Kit & Kaboodle: TARGET FINDS 6.27.19

I know the faux french pronunciation of Target (“tar-jay”) was originally used as a way to poke fun at the store’s self-proclaimed identity as a step above other big box stores, but it turns out that the fancy spin must have been a self-fulfilling prophecy because almost anyone who can walk out of there spending less than $100 is practically a wizard in my eyes. If you love a solid Target run as much as I do, enjoy this Kit & Kaboodle that is filled with my latest and greatest finds.

Yellow Crewneck Tiered Midi Dress

On Sale for $29

I spotted this on the rack when I ran in to buy a gift for a friend’s daughter’s birthday and threw it in my basket to try on once I got home. The vibrant color is what caught my eye, and as evidenced by previous posts, I am a sucker for a midi dress ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a 10/10. Comfortable, cute, versatile, high quality and #pockets. Tons of compliments and I have already worn it twice and lent it to a girlfriend who loved it too!

Toddler Girls’ Aqua Sock Water Shoes


How precious are these?! I hate the thought of those little piggies getting too hot on the pool deck or outside, and here is my answer to that worry. Tempted to order a few sizes up for next summer too!

Toddler Boys’ Blue Sandals


Boy/Girl twin mom coordination on these as the male counterpart of the pink water shoes above. Adjustable for any other moms of wide foot babes!

Black Ruffled One Piece


I bought this last summer and I clearly was not alone because it looks like Target brought it back for round two! This is very flattering and would look good on any body type. Meets my criteria of feeling thick enough to pull you in and make you feel as secure as you can in a bathing suit. I wore it on this gorgeous bride’s bachelorette in West Palm Beach a few months ago ๐Ÿ™‚

Pixi Tinted Shea Butter Lip Balm


Another beautiful BFF gave me one of these a few years ago (she is always the first to know about the must have beauty products) and I have become a loyal user ever since. Imagine a Cocoa Butter Chapstick with color. Works great for day, night and everything in-between.

Leopard Print Sleeveless Top


My favorite purchases are those that I can wear for work and for fun and this top fits the bill! Throw on with a blazer, black pixie pants and flats for work and then pair with white jeans and sandals on the weekend. Leopard print lover since ’99.

Lobster Drop Earrings


Summertime statement earrings alert! How much fun are these?! And for less than $15?! Yes, please!

Scalloped Hoop Earrings


These come in tortoise, ivory and blush pink and is it a problem that I want all three?! Lightweight hoops are my go to and IMO you can never have too many pairs of earrings.

Patterned High Waisted Workout Pants


These are currently in my cart and I plan to pull the trigger if/when they go on sale. High waisted is critical and throw in a cute pattern and some pockets and you have my attention.

Coffee Table with X Base

On Sale $150

Another item that is currently residing in my online cart is this coffee table from the Saracina Home line. While I like the sleek, modern style, I LOVE a circular option to avoid the heart palpitations caused by life with a sharp-edged coffee table and clumsy, wild toddler heads bopping around. Its only a matter of time until I decide I can’t handle the stress that is our living room coffee table and pull the trigger on this one! Stay tuned!

And that does it! ANY and ALL feedback is appreciated more than you can imagine, so send it my way! Happy shopping!

Thomas & Kammar Try On

Thomas & Kammar Try On

While I was pregnant with the twins, my sister started going to a gym that our ๐Ÿ˜‰ her sister in law had become obsessed with and begged her to come try. Shortly thereafter, my sister ALSO became obsessed and was willingly waking up at 5 am to workout (gasp!). I remember thinking that there had to be something in the water at this gym, but at that time, hoisting myself out of bed to pee every hour on the hour (I mean literally winding up and rolling my body up from a horizontal position to a vertical position) during the night was just about as much physical activity that this very pregnant body could handle… so I didnโ€™t think too much into it.

Fast forward to the fall when I had my head on a few degrees straighter and sleep was a bit more consistent in our house and I was ready to attempt to get back on the exercise bandwagon. The girls convinced me to come to a Saturday morning spin class and letโ€™s be perfectly honest – I was terrified. I felt so out of shape and not myself and the excuses seemed so much easier to hide behind than pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. They assured me that this was the place for me to break back onto the scene and spoiler alert: they were right! Itโ€™s hard to explain what makes Thomas Moreland Fitness unique, but the way I describe it to outsiders is a place that offers a rigorous, high energy workout in a completely non-judgmental, incredibly supportive environment. Melanie, who owns it, has created something very special. The community TMF provides is the best and the women I have met are total badasses, both inside and outside of the gym… which brings me to the true purpose of this post!!!

One of the lovely ladies I met at the gym, Helen, owns her own clothing boutique called Thomas & Kammar. Her goal is to provide customers with high end boutique pieces at a reasonable price. She ships worldwide and in person in Baltimore by appointment. You can find her Facebook page with inventory here. 

Helen dropped off a box of clothes for me to try and review. She is for SURE in the right industry because all of her selections fit perfectly and were super cute. She loves acting as a personal shopper/stylist and is happy to help give customers ideas and direction.

Here are my favorites and some thoughts on each! Check out T&K’s Facebook page for order info/questions for Helen! Thank you Helen! 

BLACK ROMPER. Softest material – SO comfortable. Perfect for daytime or traveling. AND with the neckline you could definitely dress up with wedges!

TWIST BACK LONG TANK – Super soft, easy and comfortable. I love a longer length and this one gives you that coverage. Could do white jeans or workout pants for errands. This watermelon color is so fun!

LEGGINGS WITH CALF DETAIL. Leggings with calf crisscross detail are amazing. High waist to pull you in and still that 7/8 length. I am 5’7, so these might be full length on someone shorter.

ORANGE STATEMENT EARRINGS – Throw these on for an Orioles game and you are set! Super light weight which is key for me because my earlobes have seen better days. 

WHITE TANK – I kept this one and wore it on Friday night for happy hour with our friends and our kids. The fitted band around the bottom makes it flattering but its loose and forgiving through the body.

ENVELOPE CLUTCH WITH TASSEL – High quality material and feels very durable with plenty of room! Another Os accessory!

FLORAL SHIFT DRESS. This material is ideal for summer. It’s that sturdy but stretchy material. Super flattering. This would be so easy to throw on for work or a graduation party.


Kit & Kaboodle: FATHER’S DAY 2019

Kit & Kaboodle: FATHER’S DAY 2019

Raise your hand if life has felt increasingly busy and you might still need to purchase your favorite Dad a little something before Sunday? (Insert Girl with Hand-Raised Emoji here!!!!)

I am here to help! Trusty AmazonPrime to the rescue with my picks on this Father’s Day edition of a Kit & Kaboodle leaving you time to spare/wrap! See below, and as always, let me know what you think!

Boom Touch Speaker

Whether that special guy operates under the “less is more” mentality OR is just a little bit technologically challenged, the Boom Touch Speaker is a must have! NO wifi/bluetooth/charger/wires are included because YOU DON’T NEED THEM! You lay a phone down on top of the speaker (as pictured) and whatever is playing on your phone instantly begins to boom through the speaker! BoomTouch is powered by 3 AA batteries so you can take it on the go without the stress of a charger/dock/connectivity. Loud and clear sound has never been simpler!

Oakley’s Sunglasses Dupe

These are the PERFECT gift for Dads of babies and/or toddlers who have an awesome habit of breaking expensive sunglasses. They look great and get the job done without the anxiety of an expensive pair of sunglasses getting lost or broken.

Darth Vader and Son Book

Any Star Wars nerds lovers who might like to read a funny book about Darth Vader and his son with the kiddos? Coming right up!

Bold Print Swim Trunks

Skip the price tag on a Vineyard Vines bathing suit and grab one of the 39 prints to help showcase that #DadBod ๐Ÿ˜‰ I ordered the bathing suit (Banada Leaves & Pink) featured here for Miller and can’t wait to get it! These are designed as a slim fit, so size up if the Dad you have in mind won’t be wearing these with the “SKY’S OUT, THIGHS OUT” graphic tank!

Cute Summer Hat

Incase your guy is a hat guy, this one caught my eye! It has enough going on to make it noticeable while still playing it cool. We love a fresh hat in our house.

CHUBBIES “Hawaiian” Shirt Dupe

LESS than half the price of the beloved Chubbies “party shirt” as we like to call them, this fun #SSBD (Short Sleeve Button Down) will steal the show. Six different patterns available. Pina Colada is the featured pattern and my personal favorite, with Island Breeze coming in at a close second place.


by Kitty Mills

Kit & Kaboodle: FRIEND FINDS 6.7.19

Kit & Kaboodle: FRIEND FINDS 6.7.19

I’ll take the last Kit and Kaboodle of my May finds and raise you one… a Kit and Kaboodle filled with my friends’ finds! I appreciate the feedback and messages about what you ordered, liked, disliked, want to see, etc more than you know. I LOVED the messages that people sent with other amazing Amazon finds (personal opinion: NOT a coincidence that amazing and Amazon are only two letters apart ;)) and as they came in I decided to throw them together for a FRIEND FINDS Kit & Kaboodles edition. Thank you Megan, Marianne, Meghan and Amy for your contributions – and keep the suggestions/tips/finds coming my way and I promise to share! CHEERS!

Pom Pom Cover Up

Embarrassed (but not enough to refrain from telling you) to say that I realize now that I too own this in the light blue color. Super comfortable and the length is perfect. Meghan wore in Charleston and it looked fab!

Girls Parrot Striped Dress

Mini Boden quality and look for 1/3 of the price.This one comes in a variety of prints – I have my eye on the flamingos and just bought this for a friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday! Megan for the win!

Educated: A Memoir

Get ready for a Kit and Kaboodle Summer Reads Edition – but Megan told me that this one couldn’t wait! I have slacking in the reading for pleasure department because I can barely keep my eyes open at night, but thinking this one might keep my attention.

Grandmaโ€™s Secret Stain Remover Spray

Sorry Grandma, but Marianne blew up your spot and the “secret” is out! If you/your children love a Chick-Fil-A dipping sauce as much as we do, keep this on hand for the aftermath. I am the opposite of domesticated so thank you Mar for sharing your laundry wisdom.

Navy Native “Sneakers” 

Someone told me about these last summer (cannot remember who!) but Nolan wore them everyday and I need to get him a new pair in his size. Great hybrid between a Croc/slip on Native and a tennis shoe. The Native slip ons have been giving Nolan (sweaty feet) little blisters but I hate doing socks and tennis shoes in the warm weather. PROBLEM SOLVED with these shoes – breathable, no socks necessary, rubber sole and sturdy for running.

White Kaftan Ethnic Print Cover Up 

Already purchased this one and it will be arriving on Monday (thank God Miller doesn’t read this… I don’t think LOL). Amy texted me the link and said, “Just got this in the mail today from Amazon!! SOOO CUTE. Might want to add it to a future purchase and/or blog post! Amazon shopping is a serious problem!” Our husbands commiserate about the number of packages that pop up but how can they be mad?!?!

Fun Print Bohemian Midi Dress

When two of your girlfriends own and love a dress, its a no brainer. Megan sent my way and I instantly recognized it from my friend Kaitlin’s wardrobe! Easy and comfortable to throw on and can easily be dressed up or kept casual depending on the occasion. Tons of other fun prints to choose from ๐Ÿ™‚


Another find that has been recommended by two different friends in the last week! Lumify eyedrops take away the redness in the whites of your eyes, restoring the bright white color. Full disclosure: I have done very little research as to how these work, but a friend told me to try them at a wedding last weekend and my husband commented on the difference. Feel free to do your research and order if you please!

Tie Back Jump Suit

Jumpsuits/rompers recs are going to have to come from friends because the style and my body type do not play well together. THANK YOU Marianne for sending this one along. I have seen it on her and it is just as cute as it looks in the pictures. Jealous!

PJ Set

Inspired by the adorable PJs I received as a bridesmaid gift last weekend, check out this popular pajama set that you can live in this summer. The reviews look great and the short sleeve top is perfect for this time of year.

ENJOY!!! And I would LOVE if you have a sec and commented on this Instagram post (@kittymills) if you ordered or have more finds to share. CHEERS!!!

by Kitty Mills
Rent the Runway Unlimited Order Review – 6.5.2019

Rent the Runway Unlimited Order Review – 6.5.2019

I semi cringe when someone starts a conversation off with, “Sooo… what do you want first? The good news or the bad news?”, AND YET, that is exactly what popped into my head when I started typing this post, so we will go with it LOL. I, for one, like to start with THE GOOD. The good news is I loved two of my four rentals from my latest Rent the Runway Unlimited order (check out this for deets about this service if you are unfamiliar). The bad news is that for the first time my success rate was only 50% aka I only liked 2 of my 4 picks. However, I likely would have rented a few things from RTR a la carte for a double-header wedding weekend had I not been subscribed to RTRUnlimited, so my bank account came out on top when you look at what the costs to rent these and the other items I cycled through over the course of the month ($159/month vs. about $80/item). I digress… lets get to THE GOOD:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner(s)

SALONI – Abstract Fara Dress

I have loved all of my SALONI rentals and this one kept my streak alive. It is even better in person! The material is thick with the perfect amount of stretch. The cut and design is super flattering and you could easily dress it up or down. The only minor minor minor issue was that the buttons around the bust area pulled a little on me, leaving me feel a bit exposed, but not enough to refrain from wearing it to a bridal luncheon we hosted for my BFF! Cherry on top: POCKETS.

Size Worn: 12R. Fit: True to Size. Would NOT be a good choice for bustier gals.


kate spade new york Flora Lace Ruffle Dress

Winner #2 was this kate spade stunner! Airy ruffles and a low-cut back accentuate the ladylike feel of this pretty floral-lace dress. I wore it to the second wedding of the weekend, which was black-tie optional, with dressy earrings (featured on my May Kit + Kaboodle and simple nude wedges (featured on my Mexico Kit and Kaboodle). This is another one that you could dress up or down, but it felt perfect for this venue/wedding. It was SO COMFORTABLE and very forgiving and I would rent it again in a heartbeat.

Size Worn: 12R Fit: A bit more generous than true to size. This would be flattering on all shapes and sizes.


Fell Flat

Tanya Taylor – Dita Dress

I wanted this one to work so badly for the rehearsal dinner for one of the weddings, but the cut put the boob in boobilicious and the material was too thin for a safety pin fix. I do think I could have made it work if I would have had some double-sided tape on hand, but I can’t say for certain. The color, fabric and style is SO cute, it just did not work for me.

Size Worn: 12R Fit: Small in the bust, true to size everywhere else.

Jill Jill Stuart – Blush Floral Sheath

You know that feeling when you see a piece of clothing on the hanger and you like it so much that you hold your breath and hope and pray that it will fit well and look good so that you can wear it?!?! No? Just me? LOL WELL, this was one of those moments because this dress has that gorgeous, high quality look and feel and would have been perfect for a spring, black-tie optional wedding. Sadly, these hips don’t lie and a pair-shaped lady like myself could not squeeze into this sucker. If you are less curvy, add this to your hearts for a wedding and send me a picture so I can live vicariously through you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Size Worn: 12R Fit: Small, especially in hips/butt

I am off to add my next four items. I look ahead at what work/social events are on my calendar and try to shop accordingly. The key for me is looking at the reviews/customer photos so that I can see it in the flesh and not on a model in a studio. Let me know if you rent any of the above or have any questions about RTRUnlimited! CHEERS!

by Kitty Mills

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