots of free shipping opportunities which I love now that I am spoiled by AmazonPrime!

I made my first order on November 23 and I have worn almost every item already (as of December 8th!). I will link everything below and include a picture of yours truly wearing it out in the wild. Feel free to snag a few favorites and let me know if you order/love anything else that I should throw on my radar! (I am in no way affiliated with Shein – just sharing as I promised when chatting with guests at our company party last night).

Here are pictures of me wearing the items (I NEED TO GET BETTER ABOUT TAKING A FULL BODY SHOT to show an outfit properly, but I still feels prettyyyyy darn awkward posing for a solo picture LOL!!! Really hoping to get better about it.

CLICK any PINK writing to shop/link!!! ENJOY!!! CHEERS!!!

WHITE BODYSUIT: Exaggerated Frill Layered Oblique Shoulder Bodysuit (Paid $15. Size Worn: L)

GOLD SKIRT: Wide Waisted Pleated Metallic Skirt (Paid $15. Size Worn: L)

HAIR CLIPS: Texturized Hair Clips (Paid $3. Size Worn: One Size)

WHITE TUBE BODYSUIT: Sweetheart Bustier Bodysuit (Paid: $9. Size Worn: L)

SILVER SKIRT: Elastic Waist Pleated Skirt (Paid: $16. Size Worn: L)

WHITE V-NECK BODYSUIT: Surplice Neck Solid Bodysuit (Paid: $10. Size Worn: L)

BLACK BODYSUIT: Solid Longsleeve Scoop Neck Bodysuit (Paid: $8. Size Worn: L)

BLACK FAUX LEATHER SKIRT: Paperbag Waist Faux Leather Pleated Skirt (Paid: $10. Size Worn: L)

MUSTARD BLOUSE: Frilled Neck Bishop Sleeve Blouse (Paid: $8. Size Worn: XL)

by Kitty Mills

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