Kit & Kaboodle – May 2019

Kit & Kaboodle – May 2019

To follow me on social media is to know that I am as addicted to Amazon Prime as they come! Blame it on our wild schedules or the fact that schlepping three kids three and under to the store is not my idea of fun, and understand that very few days go by without a package stamped with that black, bold, smiling arrow popping onto our stoop. Sharing is caring so I will be creating a monthly KIT & KABOODLE (my version of an “Amazon Haul” of sorts) on kittymills.com that details my latest purchases and reviews of those items. Here is the inaugural Kit and Kaboodle for the month of May! Cheers!


Organic Cotton Toddler Pillowcases – Set of 2

These are super soft and anything miniature, including a pillow, is the cutest. A toddler pillow with a monogrammed pillow case is also a great 1st or 2nd birthday gift idea!

Contigo Straw Tumblers

My sister-in-law and BFF both had of this cup for their kids and gave the cup a rave review — bigger than most toddler cups and the straw is leak-proof AND non-removable. BOOM! Ordered 3 for my crew and we love them so far!

Old Faithful Infants Motrin

Whatever in God’s creation this little virus is that is sweeping the nation knocked my kids (and by default the mom and dad who were tending to said patients) on their butts. Bulk Motrin orders FTW!


Colorful Printed Bandeau Bathing Suit

My BFF Sarah wore this in Mexico and I loved the colors and cut. I ordered an XL and it fits well with a little extra room in the chest area, but the structured cup stays in place nonetheless. UNDER $25!!!

Short-Sleeve Peplum Top

I ordered in Navy in an XL and the quality is excellent. I will throw this on with white jeans and fun earrings for a quick and simple work outfit!

Nude Mules with Rose Gold Heel

True to size (despite the reviews suggesting to size up) and equally as easy to throw on with basically any outfit and head out the door to work.

Gold Two Strap Sandals

These look much higher end than the price reflects and feel like you are wearing slippers! Super cute, true to size.


Tommy Hilfiger Blazer

Miller picked this out for himself as an early treat for slaying the Dad game. It fits him like a glove and looks very sharp. Let the record show that he also l o v e s him some AmazonPrime.

Vegetable and Grilling Basket

Although we grill year-round, we are using the grill even more now that the weather is warmer. This basket is another great find by Mills!

FUN EXTRAS (That I ABSOLUTELY did not need, but wanted)

Jade Face Roller

My BFF Jamie had this on her bachelorette and I have seen bloggers talking about them so I figured, why not?! The instructions said to place in the freezer to help reduce swelling and redness, and while I have no idea if that is a crock or not, it feels great and refreshing!

AirPods Case

LOVE my AirPods, HATE the feeling of always wondering if I have lost them or am about to lose them. Enter: bright case with key ring attachment to help lessen that anxiety!

Gold Heart Beaded Earrings

Self proclaimed statement earring junkie… but these are ADORABLE and super lightweight. Love them!

Beaded Dangle Earrings

I ordered the light blue and the color is even better in person. Medium weight and perfect size.

by Kitty Mills
Mexico Wardrobe Brought to You By: **Last Minute** AmazonPrime Purchases

Mexico Wardrobe Brought to You By: **Last Minute** AmazonPrime Purchases

I have been living for my Rent The Runway Unlimited subscription because we have had our fair share of fun events and life happenings lately that I can plan ahead for and order something (or four somethings) in advance! However, in the days leading up to our adults-only Mexico getaway, Nolan got sick, several clients came out of the woodwork wanting to write offers on complicated properties, and so on and so forth (if you are a realtor, you know that EVERYTHING happens when you decide to leave for vacation). In the midst of the shitshow, I totally bonked and forgot to order my items for vacation (more first world problems – I am fully aware of how basic I sound, but if the shoe fits…). Don’t think I didn’t hop on the app to see if shipping to Mexico was an option! Unfortunately, it was not, and so the Sunday before the Tuesday when we were getting on an 8:00 am flight, AmazonPrime came to the rescue.

I searched around and found the following items that were Prime eligible and could be delivered TOMORROW! (Order by _:__ and have it by TOMORROW = music to my ears). SO here is what I ordered and a little feedback on each item:

  1. Blue and White Stripe Tiered Maxi-Dress – (UPDATE: This is SOLD OUT 🙁 BUT Gal Meets Glam makes almost the exact same dress with a steeper price point. I am linking here just incase you are interested!) L O V E, can dress up or down and I wore with a jean jacket.
  2. Blue and White Stripe Dress with Front Ruffle – This is fun, feminine, casual and VERY comfortable.
  3. Navy Blue Long Sleeve Tiered Cotton Dress – Easy to throw on and pair with bold earrings OR tie the sash that comes with the clutch in your hair to add something more interesting.
  4. Fun Multi Colored Beachy Midi Dress – Very beachy and flowy but also very low cut. I used a small safety pin in the front and back but probably would have used a bandeau bra if I had one packed.
  5. Pink Cross Back Workout Top – Perfect length and fit. I have it in four colors now.
  6. 4/5 Length Yoga Pants – Lululemon dupes. They stay up and pull me in – two very important yoga pant criteria. Wore these on the plane.
  7. Birdcage Clutch with Fun Sash – You have seen this cute thing all over Instagram by now, but perfect vacation clutch.
  8. Black and White Striped Bathing Suit – Great fit and comfort level.
  9. Hot Pink V-Neck Bathing Suit – This color calls to me but I did not wear it on the trip so can’t speak to the fit yet.
  10.  Black Low-Cut Small Ruffle Bathing Suit – Great simple, staple suit. I saw some other gals at the resort wearing in other colors.
  11. Black Scoop Back Bathing Suit – Similar to the above comments. I love a black one-piece!
  12. Nude Scallop Strappy Ankle Wedges – Obsessed. SO comfy and cute and neutral means they go with everything.
  13. Navy Blue Tassel Hem Cover Up – Another favorite piece from this order. The material feels high end and I like the length and cut.
  14. Blue Kaftan Tassel Hem Cover Up – Something a little more fun for lounging by the pool!

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